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Raiders-Steelers matchup No. 2: Matt McCants vs. LaMarr Woodley



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Fri, 25 Oct 2013|

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I'm Scott -- Raiders insider for CSN California and this is the second in a series of three matchups to watch. Heading into Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and this one deals with pass rusher extraordinaire Lamar Woodley who is. Basically a one man band for the Steelers pass -- he has five sacks. And the Pittsburgh Steelers as an entire team for its crazy and innovative as their blitz packages only has eight sacks on the entire season so they are. Heavily reliant on this guy to get after the quarterback now. The can't -- This NFL game doesn't seem too big for him he never seems overwhelmed by. Who he's going up against and what kind of defense he's actually playing he was inserted against the Kansas City Chiefs two weeks ago. And -- -- five against the basically the best passers in the entire NFL. But Woodley is a veteran he's crafty he's both strong and quick which is normally spells danger for young offensive linemen so it will be interesting to see. How he deals with Woodley over the course of four quarters. And if he can stay away from being intimidated stay strong and stay focused Terrelle Pryor has a chance of staying upright throughout this game.

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