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Green Room -- Romo's humbling moment

Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

Years after LaDainian Tomlinson called out the Patriots and specifically Bill Belichick for lack of class, he Tweets that he regrets making that remark.

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  1. Matt & Feldy -- Roman gushing about Gore

    and say Weird lives greatly in at least think about this libraries only time with the Thomas what do you think LaDainian Tomlinson . You know when emotion that you can say how tells him he's an all around back that would bring the war still

  2. Raiders postgame wrap with Paul G.

    at Darren McFadden playing as much as he did and I kind of shocked by that you know the San Diego Chargers with LaDainian Tomlinson . I would play at all and here's a guy all they're trying to do is keep healthy are you how much she actually

  3. McFadden chomping at the bit; ready for camp

    about my mind to doing now look together plan. stamp on the outside everybody looks to pre season games guys like LaDainian Tomlinson would never play at all. Every year value to this team is so it's enough that people wondered you've got should

  4. 10.8: Gutierrez: Raiders-Chargers Matchups to Watch

    Chargers in this series. seven years thirteen games. Only five Raiders remain from that last raider victory in while LaDainian Tomlinson pretty much owned the Raiders that thirteen game winning streak for the Chargers he's gone he's now with the

  1. Not and make good. That's it I don't think my. Oh The last time you've been in the end zone you're good here last Tomlinson . And how it having been a little but little cute devolved yeah in the fourth. Leaving about again immediately that something

  2. Extra Points: Tomlinson says Rex Ryan told Jets he would punch Belichick


    Wed, 11 Sep 2013

    Our "New England Tailgate" crew brings you their ' Extra points' where Glenn Ordway gives his opinion on LaDanian Tomlinson revealing Rex Ryan told team he would punch Bill Belichick.

  3. Tomlinson : Rex told us he'd punch Belichick


    Wed, 11 Sep 2013

    Would Rex Ryan tell his players he's going to punch Bill Belichick just to get them fired up?

  4. LT regrets saying Belichick lacked class


    Wed, 4 Sep 2013

    Years after LaDainian Tomlinson called out the Patriots and specifically Bill Belichick for lack of class, he Tweets that he regrets making that remark.

  5. there's pain everywhere Lawson. Competitive spirit is. I'm just trying to figure you know. What movies. But the ones Tomlinson . Is it do you do you just take it personally when some of us. Not when. You know I don't think it exists so. I mean

  6. Willis: 'Turn it up that much more'


    Wed, 16 Jan 2013

    those closest to where it. You know I'm tomorrow let's see if five those who have access to handle it like a safety Jason Tomlinson other guys yeah. I can't see how and a lot of times in on. Amendments they celebrate gallery someone Lopez got in charge

  7. here and I ended a momentum thing in and what happens and doing right now with the momentum. I'm not all of us today. Tomlinson does he knows who spent time we win a few games. Here but talk about you've got momentum. You lose one game we moved from

  8. some some some key. You know. We acquired some key guys and we got better as a basketball team should just have to some big Tomlinson spent. Six minutes of the first. That's that's an excellent since the Suns are slopes where the sounds it was possible

  9. do a lot of people about different looks on offense Tomlinson you can run on this are the aforementioned. They also do a lot of screens. It just referred to the are good. And economics are

  10. coaches who have. At moved when TV cameras But. You can't go wrong when either one and oh yeah I mean I think. And every Tomlinson . Knowledge of the game. Who cares care of their leadership. Those top two teams. Looking for quarterbacks. Going in the

  11. against them like I've heard about it there can't afford things and I don't think there's anything that way you know Tomlinson situation and isn't. It's another week from him. All I personally do my job in there and do good things. So those guys

  12. 6.22: 1-on-1 with Cal C Chadd Krist


    Thu, 23 Jun 2011

    to tell exactly what to all time being on the field that I mean. Sometimes they really give me Allen insisted that's not Tomlinson days that marked everyone is you know that we got more fun and everybody else. You know that we walked in the field yelled

  13. other World Series and you have to face great pitchers like Tomlinson . Holiday in all those guys so on the you make excuses who ..... Royals series and you don't have to face great pitchers like Tomlinson . Holiday and all those guys so of the make excuses those

  14. staying here. Clearly comfortable I've played and played most Fred Smith and listen you know how many victories loop from Tomlinson . didn't didn't. Turned to protect me. You played up. Nothing. To it was a home game. In game Hansen company after

  15. Tonight. He is so funny you know friends for yourself. Look forward to having those reuniting with. Conditions the last Tomlinson . That's the view of the NBA and see if they faceless some mighty worked over the summer. play with the score from my from

  16. professional dues. To keep his game at the top he does. He elevated I'm. I think luck and I think if you asked Tommy Tomlinson the same thing because yeah. You know I don't awards and Tommy's mouth and I think obviously he admires and respects

  17. you know. Understand that my team down like that. I just felt everything went into the from me and listen to deliver more Tomlinson goes through those. You know. Had a lot to do that. It looks like everything was. But it felt good today. It's okay

  18. don't know I don't know the Mets gonna get deep and moaning let's keep it isn't on the unjustly whatever left yeah. Tomlinson they have done that so it's just you know you seem like one of the strengths as well but is now. Yeah previous yesterday

  19. yeah. I know what I think and maybe Nottingham. Anyway I'm going to be Kelly he went and being an underdog and it. Alan Tomlinson and amazingly yeah believes he's pretty good overall. You know went went into about our team you know. Style goal line

  20. they are. But I think we need to understand how good this hitters are so. We'll see what happened. We obviously. Guys. Tomlinson and we. I don't have any comparisons toward him. All I can say say guys like Salman. A guy goes out there and he hit