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4.13: Brian Sabean with Greg Papa on Chronicle Live



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Wed, 14 Apr 2010|

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Nine runs which will be its last night why not run out the same lineup two nights in a row against the left handed pitcher again with a virus pitching Paul Maholm a and -- at the bottom of the order Andres Torres and over. John -- that appears to be a platoon at. Not in right field Marcum back to chronicle live present about a -- -- -- we're joined by the F six and one general manager. The San Francisco Giants Bryant stated how are you saves beats the alternative conservative politics excellence. Six events you know we're talking earlier with the guys -- the writers about that would John Russell the manager the Pirates -- don't know what Tony. The moose is done for years hitting the pitcher number eight in a position player nine with this lineup tonight we ever seeing the Giants -- maybe Matt -- eighth. Andres Torres ninth and then he could come up with with a rowand and renteria won two. I see -- point -- -- don't think votes would gravitate towards that put up the scenario right because of -- and -- look bad though. It's certainly give units -- look for the award with the nights and like Torres. Obviously Pittsburgh's doing -- their little bit undermanned in conceive what -- but. Also you have to have the the right -- think -- front of -- that night that are in their case they have a speed player. In the night spotlight here. Analogy would Taurus value something for later on what you gotta mix and match a little bit but right now you don't need that as you guys are averaging. Five point seven runs a game but the average to me is deceiving you know I've talked about it you try to get to four runs every game if you can't. And if you -- -- 81 night into the next night you're averaging five what you want -- want what you guys have done. Bryant is -- in the first seven games this year you have scored four or more five times in one of the time just gorgeous three the second game of the year. You got to shut out so you hear your score in the way you want to score at least. At the beginning of the year. What's interesting about that within those numbers I think we're second in the league in batting average and against small sample size -- talk about seven games here. Were three of four on base on balls I think ironically second and on base percentage so. I think this a concerted effort in and around the consistent one through six lineup. To try to do the right thing get a pitch to hit if you can't pass on the next guy take the base on ball. Then it would mean we've been able to do that including getting it from people that we didn't see that have. Last year the guys that you brought in the offseason Mark DeRosa first then later Aubrey Huff. Was it specifically. The quality of the at bat yes you want the numbers you want to production but we notice it right away. They may not score the run they may not drive in the run but there in the middle of the rally because they keep that line moving. But it's a great -- first of almost we have to -- we're we knew -- what was in effect probably. Oh in the third spot which is now for the fourth hitter and we needed to find somebody that has traditionally hit in the sport this but. And are -- was with us in that we were able to sign late. -- he's done in the tough division he's been run producer you know most of his career especially driving in runs traditionally hit fourth. That we have a guy like Derosa was hit all over but including has been previously in the this but so when you add that experience now all of a sudden you do. In that might have a significant upgrade from last year at three -- five. And then the ability to stringers along. One through six on a daily basis. It's company not only that mansion but more so it again -- the players Indies because they know how they've been have to you know start today and they also know. You know what's expected of them and I think it's easy for everybody. A couple of things about half that has caught my eye right away he's a better actually that I think people thought he was -- high school basketball player growing up in Philly scored last night from first on the double to the triple. And he's played pretty well for your first base but it made a nice play on that line drive down the line last night. Glad I think the good thing from him it is to -- Felix played again. And he he talked about it when he came. From losing franchises how much it means to him to get the situationally as a chance to win. And I think this team accepted early on -- spring training. What it needed to do not only as an overall ballclub but on the offensive side of things in the commitment from the position players. To keep in step with this this great pitching and I think the way you see -- attacking game or really you know how our guys have been grind it out. You know in these first seven games it's gratifying is I think it's one of those groups that really doesn't like to lose and that's a powerful them. Edgar Renteria I think he was during their first four games you watch porno was renteria. That was just carrying U there