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7.16: John Elway on almost becoming a Raider



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Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

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John middle off our NFL scouts on a little choose or lose. Let's get that thing Rolen is presented by farmers insurance and I think you guys in charge of franchise you scout NFL teams he's got franchises self. But the Colts coming in that means Angela and company are here. Between interlocking Collie can't predict who's the quarterback you want to have the start of free agent -- told you have to be Green Bay game the gap was closing. Andrew Luck is still the greatest prospect in the scouting community since John Elway right now the choice is Andrew Luck. But this season plays out like a potentially could with call -- -- -- a big year. I think it's going to be coin flips the right now taken Andrew Luck. But I'm -- hedge my bet -- capita -- might take him down the road not so bad I mean even be in the discussion that means those two guys doing so they're both phenomenal athletes and that's one thing Andrew Luck doesn't get enough credit I think people in the Bay Area that the scene in the Stamford. He's a big time he can run the zone read if they wanted to he's a very unique player.

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