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11.4: Barry Sims on Chronicle Live



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  3. Dwight Freeney2:41
  4. University of Utah0:25
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  6. Kyle vanden Bosch2:44
Thu, 5 Nov 2009|

49ers OL Barry Sims talks with Greg Papa after filling in for the injured Joe Staley.


Machine Generated Transcript

That'll bring amateurs are chronicled conversations subjects are good friend Barry Sanders joins us here are chronicle live. Presented by auto trader dot com Greg pop in the studio very thank you so much for your time gonna talk to again. Dagger -- -- thanks for every -- no problem everywhere so surprised last week when you block Dwight -- so well but I go back to your first NFL game. Nobody knew this rookie free agent for the University of Utah go to the Buffalo and you completely shut down the hall of Famer to be to bring the great. Bruce Smith so we we've seen this act before where Barry sims comes out of nowhere to shut down a future hall of Famer. Ability you know -- the focus deep to get in there and then you -- is like going against the third. -- backed up high and pressures. Yeah I really feel like. -- my game and and I'm able to there can be with them. And you did it obviously last week second play of the game after Joe better on the first play from scrimmage at left tackle in the week before. When Tony Pashos went down to injury you came in at right tackle and you had to battle. A lot of Mario Williams I know and -- Houston how tough is that very did it go from right tackle one game to left tackle. Another game because some guys in this league simply can't do what they can't get in that different stance week to week. Well the first and I do is there a little -- tough don't be known when I became the third tackle here. He -- -- both sides so I was able to go from. Back and forth arm from right to left must write them and not have any issues with it could come when you when you've played the same position. You know like I did for a long time you know initially it was hard to do -- in the -- are working that in the end the terrific you know becomes like a natural feeling. Yeah you're you're more sort of over on the left side we played all those years with the with the Raiders so. Are you fresh at this point in your career and when you're ready you played every single Sunday never took a game off and now you know you're 34 years of ager a little bit more mature in the legal say yeah. Are are you fresh now to take on this challenge it appears -- -- you'll be the starting tackle release for the next six weeks yourself. Yeah absolutely united do your job of a particular body. You know for for these situations in the -- really kid and I -- I'll feel 34 are really. Come feel like over the years I have think everybody to the point where -- doing plan. You know fifth. To get to a point where -- that I can do it and that's that's a good time to shut down during our feel fresh and you know I've got. Feel like hitting continued played at a high level. Did it as they most demanding position I think -- and in football and if football quarterback obviously gets all the attention but don't play left tackle in this league you're going up against the premier. Athletes in this league guys that are 65270. And -- to get Mario Williams one week you get Dwight Freeney the next week another challenge this week is. Is Kyle vanden Bosch did you see play overrun your cider to see -- move inside and -- -- flip over under on Snyder's side how that worked as far as the match up on Sunday come. He plays on my side mostly I never really seen them go on the other side become very much -- -- the one thing like you said it every week you know -- -- the challenge doesn't get any easier so you know palm. Haven't played left tackle poker you know I understand that and and you know I welcome the challenge.

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  5. they're all just so close in the caller really good friends and not so much pressure fun. Very right here with me is Alexa vanden batter who is the Eastern League most valuable player congratulations on that had talked about the camaraderie on this team

  6. guys in the bullpen and stuck together and pieces piece it all again in these games together and and Romo took over the job and vanden . You know lose enough he was a big blow for us and I was. 4515 games left to grind and we got. Had down in the playoffs so

  7. on. He struggled at times against Clay Matthews against the Packers really doubted with a very strong showing. Against Kyle Vanden and alliance and talked about it a lot of afterward we'll this is another huge. Teeth or for Joseph Staley going up against

  8. got to find out what their regular guy puts it all together the general manager applauded destination. Management back Vander Bosch joins us so I covered my first question Craig could you guys get a bigger trophy forget the Stanley Cup correct its mammoth

  9. Double by. Yeah. In North America by vanden . fit into the worked for those of you and members don't up. Moments in the previous morning afternoon felt offended. Back to talk about equipment. two members of. I was talking to myself. Limited Reyes and defense.

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