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10.1: Tom Cable, RAW



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Sat, 7 Aug 2010|

The Raiders' head coach talks about what he's seen from his team in the first week of training camp.


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Okay the student quick injury update four. That's still sort of Claude. Childress started to do some work today -- kind of a plan to back him off but then again Morton this afternoon. -- oracle should do this afternoon. Luke Lawton that is officially concussions as though. Darren McFadden didn't finish some tightness no injury -- anything. You don't miss. Charlie -- and sore wrist. He's the strained groin. Seymour. Certain loosen up or back so. Get him back and averaging. Human cute. -- -- -- Monday rules that. -- a couple of quarterbacks don't have to get the point where that goes on for a couple words. If Greg's agreement to bring in their -- Australia you know it doesn't seem to be anything major yet. With that one -- so we've seen in order and there. -- He's stolen -- and personal -- it's great that. You know will be a time when you took. Took out those guys -- -- I was. Just in terms. Which you absolutely certain we worked together before. Kelly nice. So -- an idea all humans what they would bring to the table. Actually. Nine days nine -- that. I'm good energy you know -- we practice it was. Was kind of you know put together because most humans and finished with a -- -- great intensity by the defense. Offensively initially good surge but no it. Better that on the other side defensively that we really fill holes and kept asking him questions. -- -- this week. It was almost aren't here and by the time it came into. That hurt him yet and that kind of the way you want you want. Professional and going through your -- and a lot of noise and -- in the first that we needed to place. I salute where I think you'll see is you know start to get away from some of that stuff more and have -- more focused on the team's stuff. And and that was by design we talked about last one ticket and they help you can do so I thought they handle it very well. -- A little bit I think so yeah I'm an interest in going and watches on film and who can study but it looks like -- These paragraphs from the Sacramento. -- I think so I think that's a good thing and that's a good personality for the position on. Sure it is because that would plug him again in the last. You know we talked about me and that as team. -- And here you know I agree with him -- you may have played. What or Friday or Saturday. Last week. In two minutes and Thelma ball dislike him wandering in the game and and. It seems like every day every other day whatever he seemed to show for the central falls somewhere. Concussions -- one million -- and your perspective concussion came into it forces food. Well I think you know the more we all learn about it the more it it's a serious issue and what happened. You've got to take the time -- -- -- time make -- players ready to go him. Protocol that except for -- testing and all that you -- that it was just too much information. If you're not. Single back -- accuse him love him. So questions and exchange program. Mean what this team. I mean coming in. In the. I think quite a bit. You know negotiated was really good for him and that's where he saw him constantly and get more comfortable. He's picked up here camp worthless to them. I think is a -- the same 6062. Are. There. Well it's good to have reached back in on me the first player in the short origin -- catch Enron and that's really one of his strengths but I thought he also did some good things and that Colin thinks it's nice to have him back. You know can come back out there are some work -- animal's good. Moline so I think that group to group that we have to find the right people and -- is -- you know -- them but Jackson. Let diversity here. That. I'll play the game in Dallas you know dale for. Guys that helped prepare the team like Dallas and actually like in the regular season happened like -- didn't. Well yeah but remember it's it's about a evaluate your team so when you. When talking terms with guys can do I don't know what you're doing that much human -- that game planning all I wanna see -- play -- they can take forward to a system now and Truex. Executed on the little. It. And it. I think if you look at the body more we do particularly. Yeah. Her. Work. Work. -- I'm not really argue about people doubted us for workers. -- And so yep that's. You know we're doing like we start this morning every other practice with that turnover circuit so it is a credit to the offense and taken better care of the ball. But he's seeking emphasis when eternal film she's seven gastric -- everytime I get it out -- attempting to I think that's really critical. And you know what -- -- -- -- -- ever have thought about all the coaches coach and we're really not. Involved in that stuff so much we don't catalog.

