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Kluwe on gay marriage, Ray Guy, 'Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies'



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Tue, 9 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- -- the gridiron jelly when I hit gridiron I think you Chris Kluwe his new book beautifully unique sparkle ponies. That's right the former Minnesota viking now joining us here on Yahoo! Sports talk live member of the Oakland Raiders -- we come to you from Willie Mays plaza. Here at thirty king outside and AT&T park gonna say -- Tuesday Jim goes along with viewing areas Chris Kluwe we welcome into the program. Up beautifully unique sparkle ponies you're going to have to explain the title -- So it be phrases everyone seemed latch -- with the original letter to delegate -- was lost we'll see monsters -- not principle thing because it quickly we'll go backwards on that one that there was a vote in Minnesota right there about Minnesota gay marriage being legal or illegal yeah. Gary is a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage right and there's also -- in Maryland and Brendon Ayanbadejo was speaking up about that. And delegate Byrnes sent a letter to the -- -- you have to stifle his right to speak out on this just like OK first off that's -- First Amendment violation. -- -- -- it's so I reasoned choice language -- that today -- people last undeserved -- I can't -- on -- on the -- -- -- the -- -- cable show he's always there for birdie at present -- I didn't see it and so I wanted to pay homage to that and so I used what he says -- versions which was -- -- so now we have the title don't tell us what's in the -- what's -- if I see that -- I've had three daughters I wouldn't be reading this -- to know not a Childrens there a guy -- your -- there and like their early twenties. Yeah -- they are not yet so it's essentially it's a collection of short stories and essays and -- to -- as a snapshot of my mind so buyer beware. And a lot of this -- c.'s deal with the idea of rational and beat the idea that societies that don't practice and did that don't practice equality. Inevitably collapse because you can look at historical record in civilization as -- 100% failure so. If we wanna change that we have to change we -- just in what level the they have 100% failure rate we still continue to have societies now regret this inner strength has changed over time except we still have site -- also case of blame the I'd like to Roman empire that the Han dynasty in China -- did -- the Byzantine empire. Essentially any society did did defines itself as a cultural groupings so as for us the United States. In about you know probably 4500 years the United States will not exist as we know it anymore unless we figure out how do you. Proceed as a society that -- quality. And so we all have to define what a quality -- -- a -- Exactly and for me it essentially boils down to treating the people the way you would like to be treated it's it's a cornerstone of almost every single major -- you recently came out and read a book about there was an buying Rand book you get less time atlas shrugged and you are one of them. People are very rare than. You -- against the message of the book written so -- I wasn't against the message -- say I'm. I'm sorry did know is is more how she went about is that she got. 90% of the way their shed very good ideas but she didn't include empathy and if you don't include -- -- you don't realize. How your actions affect other people that you have a society sociopath who are only looking out for themselves and eventually that collapses on the only one person left -- that you don't know society more. No we're gonna get back to your career because it is it is an interesting one and then you've got your name in public on a number levels let's start with the football side of it. -- you cut by the Vikings because your political views on that one I honestly don't know just because I'm not I'm not in those meetings with GMs and coaches I don't know what's said what the rationale is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Invited to the White House. Custody and the president. You had to make it difficult decision. Tell everyone what went on an answer so essentially got a imitation of the White House for AI LB GTQ pride month reception they're holding their. Unfortunately it was during the middle of mandatory mini camps and -- follows the NFL those mandatory mini camps are mandatory you hear it. Did you not get out of bed dreaming again so. And that's true for every right -- superstars. Guys trying to make teams veterans in the NFC exactly all levels yeah all levels you anything unless you're holding out because of the contract dispute you are at. Had mandatory mini camps it especially as a new guy on any team you know I I need to be -- I need to be committed to the team and that's you know that's what I wanted to show. You're trying to make the roster on the Raiders is a -- when you say the name that works Raiders punter together become public ray guy and you have like unique view on him and you actually try to promote his cause what did you do. So I wrote a letter. It's essentially saying that the hall of fame does not include ray guy that it isn't really a hall of fame because. You are not acknowledging the fact that he changed the game at his position and to me that's -- hall of fame was about. Players that made such an impact and everyone knows they're -- name because of what they did at their positions and he was one of those guys he was a guy and the special teams department is not. I think he's not recognized -- none at the whole thing is that a fair assess yet does a very fair assessment I think it in my main reasoning is that you need to change the selection procedure because. It's very hard to include someone like ray guy we -- a Cris Carter John Randle or you know -- -- you know how do you put in a -- over a defensive linemen and just make it so that you have the option to include specialists in that voting without taking notice that a let's let everyone know we're short on time wanna make sure we get this out beautifully unique sparkle -- give a book signing you're gonna be out tonight what's going on your blood city book signing at -- -- in the Castro district I'll be there at 7:30 PM and yet essentially going to be you don't talk about the book reads reads and stuff and answer questions and afterwards you -- be watching the game where none of that is that. Had a bar it is always it's hot top top top sites hi Donna size -- -- -- I -- -- which is one of three gay bar -- sports bars in America ultimate although I will say San Francisco you should have been first and third third fourth fifth or third on the list they've heard this I should've been proud to be first second or third on the list -- go have fun at high tops. Books ink you're going to be signing -- look and again I -- get our rights -- read it beautifully unique sparkle ponies. If you make the roster we hope to have you back a bunch right yes I wouldn't argue that could really love to have you on an incredibly everybody.

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