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Matt & Mindi: 49ers are a different team without Justin Smith

Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

Justin Smith: "It's no big deal. You hop on the plane. You either fly east or west. You deal with what is in front of you, I guess."

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  1. Harbaugh hopeful that Justin Smith will be ready

    The message and the message to not to say then do something different. But all those kind of guys Patrick Willis Justin Smith . Alex Smith Frank Gore. Joseph Staley. Gholston Donte Whitner I mean I can really go on and on here for. For quite

  2. Matt & Mindi: Nobody knows how Justin Smith will hold up

    get the pressure on Aaron Rodgers he's scrambling quarterback and that's going to be with very difficult to do it Justin Smith isn't a 100%. Yeah I think everybody I'm sure you've been bombarded on Twitter people saying let's just update

  3. 12.20: Jim Harbaugh calls Justin Smith the 49ers' MVP

    Justin Smith I believe is our most valuable player. You know you're great game. In this football game. A lot of things really well he kicked ass basically that's what that it. And he's been doing all year.

  4. 11.29: JAX/SF Postgame- Justin Smith

    Now go to the locker room and box any box. Defensive end Justin Smith this defense today with the band but not great attitude definitely recovering a forced fumble by Manny sacked six sacks on David

  1. 49ers try to keep things normal during week in U.K.


    Tue, 22 Oct 2013

    Justin Smith : "It's no big deal. You hop on the plane. You either fly east or west. You deal with what is in front of you, I guess."

  2. 49ers activate Dial to shore up D-line


    Sat, 19 Oct 2013

    With Justin Smith , Ray McDonald and Glenn Dorsey all listed as questionable for Sunday, the 49ers are adding beef to the defensive front.

  3. 49ers injury report: Dorsey, Baldwin questionable


    Fri, 18 Oct 2013

    Glenn Dorsey returned to practice on Friday, only to join fellow defensive linemen Justin Smith and Ray McDonald on the injury report.

  4. on the defensive line starting nose tackle Glenn Dorsey might not play because my hamstring injury. Ray McDonald and Justin Smith did not practice Wednesday because of other ailments. But the good news for the forty and two rookies team Carradine

  5. 49ers injury report: McDonald, Smith out; Willis, Asomugha return


    Wed, 9 Oct 2013

    Ray McDonald did not practice Wednesday, but believes he will play Sunday, plus updates on Justin Smith , Patrick Willis, and Nnamdi Asomugha.

  6. Willis: It's a wait-and-see game


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    SANTA CLARA – Dr. Justin Smith has cleared All-Pro linebacker Patrick Willis to return to action Sunday night against the Houston Texans. Willis, however, is not

  7. Justin Smith wary of ankle-biting blockers


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    Houston's blocking scheme is similar to Seattle's, meaning Justin Smith and the 49ers' d-linemen need to avoid the inevitable low cut blocks.

  8. Different guys some and as they on the MRI showed it was a you know something that was. Keep me out. Races ago. Justin Smith and he's listing you on the court it's a definite trap and hit any thoughts on. You know wanting you know very

  9. Is coming up that performance and now you're going up against Houston team that has had very good ranking as well also very good passing quarterback he struggled. what you see from him that at least you believe that they're gonna get back to where they were before those last in last. Mean competent

  10. Have the 49ers lost their swagger?


    Tue, 24 Sep 2013

    the Colts. On Sunday so yeah I'm up to me this is on the coaches this is on the players within the locker room big Justin Smith and Colin Capra can Joseph Staley. Time to rally the troops and there's a big one coming up on Thursday.

  11. were outstanding it's not like it 300 yard passing game that you're right. He gets sacked once by Justin Smith that the next time Justin Smith comes out of that third down he gets rid of the ball. And doesn't get called for intentional grounding

  12. But with the Patriots took care. Are you know it's just I think a team. We go learn how to handle success globe. Just general observation you know we've picks people to talk of what's loss so this month general observations. Go out there and just Georgia they know more lessons than just. Enough to

  13. Vernon Davis, McDonald still sidelined


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    SANTA CLARA -- Defensive lineman Justin Smith , who sat out Wednesday with a shoulder injury, returned to limited practice on Thursday and is expected to play Sunday in the

  14. last December 1 of the key elements of their game was a Justin Smith was not available with a left partially torn. Triceps tendon. And I asked Justin Smith about that looking back at last year how difficult it

  15. Russell Wilson may make the track shoes you get you might be subtraction is to get Russell Wilson I regret it. It's time to. And I was against. Most of those those. Q now yet. See is the key to getting and Rory did that it's happening to me once with the best way to get him. That. Everything you

  16. they run the ball so well, they throw it well, wilson creates plays with his feet -- does wilson's height cause problems? bj daniels a good gauge? eric reid stuff , justin smith stuff, hard to cackle marshawn lynch, gotta tackle guys immediately

  17. 49ers have a healthy Smith for this trip to Seattle


    Thu, 12 Sep 2013

    The 49ers didn't have Justin Smith last December in Seattle and we all know how that turned out. Will his presence change this year's outcome?

  18. those moments had a chance to walk out the tunnel. Get ready to start the game and Faulk combined their creating and Justin Smith and lasting just in total was staying back stayed back back today we'll we'll take care everything up frighten

  19. Thought. You know so many guys. Justin Smith . Was. Have purpose that works out that he was. He was yours Justin Smith . Was great. Eric don't play well. Ahmad Brooks

  20. Aldon Smith's opener: A near-sack and a jersey


    Sat, 10 Aug 2013

    Even without Justin Smith lining up next to him, a healthy Aldon Smith looked just fine Thursday in the 49ers' exhibition opener. Justin Smith was on the sideline, giving the injured middle finger on his right