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10.18: PHI/OAK Postgame- Justin Fargas



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Sat, 14 Aug 2010|

NFL Insider Matt Maiocco breaks down the news of second-year RB Glen Coffee retiring.


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Highly. Appreciated his honesty. And I appreciated not coming out you're going through the motions. The thing that we're trying to do the 49ers we're trying to find 53 men. That love the game of football. And that's what's gonna help us get where we need to go. Whose time regardless of -- carried you know and you know get resolved so. It was more -- and you know some media and I think anybody else because in those moments where served -- -- just in. -- -- -- So Glen cup since they're very tough decision for me in May put it this time in my life I feel it's the best that I just. Move on and get away from the game of football I appreciate the -- out of my teammates and coaches have done for me. And I wish them all -- I'm blessed season and all the best. The future and now we're joined now by -- insider Matt Mayo go and of course mark -- from the -- the American news still. Stays with us an -- and Matt it was a very different -- -- for small to begin with when he. Loses Glen Coffee than yesterday when he loses -- one ball bombers so. Different situation different scenario but doesn't seem to blind side everybody. Yeah it really did in New Orleans just talking to -- copies in the first week of training camp and this is the guy who. He has home is in Florida he did not leave the into the Bay Area the entire offseason -- -- one vacation. Just so he can work out and get into football shape he gained seventeen pounds he lost to be a more powerful back so he was doing all the right things away from the field. Hoping it would translate to a good season on the field so when he didn't show up at practice yesterday it's sort of you know raise my -- and a little bit and then again today. And we find out that can he win in a man adapted to coach Mike Singletary which he respects that tells them. My heart just wasn't and it. -- sentenced to see this changing some of them -- -- I asked Mike Singletary if he tried to talk Glen Coffee out of it. And his comment was no idea and it because if you try to talk a guy out of it once you're gonna end up -- trying to talk to them talk him out of it again and again so. He used he said that he wants guys who are passionate about football the wanna be there so in Mike Singletary is a world there's no trying to talk a guy out of retirement. You know usually markets and the Turks. Cool Paterno doesn't cutting is cutting its. Yeah well this was a real surprise -- I know coffee is a very religious guy. He. Talks about scripture like maybe this is something to do with that do you think I don't know. But I do well I'll let singletary do -- a guy and -- number one JaMarcus Russell. Was cut by the Raiders I wrote about the human and how some guys like being -- NFL players more than they like playing in the NFL. So give coffee credit he wasn't just hang around and beautiful player. As he didn't want to play in the NFL it. And one of the things you know it's not an easy job -- these guys Watson training camp idea of the counting these guys take them out of work they have to put into it in his heart wasn't in it. I saw something on the practice field yesterday where he just absolutely got run over in a blitz pick up drill. I mean he got his head snapped back from it hit the ground harder than you have Tom -- yelling at him for not picking up the blitz the way should I mean if if a guy. Was sort of on the fence whether he wanted to continue playing football or not I would think something like that would do. I know I I didn't know that story go and out there that's it makes me wonder where that when they brought the kind of talk about concussions and said the damage to maybe Coffey was taken too careful notes because. If people don't realize running backs that's really when they take their beating as when their blocking on pass protection if you know because there. On defense they're they're they're taking the hit them rather than this year. Yeah I just can't help but think that they're both can one bomber and and Glen Coffee made very and maybe even irrational decisions because. They both still worth feel fairly decent draft face former first round -- coffee a third rounder they got some guaranteed money pretty good guaranteed money. That now because they are walking away from the game and not getting cut. They might have to pay some money back to the 49ers that they don't have in the case of Ballmer is probably going to be about 900000 dollars he's gonna have to get back to the 49ers. In the case of Glen Coffee of his 800000 dollar signing bonus probably 6000 habit or 600000 have -- both have to go back. Just let a Sarsgaard themselves Liggett also consumed if if coffee for some reason want to come back next week they might not. Want him I mean. The the one thing but when guys do walk away it's a very big deal inside that locker room like can we trust this guy if he comes back. And they can hear of guys have done that in the -- it's never the same when they come back opposite. I would think the window opportunity would be would be larger. For coffee that would Ballmer just because of the way the coffee handled it but the forty -- have to move on they have to start thinking. You know they already have started thinking life without our back up. Right about what are we gonna do so. Coffee would really have to make a convincing argument and to that and Matt that the cupboard is pretty good right now they got three running backs in camp period. Yeah I -- Frank Gore is the workhorse you know they they expect him -- Two to carry the ball a lot but for the past couple years with this team has tried to do is try to go to more running backs by committee where they want to be playing meaningful football. Until late December and January and the way to do that is -- keep Frank Gore healthy. So that's why they drafted coffee in the third round in an old guy and that's when he drafted Anthony Dixon in the sixth round. To replace Michael Robinson who right now is the most equipped to running back on the team to handle all the chores. If they Dixon has a lot of work to do is good running back but he has a lot of work to do to be an NFL running back and protect the quarterback. That's the thing that's the -- if Dixon to pick up the pass protection I think you do some things and him Mississippi State he -- he. Rushed for almost 4000 yards he had 17100 yard games there is no. Country's toughest. College conference so I -- I think he has possibility but I also think the 49ers need to go out look around. And here's an ammo to strut their Justin Fargas you know happen. The the Raiders. Let him go the Broncos signed him they don't really need him I think they could pick a number of cheap and I love the way -- artists around my heart of the Raiders on -- on games that messed up and he was always running outside battling as anything more boring pro football training camp and Matt every -- this this.

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  16. house that play. And you actually went down the third time to take me through the play the play action the fake stretch to Fargas is what made the play work because Jeremiah Trotter. The middle linebacker admitted that he was slow to react to he bit on

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