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Long ball propels A's in Game 3; Raiders release Flynn



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Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time now with the. -- in the area dot com. Good morning CSN Bay Area dot com Dave Feldman are here with your morning minute for Tuesday October 8 the a's got one step closer to the next round of the post season. The boys from Oakland defeated the Tigers by -- final six today to take it to one seriously home runs by Josh brown and Brandon Moss Seth Smith. How are the days old Jared Parker in the bullpen held Detroit to just three runs -- Melvin was more than patient Purdue's offense to turn it around. So I mean have we had been asked about the strike outs reason with the strikeouts to sure they're Verlander were on it. And you know we we have a tendency to strike out some anyway because we do hit some homers but. We're just looking for an opportunity to get some good pitches to hit and we didn't get too many in the insurers and Verlander game. A day after defeating their division rivals the Raiders cut ties with one of their own the silver and black released quarterback Matt Flynn. Flynn started one game for the team but was beat out in training camp by Terrelle Pryor for the starting job coach Alan. Unsure of what went wrong. Yes we -- know exactly what the reason was you know why didn't more that. -- No I did it just it didn't work in Nam and Terrel came in and he took over the job in nine he's -- in the position that he's in. And not so we just felt like it was probably best to go and move on from that. As you want the best coverage as the Oakland a's look to finish off the Detroit Tigers turn in October watched on CSN California we have here at 1 o'clock. We do all the way up the first pitch I'm Dave Collins have a great day. Area dot com.