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8.26: Kamerion Wimbley: Immediate Impact



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Fri, 2 Mar 2012|

Dave Benz has your Morning Minute for Friday, March 2.


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And I CSN Bay -- -- come -- Dave Benz with your morning minute we Begin with the raiders' news the NFL network is reporting the -- -- to cut linebacker Cameron -- if he doesn't restructure his current. Could also be a salary cap casualty however. Taiwan branch looks to be sticking around he's been tagged as the team's franchise player for 2012 the safety let them in tackles last season. Keeping him will cost the Raiders somewhere in the six million dollar thing. Had to Arizona where the Giants held in intra squad scrimmage on Thursday team Dunston against teams know Brandon belt could -- for team Dunston. Came up and RBIs single team Doug's thing goes on a win at five final. Of seven to one of which means JT snow over his Shawn Dunston had dinner the other big news out of Arizona. Thursday Brian Wilson. Going into a business venture was lucky strike here's what -- told -- Jamie -- If were basing it on the Wii bowling I'm terrible at the end I don't know if that's like. A great feeling to gauge your bowling game because I was playing a five year old hand. They've only 57. I mean we'll see how did I am lefty. Gotta love well they pay the a's also had an inter squad game on Thursday Bob Melvin used eight different pitchers ranked cook. It was probably the best today that the 123 inning Derek Norris went yard with a solo shot chuck Donaldson. Hitting a three run home run they won't open their cactus league season later today against the Mariners to the ice the Sharks taking on. The Sabres the assistant coaches still in charge is Todd McCullough missed the second straight game due to that concussion in. About Torrey Mitchell taken it up -- the -- in the first period. Outs job for us to make it all bought them he would return in the second half to get some stitches but how about -- scoreless game late first -- burns turned it over and well eventually it's Drew Stafford. With the slapper the only goal of the game the Sabres win one -- not. -- a key -- to Comcast sports net Bay Area later tonight all highlights from the Bay's exhibition opener against the Mariners also got a lot artwork Playskool. Hoops highlights plus the WCC tourney continues. All that coming up on sports net central at 61030 and midnight. We will see you later have yourself a great Friday everybody.

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  1. And I CSN Bay come Dave Benz with your morning minute we Begin with the raiders' news the NFL network is reporting the to cut linebacker Cameron if he doesn't restructure his current. Could also be a salary cap casualty however. Taiwan branch looks to be sticking around he's been tagged as the

  2. Wimbley talks about how he ran out of gas on his long interception return.

  3. Somalis and make him play is not closed on the good stuff makes enough plays you know to give us. You know focused on it now Wimbley was able to come Woodson passed and I just wanted Billy bluffing you know did that and try to you know pay the on can score

  4. Wimbley talks about the difference between the Raiders' defensive effort in the first half and the second half.

  5. d like to to point out Peyton Hillis and it's kind of a nontraditional matchup because I'm going Peyton against Cameron Wimbley . For the simple reason they the strong side linebacker. But to bring in Aaron Curry and could potentially move move down

  6. you right defensive end. His shoulder is still not allowing him to practice gives the Raiders the option of moving Cameron Wimbley down to defensive end and letting the pass rushing specialist that is very stay on the strong side. From Alameda a which yet

  7. Wimbley gives a lot of credit to Drew Brees but says that the defense was in position to make plays but didn't come through.

  8. Wimbley on the experience of being back on a football field after a long layoff due to the lockout.

  9. the opposite side of the Davis decided that it would show like. And that's. To me McClain Seymour Tommy Kelly. Cameron Wimbley branch. Route I mean those guys they have the potential to be is that they want and I'm journalism degree. And but He is

  10. m were there and McFadden you know Q was healthy and capable don't. It was nice to. Yesterday. There but because like Wimbley you know who traded for commitment to have that kind. a year in John Anderson coming in here. Secret consummate our team

  11. Wimbley on what the Raiders are playing for next week in Kansas City.

  12. Wimbley on the win.

  13. in the early in. Thoroughbred should get a sore shoulder Johnson. On the groin will reserve on Wednesday. And in Cameron Wimbley room to stitches and hand to shoot it but do does not approve these pitchers. After watching the film which is for us and

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  15. "We were hungry..."

  16. beast at tight end and is really no way he can cover him with the linebacker initially you'd think about fall back on Cameron Wimbley at strong side. But I referred the Raiders use one of their safeties back there and it should be Michael Huff is the free

  17. That we need to be so. I. Look at him as a human and he is world. They threw it was a little wrinkles are all agreement it is. executed well. An embarrassment and a world. Alarmed world those things that we we could've been better. Our defense as far as executed BC's better. You know gaps and being

  18. there's sort of this could well have a great games but it Wickman Cleveland are familiar with the from here to Pro Bowl season of there's so he's he's definitely capable hurting these. point here. What is life what is. From you know a ball player he's got good speed he's got you know agree. I think

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    Yeah ignorant American League on everybody knows he's a powerful bat so we'll have our hands well we do we. What did you learn about your team in there in relationship to stop a guy like like Johnson but he can carry over Woe you not being good defense and our weekly world. And Johnson for most

  20. "Those are the types of things we need to look at on film and correct and clean up..."