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Larry Grant's first annual Great SF Culinary Clash

Mon, 28 Oct 2013|

The Bears added quarterback Jordan Palmer and linebacker Larry Grant to their 53-man on Monday morning. The team waived tight end Steve Maneri and C.J. Wilson to make room for the duo.

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  1. Larry Grant tests his reporting skills for CSN

    We're seeking out all the 49 of players that got my friend here Larry Grant with the Larry might if I asked the couple questions and not today at the the questions of anybody. All right so let's yeah

  2. Larry Grant , sports reporter?

    Yeah currently. Yeah. And that we would complement the boredom and And Anthony Dixon accidentally. Senior group agreed upon to me and if you win. And I'm angry and I didn't do our and win the worst it's okay. Woosnam and he was maybe. I'll definitely be now. It's. it was good at it positively yeah.

  3. 12.7: 49ers practice -- Larry Grant

    Grant talks about the fleeting nature of jobs in the NFL as how he is valuing his chance to play with the 49ers.

  4. Grant: 'Growing up I always wanted to be able to wear that red and gold'

    The punt block was a game changer. Against the Jets on Sunday and the guy He manufactured that was one Larry Grant he has a special teams stud for the 49ers joins us here on chronicle live tickets that play. Larry did you know you're gonna

  1. Bears shuffle roster, add QB Jordan Palmer, LB Larry Grant


    Mon, 28 Oct 2013

    The Bears added quarterback Jordan Palmer and linebacker Larry Grant to their 53-man on Monday morning. The team waived tight end Steve Maneri and C.J. Wilson to make room for the duo.

  2. Seahawks try out ex-49ers linebackers Grant, Gooden


    Tue, 15 Oct 2013

    The Seahawks have a history of pilfering ex-49ers. It should be no surprise that Seattle recently hosted Larry Grant and Tavares Gooden.

  3. Larry Grant : 'I never knowingly took a PED'


    Tue, 28 May 2013

    Former 49er and current free agent Larry Grant issued a statement claiming he "never knowingly took a performance enhancing drug."

  4. NFL: Grant suspended four games for PEDs


    Fri, 19 Apr 2013

    Wherever free agent linebacker Larry Grant lands this offseason, he won't be able to contribute to start the season.

  5. 49ers visit with special-teams ace


    Thu, 14 Mar 2013

    With Larry Grant and Tavares Gooden on the open market, the 49ers are entertaining a new backup linebacker and special teams ace.

  6. Larry Grant discusses the elite level the 49ers' linebackers have evolved to as well as his future with the team.

  7. got a big turn over. Coverage was outstanding. Tennessee Jason Stillman. What you guys you know Tavares Gooden. Larry Grant Bruce Miller Delanie Walker. David Akers in really a tremendous job there on defense we get. The degree interception

  8. special teams we got the big turn over. Coverage was outstanding. CJ Stillman. to guess you know Tavares during. Larry Grant Bruce Miller Delanie Walker. David Akers Jamie a tremendous job there on defense we get that. The degree interception

  9. They've made some place. But CJ got. the nice strip. And and there are some path through the nice interception Larry Grant have some. I got his hands on the ball was nice to see. There are defenders get their hands on the ball. And tackler

  10. Kyle Williams to return punts week 1?


    Tue, 28 Aug 2012

    think when you look at some of the breakdowns on defense of the individual breakdowns that's what you could draw on Larry Grant got beat he's a back up. Linebacker you got beat a long pass up from a back also. To remain Brock is battling for

  11. Larry Grant has high praise for his fellow linebackers, including Aldon Smith.

  12. you write things aren't going to give up. Draft picks for players anymore chances. Inside and to that they deal Larry Grant I don't know much lesser scale he'd gotten nothing from teams. As far as any interest Mike Wallace from the Steelers

  13. 49ers linebackers -- call them elite


    Fri, 25 May 2012

    on would definitely take an event of the time that we have and is is about the time. And having capable backup and Larry Grant makes them better as well. amassed 34 tackles five passes defensed and changing forced fumble in Seattle in the fourteens

  14. It's fun it's in the area dot com. Thanks for clicking on Brodie Brazil here inside the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute for this Friday may 25 we begin. Itself with the Giants bats he lives dropping a season high fourteen runs on the Marlins yesterday. On opening wounds of these

  15. about which I think is sort of taken for granted here with 49ers so running back and linebacker I mean we know that Larry Grant as a restricted free agent. He's shown when he came in for the injured Patrick Willis he can play at a very high

  16. s gonna play Saturday California to take in several factors when determining whether they're gonna play him one. Larry Grant has played very well so do the 49ers want to. Take any kind of risk with Willis it's probably going to be in the

  17. Willis was very impressed with the 49ers defense, praises Larry Grant , and provides an update on his hamstring.

  18. had I challenged like they claim that time. The ball is snapped Harbaugh didn't really and the passer penalty on Larry Grant because he says hey. think they have an Alex Smith and we didn't get the calls so those momentum swings have been

  19. 12.7: 49ers Central Extra


    Wed, 7 Dec 2011

    get low as long did they play and I expect those boys at play they hunt. Each and every game so they're gonna play Larry Grant who is a capable back up. You start a lot of people started last year So he'll be able to come in play there at the

  20. Harbaugh raves about Larry Grant's performance filling in for Patrick Willis and also praises other members of the defense.