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12.18: Broncos QB Kyle Orton



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Tue, 20 Nov 2012|

Head coach Mark Jackson says several of his guys played a key role in what he calls a 'big-time' victory.


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It's just talk about what what turned things -- save them. What we defended. We defended level we competed they made tough shots we have veteran guys and have a history of making tough shots. We rebounded the basketball and you know I can point to. Ten different guys that played key roles Seth Curry was huge made it basically every play down the stretch. Klay Thompson struggled from the field but defended OJ Mayo and a high level guys playing you know. All star caliber basketball right now and Klay Thompson made him work for everything -- dream -- -- was huge. Gave us extra possessions. Quality players. Dave really rebound the basketball Harrison Barnes defending scoring rebounding. It was a big time big time wonderful young basketball team. Thanks to -- You know the thing about it is. Teams are going to treat him like he's that guy. And we're going after it set screens get -- open and make life easy fall. And tonight I thought we did a great job of screening. And then he did a great job of coming off aggressive whether it be to score Tomei plays well he certainly. Horrendous this team down the stretch. The way that I envisioned when. -- Yeah he was some I think you know. Our guys told me that when he went down -- and tweaked his ankle a little bit on the on the big screen I didn't see it but I think that around. Something on the inside totally had a muscle Muster and down you draw rock hard five iron. Demand in a basketball even happened me up in the little little plays so he was. You know he was our leader and he is I'll -- about tonight. I really believe it took -- older -- Kyle Orton and yeah it's. We understand we have to do it by committee and is very important for us -- You know get five guys rebound the basketball. I believe disaster away you know the last -- -- defense is securing a basketball. You know if you -- beat good teams on the road you got to make sure you do that we give them. Quite honestly got to learn anything about my team better and already know I had guys that. You know showed up right after the draft. I guess second year guys I was right along with -- I got every player other -- one that was indeed in the facility today after Labor Day. Had been gunned and out grinding it out and committed to one another -- nothing that. A game is gonna show me about these guys is tremendous group and I'm truly. Privileged to coach. They're young basketball team and there -- -- you realize is people. -- you say dirt risk he's not there on camera loves. Ricky real. -- Candidate we don't have Brandon Rush tendon today. We don't we have we don't we don't have you know -- remiss in two guys sense you know legitimate you know guys in our lineup. But that's an event on there we go find a way to gut it out and continue to compete. Talk about winning against two teams there's going to be in the mix in their building home. Says a lot about. This basketball team in the months. Source. You. If we do it. While that was what we planned. And make him a trade does what we planned in draft and Harrison Barnes found that being said we got a lot of guys that don't have NBA experience. Home so it's going be a process and we'll stick true process continue to grind out. Continue to work hard and continue to learn from nights like last night playing against a team that right now is better than us right now I have to stop players come. But you you have to lose a game like that and learn from it and and we certainly did that tonight.

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  11. lot of turmoil on and a lot of unexpected things that happen to myself Lester in this organization so. I really don't take Orton and reflect on that I'm really there's been so focused on the future so focused on. A new offense really and studying him

  12. of the pretty. But he and it's I get my money to cycle world to practice contest recover trying to another That makes Greg Orton Rex is absolutely empty and paid to my body used to going a little farther responsible of America on our room bodybuilder he

  13. s one of the best arms in the game. I'm lucky lucky to work with them everything. Stale play and watch Mary cam. Greg Orton even if I catch didn't seem the perfect game was not the best year career regardless. Hey it's. It's been the greatest

  14. can't see him on beaten five. That next match Schamus Randy Orton we. Jericho and we get Del Rio fatal four way title match there ..... definitely in the news woo woo you know it grow and came to be Randy Orton at wrestle mania thing. programs and challenge. That's it

  15. going to be fighting this Friday and gets into Friday night fights against Toronto. This new trainer virtual owners can be Orton and Batista said it best he needs to win this fight he's in his thirties he wins this is already in the top ten. It pushes

  16. going to be fighting this Friday and gets into Friday night fights against Toronto. This new trainer virtual owners can be Orton and Batista said it best he needs to win this fight he's in his thirties he wins this is already in the top ten. It pushes

  17. of the actual game but. It helps me the games is that still a little bit more focus have been doing level and you say take Orton has Kellen hitters but. Now I'm actually able to see more hitters like watching game film it live and I get to be a true

  18. only job I've reduced playing. You know that's that's up in the ownership groups who happens there. And the captain was asked if he expects a coaching change this offseason to Orton responded he would be surprised if it came to that.

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    you know these are going did you get there. When his defense and we knew this would probably be pitcher's good defense. Orton . So it's gonna lose and we're still behind them and seriously and then it's tsunamis in. Day off probably a good time

  20. to and what we gotta go there. I think you run late in the year where you got three in a row at home include one time that Orton could be Thursday night games that mean you know on the you know that we're. Quick turnaround their. And it is going to