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Fangio: 'When you think of the Cardinals, you think of Larry Fitzgerald'



  1. Troy Brown0:05
  2. Larry FitzGerald0:08, 1:23
  3. ICG0:48
  4. Patrick Peterson0:49
  5. Dolphins1:02, 2:04, 2:39
  6. Gaza1:18
  7. Baghdad1:07
  8. touchdown pass1:22
  9. blind side1:52
  10. field position2:40
Sun, 13 Oct 2013|

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As that is at this first interception and this season and it came right after Troy Brown had a near. Interception as well but both of you covering Larry FitzGerald anyway talented receiver here is how how -- you -- that playing how are you reading Mary. -- we had a -- covers well I'm underneath him I got ticket office on the need fan that was saved over the top and you know -- broken that I broke on the defense because there's about making the kitchen. You know trying to turn in his book and you like -- -- throws trying to do the play before as well is that to sort of the mindset of the DBs coming into the game. In that we do a good job with that and you know courses do that so little. The parent has their day doing the week and no them guys didn't get up and make plays. You know break on the ball and I got to make that play this -- -- trying to do yeah drive really set up though ICG Stillman -- Patrick Peterson with a deep. Within a five yard line and how much does that affect that the secondary when you know they've got to come out of the rankings are. I mean. He got a team -- -- best news a big role in this game -- always the Dolphins the defense will either -- the team and puts him back. You know they they have -- to give Baghdad at least get to the ball out they can have a good on it. You know not including defense in bad situations where you know we'll -- -- making -- -- them in this dressing made a couple of plays there at the bank and Gaza. And we just trying to get out to give him back there. It is that -- back yard touchdown pass that Larry FitzGerald you know ever ones are always gonna spring -- did that catch you off guard does seem like you try to play it underneath played in Britain media this prize in nineteen. Mantown go big plays and clearly we got column thought about thank -- mode something that we did wrong. No -- knows how about fame is planning on -- Is -- -- plated -- Randolph have any overran -- after they kind of alliances and he took -- the same to me. You know we gonna be third and mis then again I give up and I'm in my blind side and was there to make alone -- -- we really played good. Defense that good for him to be played that we had to turnovers to go -- -- you know the game rather than different but. Look we got before turnovers and Dolphins in this school event came out to win. Then the second straight game this defense has forced four turnovers what is going right in that department for this defense right now. And -- the -- -- a lot of things. -- -- that in the great game plan. On the offensive if he's coaching -- positions. You know got a -- got out he's honed on what's coming. You know we always talk about turnover in the ball loud and involved you know grab the ball rather they don't give them all out. If the ball and you've got this and make people you got to make him. And hasn't been doing bottom line you know trying it -- and plays -- played the Dolphins and the -- field position to score. Hope we can continue to give him time and show that you ever would like to see that as well I Karros is I think you some aren't --

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  1. brio tip can do that and it's just easy. That they performed the United States. We see times. Throughout the season Bob FitzGerald Jim Barnett our warrior insiders gonna join us all season and no impressions on the first cap money I'll I'll start with

  2. near. Interception as well but both of you covering Larry FitzGerald anyway talented receiver here is how how you that playing ..... back there. It is that back yard touchdown pass that Larry FitzGerald you know ever ones are always gonna spring did that

  3. You know I came You know there was you know no game. I mean apart from the start to finish. Go to you know is one of things it. You know the intensity is not saying news you know practices gained only gained a you know once again that's sort of move around on the side. Ourselves and I know you

  4. those them also. Not had a better mop Florida and just as Sagan knew that there is doubles is gonna come up with a. Larry FitzGerald this week that is not going to be an easy challenge defend him. Tightened covers you know you can't relax on he

  5. with the 49ers. The reason is because he's always been on teams with good too wide receivers around him such as Larry FitzGerald during his time. With the Arizona Cardinals so the 49ers have gotten some production a lot of production in fact

  6. team is is a new team. You're coaching staff. Your players. You know there's. Quite a few of the players you know FitzGerald and Patrick Peterson. The linebacker Washington. Quite a few guys that are. That are staples on this team but that a mix

  7. that. Not that he's tied for sixteenth about separate here on fourteen and putting for birdie and the way. Offense Bob FitzGerald and on sixteen for birdie and current letters a day in the lead his was looking good. Nine all fairness that ball looked

  8. take down there. No goals and things I was doing wrong. Came out feeling good and it's good arm feels good. Okay. Yes. FitzGerald . Doing spring training. That's kind of from my up. Isn't exactly how you're kind of sort of spring training and get

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  10. yourself a quarterback Carson Palmer now control the ball down the field one of the best receivers in the National Football FitzGerald . And inside and around some remember the Rams actually had the best division record 411. San Francisco and beat him yet

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  12. When you look at it and what that Falcons can do 49ers I thought faired pretty well facing Calvin Johnson. And Larry FitzGerald a couple times but this is the first time where they faced. Two receivers on the same team either he's getting

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    left corner in our base package which is a stressful position. And I think he's handled that well. Well obviously and FitzGerald . Is your biggest concern now they have Beanie Wells back he's a good running back. They've got a good group of receivers

  14. government to government quarterback he can you your opponent gives opponents second. What do you have good receiving regular FitzGerald we travel hopefully some of you shouldn't mind. Learning their journey has to go an A couple wet rainy games the important

  15. that shouldn't count us. Hall of famers all right speed rushing. Their receivers all the receivers Karen Johnson Larry FitzGerald all of them really. That's the problem with this team you know there's one guy to play you know and then this

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    with a painting at halftime that was some sweet stuff. Yeah to take that home for the benefit of living. That he join Bob FitzGerald and Jim Barnett for the call and Barnes clearly inspired. The two hand flush Warriors five for a couple of minutes later

  17. big plays. And specifically Larry FitzGerald . And that's gonna be. that ..... just out there for a guy like Larry FitzGerald . That gives the Cardinals have ..... feels a better match up. For Larry FitzGerald and we that big fan you not worried

  18. the game and Carlos Rogers says you know we actually does the only player he did. Really compare him to would be Larry FitzGerald he says he just can grab anything that comes his way and that is something. That you don't hear much about I it

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    brightest number TJ just running around pretty good I think everybody wanted to kill himself and it wasn't just me but. FitzGerald of emigrating. To new players and I don't think very hard because when you know most teams play the same type of system

  20. they were concerned those there are those big plays FitzGerald and he said. And you can get teams the class they ..... like Arizona. He too deep ball when you look at FitzGerald FitzGerald as one best if not the best receiver in the league