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12.2: Patrick Willis on Justin Forsett



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Wed, 19 Jan 2011|

Lynch joins Greg Papa on Chronicle Live.


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Talk of the greatest playoff run in history and we have the beast mode and studio a great Marshawn Lynch from cal and Oakland Jack welcome back to chronicle live Marchand and how many times have you seen it. -- that run a 10200. Well I got my number one hand and and honest they wouldn't so. -- Probably close to. Want it you can't below what elements of the run the impression you. Because everybody points to the -- corridor that Tracy porter's. Stiff -- he laid a number 22 Jabari Greer broke two tackles right there he had 33 Jabari Greer right here and his staff are here. Hi I'm Tracy -- Eagles about five yards is that it doesn't develop another run the most if she's. Smile not think this. -- probably look forward. After the fifth -- I looked up. And I -- -- office door run in front and you know going into the number blacks -- I think that's probably. That was the key highlight in the play best -- of your. Career I've seen your Cahill a similar rod just steamrolled guys. But this isn't your first NFL playoff game I act if you don't make that run Marshall and I think you guys lose to the Saints that's gotta be the biggest running your career when you say. A win to have faith in the glare at work. Round I honestly he had been -- and I. You know just his overall. Hasn't. One on my list. You know that the -- -- it meant and -- He's not to put our team and position and go to another playoff nine. Coming in understood the whole thing come again. There's 3433. And a half to go in the game second in ten Nichols seventeen power and you don't break I. Pete Carroll and your playbook -- your -- -- actually your playbook all of them are tackles that you Brad got that run I couldn't tell -- seven or eight somewhere in -- and I heard paid enough that he's got later that. And number. Yeah no but he's big and -- the hot -- go hug after the rather strange thing in me watching you play for Cahill all those years against Pete Carroll. But you guys came together to give you that big -- obviously your head coach now on the NFL those are weird to play from Pete Carroll this year actually got traded from Buffalo. I mean you know about our media player from Pete Carroll refers. You know was most common you know crazy and and now after the first Linda I'm happier. You know one on I'll say he broke me until you know to the team a would have you know Arlen had just -- ran out doorman and I just felt like you know. The associated -- Phenomenon that callous -- don't go right to myself. -- -- There are rumors they -- Raiders played the Seahawks have had a final pre season game back right before Labor Day Ricans are rumored that Paul -- on the owner. But the Seahawks who's gonna senate -- gets you from Buffalo before the season even started -- have you heard those rumors that he can't know all along eventually. Seattle is gonna make a trade free of. Kind of heard little rumors. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know born into the season. You know Buffalo they kind of had me doesn't you know that there -- bad they -- so. I mean he's not the kind of thought about it like may be. You know on this is opportunities and it might happen -- -- the next week you know they announce the starter solid lines woman you know. -- they just hasn't -- morneau wanted to play around with some things but. You know after that. I'm kinda you know started our line I don't see it happen. -- think the irony of Iran against the New Orleans Saints is the Saints. We're trying to trade -- Mickey Loomis to GM of the Saints told buddy nix Buffalo's GM whatever they -- -- anywhere else just call me back we want him will match the offer. Buddy next never called back anyone -- trading and that. To Pete Carroll did you did you know that when you work Jeff Carter and Tracy Porter could you could -- his team and that running over him like that. Non didn't you not been interviewing somebody. You know mentioned it and now the first time I actually heard of my. I'm saying you know him you know it's crazy I mean. Moment and that same thing you know the Saints have another running back. That they had his guy from Seattle yeah so I'm mean know you never know -- -- you -- Landeta mislead you never know. Julius Jones former Dallas Cowboys went to -- New Orleans after you're a little -- and when they got do you watching your run this year which Justin Forsett back in the backfield together was like you guys Rebecca Cahill who played for coach had heard all over again how was that -- when did you guys kind of I showed could cooperating and ensuring they -- -- torture for the Seahawks this. Share -- and there was no. When you say there was like there. Reunion of course. You know we we always kept contact. Actually went to his waited and was and as weird not having a lot of crime and then you know he. Always -- like you know his lesson I wouldn't mind we only end up on the same team we need. And then when had -- you know he just told me dad that got word blue. And then you know for a first year together you know we you know we'll take our team to a playoff game you know. And then. -- -- Greg Little recourse. You went seven and nine to get their level or are you don't care I don't know -- -- feel -- that you want one of the playoff games left linemen you know like there's still a lot of people didn't believe. -- a lot of people columnists are a lot of people than you Macias. You know more into the playoffs and then you know we end up being divisional champions. And when in the playoffs then cannot cannot. The slow champs in Norman and saying no we. We surprise a lot of people will we also made a lot of man to -- Expect that sort of start that out of all I hear where you're back in China obviously got a split a playoff game in Chicago few hours ago a couple of days ago your medical but it's a big night -- Travis. That he actually was in studio last week invited me to the party truly don't know I rolled through tonight yeah -- there. You know mark I'll I'll -- nor shall a man and no where you -- you're new fans grew up together. You -- American Oakland start often don't really let your round trips to -- You know planned around a little bit. Oakland tech can't Oakland -- then you go when he actually moved plant who before you know together. -- -- But just. Mister Sam. He goes over your -- last night after Kobe at the beginning as the words we talked India for a while I do want to ask you about the changes in the coaching center for the cure Jeremy page your -- -- coordinator Brian. Not his I would let go and time. -- cable has been assigned major new offensive line coach he had some time at -- do you have any association with the former raider head -- -- -- -- -- new low life coach. I'm not I actually don't. You know I was actually my cousin because I heard was. I'll -- -- Still he had my cousin Brazil appears yeah my cousin and they'll tell me it was a you know Ku coach unknown just you know whom you know -- -- Raiders and you know watching when they recommend is needed in -- nation and a parent. Hello the year and I you know I just hope you know he'd be able to bring over you know that -- forty handled moved in Oakland. You hope to see out of numbers. Bloodied his own blog are you know well why I don't to watch me adjustment you have the same zone blocking scheme that -- used to coach Carroll -- I'm sure they're gonna keep seventeen power. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to the very good night in an appreciative Obama fan and I made the level draft time in the world who. We're coming we'll bring that -- and bring your camera element we'll get to play video like he did last time you had a.

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