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Three and Out: Raiders preparing special package for Pryor



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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

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Well I think the big thing is as -- was got in 26 new guys on the on the roster so. Given an opportunity to see how ignorant now. In a regular season game how these guys go out respond how they work together and how they come together as a football team I mean I think that's the biggest saying it has -- group of guys. Come together as a football team worked together in in. We're going through that process and and again I still still like -- demeanor this team must still liked to have the attitude of this team and now we had to go out next student play. We do that captain Tim we get to a Marcel Reece LaMarr Houston. And Jon Condo you know I think we got a lot of good receivers. You know I think calls asking can step up and and make plays and in. So I feel good about where -- from receiver position I think we've got guys that can bring different elements. To the table than at different streaks. And we've got to find ways to put those guys in those positions so we utilize those strengths well. Yeah it's it was done was done playing game with our -- start eleven. You know this'll this'll be the first game that we go into the game and we get the full eleven out on the field so. I think it's been a growing process I think we've gotten better. I'm day by day at that and I think that's something that we're gonna continue have to get better as the season goes on I mean although all the really good ones can't and I think this -- is really your quarterback. And he's exceptional -- what he does and so. Our abilities and to be able to communicate to be in the right things to get some different looks. -- will be critical in this game and it it's obviously a benefit. But. You know. It really stumbled down to between the lines. Who excused matter you know into the Raiders next -- better as the Colts sixty better and so that's that's what our main focus is as. Let's go out there next Q what were supposed to do. And play fast. And now let the chips fall where they may. Well Lamar was a dad that -- Going into the offseason that we kind of -- -- -- and we wanted to be a leader for this team he began this. Take a little bit of that role at the end of last year and I think he's continued to improve in that regard as we've gone through. Nearly offseason training camp and I think he'll continue to develop as a leader for this football team as we go forward. Yeah I thought I thought there was times where he really gave -- sport where you really did some good things. Where he can create. You know there's still -- growing process that he has to go through and in. We've had a don't take some wants I guess. Would be that would be -- it. I think overall I'm pleased with the progression -- Not really. Not -- I think that was something that we. Can already had in our plans so. Know when Terrelle is on the field. We'll have some things. Hopefully. What I'll say about them is it I think they play extremely hard I think they play really fast. You know they do pretty good job of getting after the quarterback when you watch the pre season games I mean they they do some nice things and in the rush game in some different packages of -- that they'll use. You know I think this is that I think is a good football team all way around I think it's an improved defense. And I think we're gonna have to know and have to be really ready to go to him to have a chance to be successful against them that we mean. When you get guys out there -- young guys out there they they got to grow and that's that's correct and I'm looking for. Continued growth out of him as we continue to go on throughout the season. And your senior year about. People to vote for us hitters that's it. Listen that it. The expectations. And what we are as a football team will be defined inside this building. And that's that's the only way to you can look at it so now we're focused on. Doing the best so we can. To continue to improve. And really focus on. How we try to win this game it's Indianapolis Colts and that's our only focus right now. Can't concern myself with what anybody else takes all liking concern myself is with the 53 guys in that roster in the coaches that I am on the staff. Two and -- everything we can get rated play football game and that's the only time we have to focus on anything we're not time for anything else.

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