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12.19: TEN/STA Postgame- Tara Vanderveer


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Sat, 19 Dec 2009|

A proud Stanford Head Coach Tara Vanderveer addresses the media after her Cardinal knocked off the #3 ranked Lady Vols.


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Obviously it is great when our our team I'm really proud of our our team really battled. -- Terrific program again. Young really tough team. A you know they gave -- solid you know. My other team really stepped up and hit some really big plays. Not the first I'm really proud of our odd scheme and really felt -- she hit some big shots played really hard offensively. And then you know as a game time. And we had some different people come and get the job on. It was on to great win for us -- we -- -- really prepare rebounding from the game. That you can actually help this'll get me for. -- -- on -- topic art first it's a compliment and I JJ and rise in Jeannette and at times it regarding earthlings ever really terrific player. It is when she's -- she did not punish and how are very hard on. You know the -- -- -- because an extended time in their perimeter people that you're standing. There I'll you know I'll hit some shots. -- that one out -- and -- 2000. Through this a little. You know maybe -- quite a man and guard Larry Johnson that. You know credit -- -- in that game she got thousands inactive but he stayed in there and battled and made big shots down and especially free throws. But yard Aggie fans our team really focused on the scouting report. Kate did a great job with this kind of work together. Every are red team in practice ran that offense really well I think prepared you are -- -- him. -- -- -- -- Everybody. In my way as important role. I mean obviously this is on. You know and other games how many people can get some numbers in terms of points and rebounds -- that this really kind of lets you know era. When you play Tennessee. I'm -- I think it's a win you know whether it's a big WR -- little -- -- -- it's a windy. You understand what you have to do to get better and I know our team and happy complacent. You know is just a great win for our program yes is this greatly increase. The women here and you know brought it coaches it -- they're terrific team. But I I think we can play better. Now and we're gonna have to. You know we're we're going next week and it's going to be I would challenge our team but what Tom. Not doesn't take away from. Just me. That's actually not playing well today. -- W yes. It's all that option against that is -- whether it's a big -- -- because they help you get better they are the barometer. In the same way that. You know out -- let you know what you need to be doing what you need to work on.

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