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8.3: Kyle Boller, RAW

Sun, 23 Oct 2011|

Boller feels he had a great week of practice leading up to the game, but that he let his teammates down.


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Old news the game like that. Just extremely frustrated. Opportunity to go out there and yeah it is -- -- plan not definite my best outing and -- here feel that my team is -- let my teammates down. And you know this is not much to -- and it kind of took place before so what you. I had a pretty good idea you know finally the week doesn't start. So you know I just that don't end up and do it any excuse for it. I'm dating we program. Now there's nothing that has nothing to do. You know what happened that happened out there today. -- you go beyond that. I mean. I feel like I agree we practice. In hindsight you know doesn't really matter. It's what you do I hear on Sundays I foreign. You know I just yet they're down to start out their -- to the house is it's tough but as a quarterback you got to put that behind you. -- -- just couldn't get any rhythm and obviously -- you know thirteen events situation with the turnovers can expect to win. You know doing that. Just it's unfortunate. Well -- surprise. Gagne protests coach's decision. You guys say you know cars addressed the media address. Guys out -- there's a chance that you play so. -- -- I'm them back your mind. Now I would I would say that I guess that I had a great practice I felt comfortable I just snowball isn't really go my way today. You know I did anybody brought their feel like -- -- and of course it's a -- of guys that I try to play my game and I said there was no I didn't. Obviously that's great driver over the next you know footsteps then yeah you can take livable. Now it's not yeah I had not thought about it I just go out there and it's right next. In particular but it's. I got this coach that question. Leaving him out here. You know. At this in this city you gotta put behind him and He can't get back to you can't really worry about it but yeah you just got to go out there and then -- fired and and hopefully things are going your way it is nothing game's first basket or two picks up comeback from a two touchdowns. Just got to you know get a blocked as a quarterback.

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  1. Year. I don't you can do what you do Chicago. Pittsburgh reasonably Dubai this year. He's a good hitter. Back with Boller . You know we've gotten big hero and back about well. Usually he's done he's done that a couple times and streak weren

  2. successful I don't know market is the work that they finally coming tonight. Not bad blood when. Tonight for this Lexington out Boller is definitely on his way to be a star as a wild At first it's a lot to accomplish here in the arc as a Wolverine. Market

  3. guitar player. registered at our park in tennis about the power plays zone that is not happening now you think that was happen. Boller is not not crisp you know it just you know kind of goes like that sometimes is. He get up for three or four in the new kind

  4. in my little eleventh happened again yeah I I felt good going out you know I divide my warmup. Just shorts so Braves don't Boller to a good. We have a shorter little you know through I mean warmup and I put the pads on pregame coverage for the game. It

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  6. be tough the biggest attraction on that new field just happens to be on top wide outs in the nation and now and I by Wesley. Boller is out there and perceive as the Marlins he plays the game the way it's supposed to be played with hardy was tough. He makes

  7. baseball. Minors. Hasn't really stopped me and. Media was asking. Manager and out he's not supposed to have picked up Boller throwing them on this I think I saying he probably had them. Anything happen to him. Not mean that Shaq and they are open

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  9. assumption that they don't know so I think you have a pretty good idea that have to have a good idea and in the fact that Kyle Boller came up and was you know if he's not the guy that was kind of the part of the sacrificial lamb. Just to meet the media

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  17. not so you know he waits to see what element a few numbers to they could go but. When he dictated by the team called in the Boller . There's an amount the perfect on the ought to get a over the you know. I suggested what lineup and I have you found my

  18. match. Not helpful tomorrow. Buxton. Golf course. Reliant. Much like it wasn't very good. First. Get back there at the first hole of the day we'll play in my Boller enough and wouldn't be part of it was. When you would step up.

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