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Highlights: San Ramon Valley vs. Mountain View men's basketball



  1. Keith Smith0:35
  2. San Ramon0:33
  3. Mountain View1:06, 1:11
  4. Saint Francis0:04
  5. Bartlett0:11
Mon, 7 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Take -- -- -- Justin being excited to participate in the third place game of the Saint Francis turned it was not mussina and Wang. Really first in his -- and cutting to the basket and blended into gives Bartlett an early lead. -- -- right back toss it over to bake hey he tosses it -- and that's why I introduce those to. -- parts of a couple of big guy who could really shoot this is senior Bryant case there bouncing in three of his thirteen points. In the game and its case they're away who is just outstanding for the spartans his jumper is not -- six point three. San Ramon valley keeping it close this is Keith Smith driving into the paint and make -- a -- for the world. But as far as extend their lead late in the happened Sammy hit your drives aren't the racked up. More spartans and there are other sharp shooting big businesses Corey fits for three of the spartans haven't nine point. Love fighting back battling under the boards in early get him is Nathan -- And a half now it gently. And jetting around the horn scoring for the wolves but all Mountain -- as far as who they are tough it out to you -- for another bump for Mountain View. And then at scoring giving the rules that from the outside. As Mountain View wins it by ten boards spartans led by all tournament team members way. And -- their way with fourteen -- and with thirteen.

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