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    some work today kind of a plan to back him off but then again Morton this afternoon. oracle should do this afternoon. Luke Lawton that is officially concussions as though. Darren McFadden didn't finish some tightness no injury anything. You don

  1. know for a guy like him to be able. To get out there employee you restarted and then the San Diego game forcing. He'll play Lawton and in the Kansas City game so he's gotten some experience which which will help him come Sunday. I'll say this I mean

  2. The Sonoma chicken Campbell perfect her family and ran gatherings and fundraisers your teams in the the year part. Lawton at Sonoma chicken we're here at deliberate girls basketball team just came up the DT north cal finals Okay. You now that

  3. bitter contest with the beard off and guess what loser. Gets shaped. Josh humanity at bank after baseball player you Matt Lawton bud golden glove like what you are a lot of luck. You are hot that day there. And hope that I want only. Good day. Daniels

  4. be cold and play this team. Okay. Yeah. Yeah it definitely. A lot Campbell feels it you know. Majority of those guys and Lawton were here last year and felt disappointment. You know. We're so excited to win Saints game I don't think feel the same

  5. good the major things the big things. You know. If and when we had those type of issues. It always kind of goes through the Lawton and then the players generally comes in. And address that when you read. Well listen and that's part of being a rookie you

  6. little bit of room for. It's really. A whole lot different. More than I've done in the past. You know just talks about Lawton and not sure exactly why it's just different launch points like I'm very comfortable doing that in and enjoy and everything

  7. in camps. We worked it up a little bit more than made up a little bit. You let them make the homer pop and got three more Lawton ha that's a part of that player art. Now network. Now it's time for you as a champion. Every champion has to get I

  8. been in the quality starts he's thrown out there and good stuff. It's this been these young kid and he's been through Lawton . He's a better pitcher because. And he knows we don't know hold runners film positioned world. four pitches. I'm sure

  9. try year's navy store dollars. one time did Miami do it again. You know in a situation like tonight it dollars so I can do Lawton . Is tournament it opened. in the nine spot and now he can. He'll play his game more and made holes or Iran and do some

  10. No the news this field them. As players we feel that can and from outside fans and what they auction their loyal fans expect Lawton and I think both front. But Montreal followed thanks part you don't feel. He can perform. We have solo and I hope part

  11. series you want. She's leaving kills possible because we can speak to change him obviously realize. Great leaders here that Lawton and into the lineup but I think all of them you know without the experience. To come a lot of energy and a lot of excitement

  12. not gonna get hit. It's not going to be and I If you're out there kind of makes players. This is probably over past the Lawton . And the coaches really don't vote for players. Five when they wanna go on the ice and get off It's just fun to out a

  13. disarmament of the split vote and so. Could you imagine being thin line here but we'll midway point. so beloved Blue Devils Lawton would've felt that we have offseason gotten too often media holdings. With the dedication and knowledge around that with

  14. accept that it it's. Well you know the problem is we're a rundown in offense and we get less run support whole run was. Why Lawton and as many games we've got fifty games left that fifty so. I don't I don't see a danger and I think you just have to

  15. again our suite of rooms stool literature. Yeah and that's that's that's how coherent shortly confidential don't think a great job and now will come back. Why channels today. Today to Lawton mothers out there and whatever. Result he

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    song and it could even to her you know I mean. That accept the chorus and you know here in Aaron manipulated in the playoffs Lawton . And you know and on the radio outlet. You know. Stopped that we that we definitely took us on tape it was like it heavy

  17. such a big guy it's it's almost national. Because. Especially with such opportunity there to and probably fought through Lawton army to fix it. It's picking and I noticed that QB Dara. Score and it game and Horace was huge and Kara and he's been

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    shortstop but before tonight you had played only. Second and third so how many ground balls motives into the night before you go Lawton play shortstop NAS as any in spring training game. You know I knew this day I knew this day was come and him butch Matt first

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    to sports until we begin today show what heading straight out the ORACLE Arena where sportscasters. Are standing by. Hello Lawton with. Fort Smith Center under our right block from go to stay practice through the downtown Oakland. Let's take a look back

  20. maybe it is over again with. Insisting on playing and offensive and you give them too much room too much time Aaron. True Lawton and and ultimately. Win. Number out there for a long time these two things that he's virtually certain things. Avid Bulls