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8.10: 1-on-1 with Raiders TE Kevin Boss

Fri, 11 Jan 2013|

Tight end was supposed to be a weak position after the departures of Zach Miller and Kevin Boss, but Brandon Myers held it down for the Raiders.

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  1. 9.23: Raiders practice -- Kevin Boss

    Kevin Boss talks about coming back from his injury and playing in front of a sellout crowd in Oakland.

  2. 12.18: DET/OAK postgame -- Kevin Boss

    Boss says the Raiders didn't finish the game like they are capable of, leading to a loss to the Lions.

  3. 8.6: Raiders training camp -- Kevin Boss

    Boss explains that the moment he met Coach Jackson he felt his passion and energy and was excited for the opportunity to join the team.

  4. 11.30: Raiders practice -- Kevin Boss

    Boss give credit to the Raiders' kickers as he says the offense needs to do a better job of executing.

  1. Grading Raiders tight ends


    Fri, 11 Jan 2013

    Tight end was supposed to be a weak position after the departures of Zach Miller and Kevin Boss , but Brandon Myers held it down for the Raiders.

  2. 12.16: DET/OAK -- Matchups to watch


    Fri, 16 Dec 2011

    they're gonna keep the back in to chip maybe play with a a tied at which may give Brandon Myers were playing time that Kevin Boss this week so. Yet you have to account for this guy on every single play and especially. I think that that first series

  3. to go vertical stretch the field anyways and somebody should be any. Ideally you'd like that to be your tight end Kevin Boss but they've been using him deep as well exactly I mean that the Raiders receivers right now outside of TJ. All of

  4. that's one thing you see right off the bat it's when he's out that the normal little operatives and had tight end Kevin Boss of the two and a couple of trainer type guys the ball boys out there. It's a different ball but it never coming out

  5. I'm not enemies loves those is definitely game then He was trying to say it was a little down game and we definitely tell that. Anything distract us off trying to go out and get a win just wanted to let them live complete games played each other illnesses just a relentless team you know just

  6. out there and then the fact that I mean you know vaccine in this and you deep and carrying the team through all the way. You know of the characters hounds team when you look at that player right there Shane Lechler and Kevin Boss loses to.

  7. at when the Raiders have the ball and go with. Citing Kevin Boss gone up against the the Browns strong side linebacker if you If for only because Kevin Boss wasn't really involved last week they let me use him

  8. wanted to come. And in order to become a team everybody can do that par. I don't agree that seat them. lot easier Kevin Boss . You know He is their senses though it. Do you think this is what it's all about me it's. Those blocks did He

  9. 9.23: Raiders practice -- Al Saunders


    Fri, 23 Sep 2011

    probably even more problems than normal down and distances so it's really important for us to to play on first down and Kevin Boss back. The play caller when. Well Kevin gives you you know big target and he's experienced guy and and He comes to

  10. yes put Dinara is more the only of their on this team that has proven He can consistently catch the ball. The getting Kevin Boss back with you how much you can get into the swing of things early. But there's more of the best downfield threat this

  11. owner of the C and so is loaded differ in them because. Come on learn a whole new group receivers too good. Matching Kevin Boss you always had a good tight end your career in Washington yet Chris Cooley and kids that play. She's taller and more

  12. just go run and I got to find out what guys do and do well to put them in position that success I'm finding out about Kevin Boss . You know I'm finding out about an I'll find out about Richard Gordon and what they can't do what they can't

  13. Campbell hopes the new guys can replace Zach Miller, and that Kevin Boss brings the necessary experience.

  14. Kyle Boller talks about the impact Kevin Boss will have on the offense.

  15. Jackson is excited about the defense and that they have the potential to be as good as they want to be.

  16. Edwards says it's nice to have a big target in Kevin Boss because a TE is a QB's best friend.