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1.10: Matt and Mindi -- 49ers prepare for Saints



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Wed, 15 Aug 2012|

Matt Maiocco and Mindi Bach discuss Demarcus Dobbs' versatility, injury updates for Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, and Delanie Walker.


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-- -- -- snapped me out of coming T from 49ers training camp courtesy of massage and began it Campbell California I think customized them for sponsoring us because we love talking about. Football -- I -- 49ers are getting ready for the second pre season game against the Houston Texans on the read this Saturday. The biggest question this week with injuries and Delanie Walker probably out for the rest. The pre season so that opens up all kinds of possibilities behind him. So really the one player is catching a lot of attention is to market stops as he made that transition from the defensive line. To -- and probably won't be second or third on the depth chart but certainly opening -- many coaches. What catching a lot of attention not catching a whole lot of passes but I don't think that's what they need from that I think he is in the running for the number three tight end. Just because of the way the roster shakes out. Would they have so many more weapons now in the running game as so many more weapons at wide receiver and you have. Vernon Davis Delanie Walker Jim Harbaugh said on Tuesday should be ready for the regular season so. That number three tight game isn't getting get a whole lot of playing time so he would be an emergency role he'd be going in as a blocking specialist much like Justin Peelle was last year. Just as -- catch a lot of passes but it would Rain Man so. I think live with other personnel groups sort of taking in the forefront now. With more backs or receivers I think you'll see more three wide receivers this year by far that you saw last year. I think that the foreigners could potentially save a roster spot by having a guy like demarcus dobbs who's a good back up. Defense -- any learning back got tight in that clearly the fact they've changed is number forty shows that. They don't want him. Going to the -- before every play he's been on offense and saying I'm reporting eligible so that means that. That now it's justice it's just hate he's on silent get into the game there's nothing unique now about demarcus dobbs on offense. Now he went through yet in another uniform change used to Wear the red uniform when he was practicing with the offense and the white he's practicing defense -- starting on Monday this week. He went to a black uniform he's the only one because now you're in one single practice this is amazing. He will spend time with each unit offense defense and special teams his coaches that actually made. He's scheduled for him for each state where he says to be -- and we can't really think of any other player. In the NFL that really that we know is doing -- he's doing right now and he can't get anybody here. Yeah I mean deserves early enough those positions -- now men would the Patriots it's a lot of playing time on both sides but I don't think to that degree that. And let's face it let's -- the season starts I'm not sure Alex demarcus dobbs is going to be getting home field. But it's it's an emergency role it's a backup role so. If something were to happen of course in game remember now there's 53 guys on the on the roster but only 47. Of them suit up for games which means you have to have a lot of position flexibility. -- foreigners might keep a nineteen offensive lineman but for game they're only gonna suit up seven that means there's going to be one guy who's a backup. He'll tackle on both sides of one guy -- back interior linemen. And so demarcus dobbs hits a role as you potentially as a guy who's gonna be. Available on the defensive line probably or maybe part of the rotation but then maybe more than emergency role. As a tight end but something that it's not like he's learning just a section of the playbook to play -- and he's learning the whole thing so as he -- that. I can't think of another player certainly there's not another player here who has as much on his plate as a mark. Stops and then when one player goes down an injury courses and other ones opportunity there bacteria outside linebacker from San Mateo is obviously a local favorite here. Trying to earn his way out of this team -- very good job and he's earning. -- you a lot of that attention as well. Yeah I -- election of where there's kind of play with -- fire because you only get three outside linebackers on the team for the entire season. So they were lucky because. Harris Harrelson was healthy the whole year a lot of runs -- a lawyer and always been healthy the entire year already in training camp all the Smith has gone down the right hip pointer. He may play a little bit more in the exhibition season although I just saw him a walking to his car with a -- I don't know that they want to use that. You I don't know they wanna get him back on the field -- just seems to me that. You have a guy you want to get him. To the regular season healthy you don't wanna -- chance -- not being inactive and having him anything less than 9% especially for that game against. The Green Bay Packers on September night. Also on Monday Ahmad Brooks was out of -- how to practice so a lot of action now. For Eric Bakhtiar is also the foreigners after two outside linebackers for depth because they -- vision 54 guys and both those guys. Art available Darius Fleming probably out for the year with a torn ACL offseason. Jim Johnson has undergone a procedure on his -- and he was clearly never really really a 100% when streak and started out he. I sat out the game Friday and missed a few faxes so I'm not sure did. That those guys. Especially. Johnson is a guy that can really count on Bakhtiar though that guy's been around the block so. He played for Jim -- by universities in Diego he has a lot of experience for a guy -- doesn't -- and how much. NFL game experience but I think the Briere feel pretty comfortable that they like him in. They can get through a game that they won't need to build that depth that's that this pre season really is about and we heard already -- -- earlier this. This week saying he wasn't pleased with the defensive effort and their first receiving game Patrick Willis adding to that same that we weren't overconfident. He's at sometimes you just have those days they made small mistakes of Patrick Willis certainly see that the defense mindset. Is where it needs to be. If we go back to the offensive side of the ball they get ready for the Texans. It's going to be interesting all four quarterbacks will once again play those Scott told -- and Josh Johnson will be swish has told -- plane for. And Josh Johnson going in there that of course being behind happening -- Alex Smith who will start the cap for next for the first time we've really heard friend. Harbaugh we -- is a backup last year but he's really emerging is that number two quarterback. In this competition but still there's so much to be decided I think there the -- training camps over and yes and no. Yeah I -- -- -- but yeah I mean law. In watching the practices thirteen of them I can't say that college jeopardy has emerged as the number two guy. Now on Tuesday Jim Harbaugh did say that he -- I still see not much separation there I think I think it's Bulls team. Has played about as well as any of the back up quarterback's first off. Alex Smith is so far ahead of all of the other quarterbacks. In every conceivable way you measure quarterback and watching the practices just -- his deal. That the least roll on the ball I mean everything about his command of the huddle his command the odds everything. Has been very good history yeah. -- I think still has work to do it he's still inconsistent I think when it comes -- throwing the ball but the thing he does is exactly what he did Friday. You know he could be at 50% passer. You know -- let you know his passes might go for you know 152025. Yards. But with the element that he hasn't had the other quarterbacks that is that does that. Unbelievable ability to just turn it up field and chew up it seems like team yards every strike he takes its audience the Vikings so. I mean I definitely see where where -- Japanese is the number two I just not sure it's as clear cut as Jim Harbaugh. Made it -- on Tuesday.

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