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2.18: Inside the Cage



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  2. Grand Prix0:22, 0:57
  3. Mair1:56
  4. Beck1:59
  5. Australia1:13
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Fri, 18 Feb 2011|

Comcast SportsNet brings you the latest MMA news as we preview UFC 127's Fitch/Penn match up and review last week's Strikeforce GP.


Machine Generated Transcript

Okay. Was loved by fans dinner over here would this -- inside the changeup today bringing you the latest in northern California. MM hey let's did you kind of settled they've based promotion. Strike force broke records one point one million viewers. For the quarterfinal round of the heavyweight Grand Prix last weekend. Odd one tournament favorite radar unreal inning gold. -- did that in. And convicted about this time at the hands the band O'Neal still bug that we'll lopsided after a vicious second round beating fatal or unable to answer the bell and the third is right eyes swollen -- Shot still would take on the winner of the -- overdue moment. And Alastair -- auriemma and the other quarterfinal balance. Third day care at all up and -- Andre are lost it yet another. Crushing knocked out the lead character not -- the dark horse to the Grand Prix. That the face the winner of Brett Rogers. And Josh Barnett -- I didn't out of American kick boxing academy in. Yeah that'll play John fix it's that the take one DJ Dan should be a good one. Next Saturday at UFC 127 in Australia we went inside the cage when exclude those that down. What they sure are number five pound for pound fighter in the world. Sorry your fellow legend you have to you have to kill -- of tequila and you know can't -- -- president when he beat they -- And I'm hoping to do with the with the win over Vijay -- you know everybody knows who mediators. Just had -- -- -- a -- a lot of tickets ought to be able to kind of takes on his power from being in this. It's a huge. Huge plus for me. I can't wait for their advice for the entire sit -- -- shorter kick -- sports net then -- next Friday. 1030 at night inside the cage take should be kind of leave. Adam Mair -- kings barns and academy as John Beck prepares for being -- -- it. Definitely. A must watch will bat. About does that for this reason but the -- update be sure to follow up on Twitter. At inside case -- -- -- the latest news and Nortel and then layout that it won't hurt. Thank you watch it and don't forget. Knock -- now.

  1. Christian to Palmer a nice. And Simmons at the plate lines into the gap in left center that you fielder's collide that's our Beck and you'll sterling. Both players stayed in the gable left the field. A short time later meantime they get spark to Saint

  2. scoring is Tinsley it's seven fives Padres. Then for good measure watch it sends a bond to the wall in left setter. Power Beck scores it's a double for Watkins and the Sarah Padres remain in first place time says it's an eight to five win big games

  3. because everybody's looking for quarterbacks who here now. Greg Papa call the Super Bowl Super Bowl 37 Raiders lost to Tampa Beck Greg is he a starter. The league you think yes and I say why can't they keep them and keep them as a back up quarterback Colin

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    why he's the quarterback here but under the name pop than an absolutely Chris birdman he got here that's what it is I'm. Beck and we're being the low on the slow noses those guys I think he's yet but he's not the they spread the not about the Raiders

  5. the experts outside of him as the nickel. The most time that happened is with him me seeing about come first in that game of Beck may take me for so. In addition is it's it's kind of if we got a scheme and a they but it their first base there we came

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    first inning by that it. I mean he adjusts to the He had the hike to camp with those pitches his cutter was it was it was at his Beck and call he was able to to control inside corner with his right handers. He was just fantastic and he just kept they can make

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    gonna come to them I think someone's gonna go just before on the UConn guy going to Portland and I think you'd be a fabulous Beck . And my wild card is Ross from washing. There one of Miller is gone and he would they do then we go with number seven. go

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    family member had a little something you guys problems box on the daily ticket Ratliff you guys next time. Yes. Once again Beck is the incredible list is Miguel let you guys know this is my who joins the remixed a quickie. Granted things. Yeah. Me.

  9. it tonight. He had everything working off the changeup fastball was great He located well the curve always was there at his Beck and call. And you know I ABC. How He got into his rhythm early in the game as I thought was the difference to you gotta do

  10. well. I can lead. I don't they spent it all liberal thinking it might have been win now Russa and cool scene at the Glen Beck rally that went on opening loss like 18120 after the. Not got a good idea I'm just saying yeah crying in the clubhouse he

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    done serious name there. Yeah. Online and couldn't record through the history as far as I'm concerned and I know in rod Beck and manner. The greatest closers and comes and sisco on and I know that's fine. Much rather win the division comes down to

  12. basically had taken over as the closer. And they bring in rod Beck and the fans are Bowen and and and immediately he walks a guy ..... the man. Just do what you've been doing all the issues. And Beck gets a double play and gets you know the a groundout and he

  13. Kind of struggled a little bit with the fastball here today it was it early in the game but he did was brake changeup. At his Beck and call if you will but. He still managed to compete compete compete at your right what they don't win those starts is obviously

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    game. I I'll never get as the only time. They're running back and forth I had tears running down my eyes watching David Beck he warm up and get ready for that come back to come back pitch for us so we talk about inspiration. I mean that is it. Yet

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    on earlier. But two out nobody on rally they come up with a five spot be in the big eighth inning but you look back it would Beck came did. Becky is a complete pitcher mixes speeds mixes locations for strike great that was sensational. And you'd ever