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1.14: NO/SF postgame -- Jonathan Goodwin



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Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

This is snapped me out good Santa Clara with your 49ers three out for the day. Well this week quarterback Colin -- predict showed up on the -- injury report -- unspecified foot injury. He was also on the injury report after week one after the prayers face the Green Bay Packers leading into that game. Against Seattle -- governing shows no signs of a foot injury whether he's in the locker room or out on the practice field. And 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh says it hasn't forced the Briere saw Alter what they do with him in practices or any games. -- predict will play Sunday Jim Harbaugh says its business as usual for the 49ers quarterback. The 49ers have eight players listed as questionable for the game Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals that all of them should be available for the game. The only two iffy ones would be Patrick Willis with a groin injury has already missed two games but he was a game time decision last week he gets it Texans. He's another week stronger he should be able to play the other one is Ray McDonald. He's sustaining partially torn right biceps tendon in the game against the Texans and he returned to limited practice Friday. But because of that nature of that injury the 49ers believe that he can play and play at a high level the rest of the season so the 49ers should be near full strength. For the game against their division opponent. The 49ers game Sunday gets a Cardinals features an interesting siblings note. Jonathan Goodwin is the 49ers starting center Ernie has been now going into his third season. For the Cardinals they're offensive coordinator is Harold Goodwin. He's five years older than Jonathan and and he was part of that Indianapolis Colts staff last season he was the offensive line coach Aaron Bruce Ares took over as the Arizona Cardinals head coach. He brought Harold Goodwin with him. Oh.

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  1. an interesting siblings note. Jonathan Goodwin is the 49ers starting center Ernie ..... offensive coordinator is Harold Goodwin . He's five years older than ..... head coach. He brought Harold Goodwin with him. Oh.

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  20. insurance and Jim Harbaugh making the announcement it's college Catholic under center. Let's talk to the senator John Goodwin joins us here on the program Jonathan. First and foremost are the players just happy that this is all behind him a decision