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8.8: 49ers New WR Kevin Jurovich



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Sun, 8 Aug 2010|

The San Jose State product talks about getting an opportunity to play for the team he grew up rooting for.


Machine Generated Transcript

I was I was born in this city -- is nice to come and and a don't -- for the home team and a team that I grew up watching you know -- -- might right next to him program violence that's pretty special. This. My son in the -- does that there's. Just -- -- other teams you know is guys that can perform here and hear him on sites represent them well. And an artist. Now. What were you doing previous two signing yesterday were you with another team in camp. And I was -- Philadelphia two weeks ago -- them forcing retired from the first practice and so I've been back here for the past week doing rehab. And been in contact with the 49ers in the Communist and you know wanted to work now. Worked out and or die for both us and. I hear you mentioned does a couple of guys who -- her some of the guys who have come before you namely of course the guy who was. By now in the hall of fame and over this past weekend Jerry Rice talked about being on the same field that he. He was once 39. Terrorists you know I play receiver anybody that pleases you -- terrorists the man. He's got. As then then so much in for the sport and position them. It's it's it's amazing the sitting on an -- and there's that you did you know what I'm trying to in my own legacy in this started. And we'll see what happens. Now what do they tell you as far as some. Yeah possibly playing this we can come in Indianapolis or is it just a rehab Stiller what's. I'm ready to go under percent having gotten out as far as you know as far as if I'll be ready I'm I'm a lot behind obviously that I is that the guys have been here longer assumption ketchup and so easily guys coming out of that a bit and coaches -- mean that Nixon. Tony is every minute it's possible you know committee kinda. User one giant blood in the right wide receiving core and maybe helping out the most and I wouldn't say whatever it just the whole room there are helpful guys in the all the coaches in I ask questions -- need of twenty minutes after the meaningless and there in the -- -- stuff that kind of dedication is Ken bode well for this team and I'm excited. What do you think your chances are making this team. I can tell you right now and you know us something and I really don't worry about I just can control what I can control and that's. And play hard and which family thinking right about now they're excited for me you know a lot of text messages a lot of phone calls today and that's exciting and I got a celebrity -- times -- I don't know it's gonna be an uphill battle and those can be -- them have to come in every -- with -- you know that you guys who work hard. Unless you ask -- if possible. Got a few friends coming out of the woodwork now it's. Texting in college here. I was this argument Joe and ending discard any and -- and he is on the historic because he's local -- house. He said yes and as a middle school now has -- in this and having nothing like that it but I --