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11.1. Raiders Practice -- John Henderson



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  2. Barry Zito1:33
  3. Bay Area0:05, 1:55
  4. Buster Posey1:26
  5. San Francisco 49ers0:18
  6. Sharks0:37
  7. Henderson0:07
Wed, 21 Mar 2012|

John Henry Smith has your Wendy's Morning Minute for Wednesday, March 21.


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Time now with the win these morning minute on this and Bay Area dot com. John Henderson and there in the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute pro Wednesday march 21 we Begin with before ignited while. Media outlets reported Tuesday that Alex that. As re sign with the San Francisco 49ers bring to a close the off season or backside at. In Santa -- Samuels and it turns to the team that drafted him back in 2005. While exact numbers haven't been released he has reportedly worth 24 million dollars over three seasons. The guys Sharks troubles continue to build with the playoffs fast opposing teams feel visited the LA games over -- get back on track after Monday's loss to ducks. Both these ballot for the final spot in the Western Conference playoffs as the games and came out on top of the five to. Home victory. It's just Curtis. Mean we can't put ourselves in that situation against a team like this and then even after that we had some push back in her game so. The effort was better tonight -- it was last night for comparing the two games at the end of the night it's the chances are probably tell me have more chances that we divisional -- so. Give them full marks and then we were second place tonight. Do diamond over in Arizona the Giants fell by a quarter of three final counts are the Diamondbacks. Giant eleven and six in cactus league play Buster Posey went one for two with -- RBI while Melky Cabrera was the only guy with a multi hit day. It was a rough day at the office or Barry Zito on the mound he lasted five innings they gave up seven hits three earned runs and war bases on balls. Warriors next action is that night I guess the Wallace wants their wallets our pregame show starts at 430 game time is at five. That was the windy this morning minute time CSN Bay Area dot com.

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    Murphy did not practice. Jones did not practice gallery did not practice. We grounded practice did not practice. John Henderson did not practice Seymour did practice our region did not practice Chris Johnson didn't practice. And Walter McFadden

  1. keep an eye on this coming weekend. John Anderson against Jaguars get back running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Would John Henderson going back to Jackson he's got a pretty not only just the chip on actually got a pretty massive size boulder. He

  2. yesterday limited today. Schilling's was limited Miller and Zach Miller limited McClain did not practice again. John Henderson practiced limited. Jarvis Moss did not practice I was hand fracture. Also morals limited branch was limited to Hiram

  3. s some sort of still put Henderson. Was limited John Henderson little soreness. In some more did not practice ..... and be in control and in from start to finish you. John Henderson and there isn't ready to go right now to Cuba knows

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    practiced limited as probable. Zach Miller did not practice he's doubtful. Gradkowski. Purchasing his probable. John Henderson did not practice and Are somewhat did not practice he's doubtful. And Hiram Eugene. Practice a little bit he

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    questionable. did not practice out and that's not a setback contentious really rest issue. Howard did practice he's John Henderson did not practice. And Taiwan branch. Still sore and or back isn't it. And questionable and Hiram Eugene addition

  6. Bruce Gradkowski did not practice. People did not practice grows. Practiced limited. Thomas Howard did not practice John Henderson did not practice in Germany were practicing them too. You know they told me we know so much more in pretty good idea

  7. the week now started. Shields did not participate in the gallery did not participate in it'll lower back. And John Henderson did not participate with. Do not believe it answers it's caution here. Bush practiced full on Chris Johnson school

  8. fried Gradkowski. In that Jay Richardson and the two guys who didn't finish practiced just from some soreness. John Henderson and also more absolutely sources. The about. On the stayed true to what we're doing from yesterday had a situation