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Palmer: '[Kitna] showed me all the small things a coach can't show you"



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Mon, 27 Aug 2012|

Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer talks about his role as mentor to Terrelle Pryor by explaining what he learned from his mentor, Jon Kitna.


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When you have Tommy Kelly come and answer you don't have a whole lot of time -- on the ball and see guys come open. You know they're very veteran guys have been around a long time they played against really good players. They're kind to have that kind of savvy field McCain went to jump certain routes when not to. But you wouldn't -- from my perspective I haven't noticed any drop off since they haven't played last year. I know both those guys they work extremely hard they don't miss trips. -- -- -- was down a little bit he's a big physical guys Obama impression. And -- took -- line of scrimmage and it's not ages has a knack for jumping plays and when it went deep routes coming he gets on top of the receivers. Also been. Been very pleased with the way they've looked since they've been here and it is. One. -- -- A ton. You know I first got here he wasn't getting the Tenerife so. For now it offered for training camp he you know he got 3040% of the western camp and he's improved drastically. And I want to go like Ichiro but also us that's for Nomar rules that's my job be -- -- the quarterback it's a veteran. This to collect myself -- I've been trained very well I mean Jon -- I was fortunate to play behind -- -- first Kobe years in the NFL and he really showed me. How -- -- a -- I don't watch film I don't work out. He showed me all the small things a coach can't show you. I'll never forget that that's that's now the rule I haven't Ichiro or whoever you know whatever younger quarterback from around. Just part of it comes with the territory. -- Then I think and more importantly he realizes he can play in this league but we're near. 67. Round draft choice -- free agent. There's a little bit of doubt you know -- and picks where they get picks early maybe it can't play in this leaders and things against Tennessee in your -- night. I haven't specifically talked to him about that that. I'm sure there's a little better a little bit of that in there you know coming from a wing T offense you know catching 1516 balls -- -- here. I think the one thing he's realizes he can play. He can play with the best you can be -- winner of a one on one -- against any corner. Starters. Are back at corner. And that's one of the biggest hurdles a young guy has to get overs you really don't know if you can do it consistently. And he's consistently done it every single practice every single day. So confidence was there is no I don't have I don't think he isn't the issue -- for us. -- -- There Owens is a bruiser. You know a shorter kind of squad you guys can get unity linebackers -- -- defensive -- He's he's got really hurt for the style player is he's got really good hands as if it will this offense -- -- fullbacks we'll get balls thrown to him. We just kind of -- caller do all the kind of -- -- down down by the goal line third and short situations and when he has tuned in and his number was called Gil will run around -- well.

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  17. a job by the defense but it was a great. Answer to come back out to your page. Well he slips and goes I guess for him like Kitna slice you know as a bad three for him. But it went in when you see it on film to which starts out communal good 67 feet out

  18. Kansas City in. Then. Albeit frustrating albeit you know tough to handle sometimes. We're battlers and we just kind of keep Kitna after every week we go to work and there's an objective and that's to win and don't get better the things we're doing

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  20. great job when you're my guy to talk about the scouts talk about his arm the way swing the bat. Last year last night got. Kitna got the because it should have been a base hit so he could've still been flawless defensively but. He's doing the job he