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11.24: John Marshall, RAW



  1. Peyton Manning5:41, 7:14
  2. Dallas Clark7:54
  3. Reggie Wayne7:00
  4. Wayne Harris7:32
  5. chess match6:18
  6. clock ticked2:07
  7. middle linebacker6:23, 9:19
  8. pass rusher9:14
  9. fan base3:58
Fri, 24 Dec 2010|

The defensive coordinator addresses the media.


Machine Generated Transcript

I will say though that. I was there when they had the strike here. In him. So that's -- first coached against coach cable. It was an offensive guard. I remember. Him. It was right. Up. Dominant big dominant. It's. Some. -- God. Yeah number one and he -- that players. Have to watch much film. Because. And it is unique. From the standpoint we don't play him here. We were in their divisions used to. What he does is speed he has paced action thing because we don't even more important -- we watch more film. Any any video we can get our hands on to watch what his pace and then we come on -- we try to practices we're trying to practice area temple and a and a temple where it slowed down and disguising and stuff like that level which just about every defense singles against us and it pretty much. Accurate. Closed -- what I think I think any of those guys that are as experienced as he is -- thirteen years something like that now. And I mean it's like water off a ducks back toward him and on in this team they work together so long there and tune to it. And he can pick up the tempo slow it down. I would I mean. Penalties -- master yes master. Last time he was here it was. Pretty good game -- -- went fourteen and he ran the clock down and wound up you know with -- clock ticked to zero on the ball in the air burning the -- publicly to zero mean you hear. About. No he's very very. He probably. Slide in and probably isn't -- -- -- all. And they make it difficult then make it difficult because you go back and look at. I mean it's really good football games. Dallas. Ends since I mean in terms of coaching -- you know where it and that kind of thing and she perks and getting guys got on the field. Mean is. They can get -- -- it counted in their scheme him do that you know it's probably one code word that they. There on the bull. See you tried to make it you know. And Peyton I think I think meaning smart -- -- again these arrows now. There damn it it's sideline they're trying to run and -- guys. Meant to me. Bos John John John and everybody sit snapped the ball. -- fourteen guys on the field and off sides whenever. Yeah he's very good at an answer your question that makes substitution ourselves future process. On them them more where the players -- -- have to be aware and I have to be aware when more. -- umps are there reasons why. And because they can do it and do you know. Our yard field position -- gives you problems. And you gotta deal with. Well yeah our fan base out there fortunately because our linebackers can on and that kind of thing safeties. Can just run wide receivers. If I get stuck out there when -- people against. Are there three wide receiver group emotional. Yeah they'd probably because it plays so much -- and you know I think. CE. Our history. Trying to match up every week with -- what you're nick Peters three wide. -- cars their base. See what you're trying to do that all the time and hands out. I think there. Ever will be more tools and training -- -- Me but we have and then we played base out. -- -- I don't. As part of what they -- Okay. I don't think it's one more inning single we can get these. Kids try to substitute all year we don't. Here and I'm here played a lot of man to man. Predicated on it but we just come up -- we want an individual battles are athletes and play a lot of man. Would that make you may be better suited to match up against -- good team like in the the most would keep them a lot of mix and match. You know. -- Yeah you know I'm not sure -- -- answer that other then I think when you when you play. Peyton Manning and I think you gotta do what you do best. You know and and I think sometimes it's been my experience went -- I have played against him. You you can almost screwed yourself out. You know you can almost get too much into it this guy isn't tricked him with this coverage and -- him without -- Once you go through a series within our country anymore. You know I mean this is wired into you know so. You got a -- you gotta get matched -- plus you know. You know experience would you talk about chess match and what kind of specific challenges this -- rookie middle linebacker. Well I think it's -- I think it's a challenge for everybody eleven guys on the field you know I think it's a great challenge for all of them. And I think any rookie linebacker when Italian and if -- his first time and she name particular. Moment. It's a challenge you know and and style of there on offense the quarterback. That's all challenged. In a video him -- as a sport. For years everybody talked about any relationship with -- -- -- seems like he has a relationship with Reggie Wayne. Development of this other wide receivers and other players around here numbers. And it's now. But they're good players you know they wouldn't be on Peyton Manning's game in other Colts. I've seen Peyton Manning injuries in this in this because every one of those running backs. Tight ends. Wide receivers. They -- they're gonna find their tails off to get in the open or stay alive because -- can get the ball in hand even know. Wayne Harris I think he's got like 99 catches and experience. Yeah. So is catching more balls but he's got other guys it's it's like. -- -- member's name to him either team here anyway eighty -- 84 he took over from Dallas Horton on Dallas Clark had. Head. 33 catches think when he went left and then this young man took over. Warm and he's got fifty victory. So if you take deposition has to ordinary 85 catches you know so. You got when he knew with a bunch this kid could have 85 catches it him and then -- -- -- times self. I think I think what he does what looks like yeah -- mean he's got some room trust and -- and Wednesday actual player -- and an open. But he's got a lot of trust and all those guys you know so I think he -- would gain the defense gives. And that is their offensive line because it always seems like most. -- -- They work extremely well together as a group. Individually you know you can be critical. Somewhere or another but as a group they work very well together. Yeah. -- yeah he's been he's been he's been. Progressively getting better ever since stamp on this place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where poor. Oh yeah yeah yeah he's good pass rusher he's very very strong and. We're smarter -- -- big -- middle linebacker here it's a -- and how how. Does that help you. -- but I'm. Well he shouldn't Q&A bag. -- -- The -- he's got to -- his experience and in everything.

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