eleven hits that a big game tying homer in the home opener. And you were criticized for bringing him in last year given and a two year deal eighteen million dollars combined but. He was never healthy and he was not the guy we saw earlier his career Bryant. For that reason -- quietly say and this is not the guy -- wait till this guy gets healthy they're mostly the -- directory here. But in someway that we -- we didn't know what we're doing what really until August and as it turned out he had been. Really handicapped by that. In the street bone chips in his in his throwing elbow and also his shoulder. On the other side. That affected him offensively defense of the most of the year but. Everybody knows the character this -- the professional his pedigree as far as his baseball card including being on winning teams and every manager that set them raves about -- and you go inside their club buses from one of the most respected guys who applaud him for it to have a good year not only to have. Him bounce back and his career but more so to help us the way he needs to assess second hitter once we get into the flow of things -- an -- ridiculous them. All those things you said about it dirty can say about Freddy Sanchez throughout his career but like head -- when he first arrived here he was injured he had the knee problem the later the shoulder injury he's currently. -- Phoenix the DL the target date I'm reading has made the first is that is that accurate when -- Well we'll see right now he's facing live batting practice pitcher and look -- have to get -- it's a simulated games before him in the small dose before with Romo there. In games on an extended spring but so we'll be cautious within the good thing is you've seen from you read that. He's one of those guys that doesn't wanna lose the positions on some ways this almost feel like -- July acquisition when he comes of the ball -- so we wanna get him right. -- herculean when he gets here with -- -- basket he's virtually had no spring training they'll take probably fortieth fiftieth best from the do them. -- -- -- -- Buster Posey played at first base last night and he's gonna play there every now -- -- I know. Might be a position for him are you are you committed to him being a catcher. In the Major League source that's something you'll evaluate later rod you want it's bad here eventually. But easy definitely going to be a catcher supposed to -- somewhere else. The first thing developmentally form as we do wanna catch and big things we think he's gonna be an above average one. As you know he's converted to disclose the position late in his college career -- -- really cut -- on his play professional baseball that long. But what I think getting him playing first base -- -- him giving being given a day off either at DH are completely up. You know next infielder we try this spring training took the first base and who knows if one he's brought up here not only to catch but it'd be nice maybe to have. Some that it could play first base it was a right handed him a little bit of fun to thump of base that still left handed pitchers it's gonna be good for his I think overall. Game but the first and foremost trying to get him on the right it's as a catcher. We've seen other organizations and I completely understand your thought process delayed. Bringing up a player. Until a couple of months goes by so they don't become a super -- you keep that guy contractually obligated. As far as arbitration and free agency one whole year longer which makes perfect sense. Is that part of your thinking at all with this player. Not you know we've never been out of that kind of pressure here and thank goodness he's the past ownership being -- down and -- case. More so now -- villain in Posey. I don't -- exploits of the I don't think we'd be at this position winning 88 games or more so -- commitment to science if we didn't bring him up we did not worry about the clock. When I don't worry about the clock suppose if we need Posey services up here if it's next week next month two months from now. We'll bring him up we won't worry about the clock and we'll we'll pay the prices still in the business of what we're not afraid of what can occur without charge. I'd lastly obviously you gonna dumb play a little bit small sample size but. You like what you see from your ballclub -- we seem to like what we're sickened from this team right now. It's a fun team to be around -- you're down there you know before the game in the extreme and loose after the game that they're pretty. Happy go lucky but again negative effect -- -- -- -- it's it's a group. That punches the clock and the way -- like -- -- they they -- go to -- from the time -- -- the -- -- have some fun doing it. But more so when they're on the field. They really have this attitude and ghosts you know back to -- -- we sends pretend they don't like to lose that doesn't mean you're not gonna end up and the loss of calm at the end of night but. It did it bodes well for what we haven't seen here here in the past which is the comeback type of club opportunities don't come back -- Yeah they're good guys and they're good players say thank you so much for your top recruiting regulations and a good starts.

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