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Moss: 'I'm a 49er'



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Tue, 25 Sep 2012|

The 49ers received at least one bonus timeout Sunday. Even with the replacement refs assistance, they couldn't pull out a win.


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Today well they want away from the running game against the Vikings I'm not sure why but they did not do a heavy dose of Frank Gore early and when they tried it late. It was a little too late. What's your analysis on the. Well yeah I asked Jim Harbaugh why they did -- feed the ball more of Frank Gore early in the game and he said he really didn't have an answer for that but. He'll Frank Gore such a huge part of four -- offense and they go into the metrodome. And he rushes for five point three yards a carry you think the foreigners are gonna come out there with a victory but. The forty -- offensive game plan was more. Steered toward the passing game Alex Smith had some opportunities to make plays the prayers did not make them against the Vikings. The -- have been a big story of course this entire season and late in the game the announcers. On the national broadcast kept saying that Jim Harbaugh was not allowed to challenge because he didn't have a time out if you don't have a time out he can't do a challenge and then they said. Bet the refs awarded Jim not one but two extra time -- what what happened there. Well of the they refereed can rowand. Allowed Jim Harbaugh ought to call a time now. And being changed from the time out to the challenge. So when he called his third time now he should have been able to challenge that the next play in the 49ers got the ball back and Toby Gerhart fumble. -- the referee allowed the 49ers to keep that time out it's the same thing happened a minute later where Jim Harbaugh called a timeout to stop the clock -- changed his mind and decided to throw the challenge flag so there were two 49ers challenges. That should not have happened on Sunday. Hide that -- or joining us from Youngstown Ohio.

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  8. game. Of course early in the season I think led most pure they get along calling cap for next handling. So we can throw out the dome and in Minnesota. But they've played in. It Saint Louis. And then this course Seattle's so. Yelled at they've dealt

  9. this is the forty guys are practicing right now so the offense that's the ball they're preparing for the crowd noise. Of the dome insane run a zone which is very loud guy and so that's what college cabernet is working by the silent count back there

  10. The crowd noise played apart early hot it is not suggesting that. Owns his signals knows who'll insist on to give as far as styles little spot probably was. Jones is just played again. It seems piazza got some big third down outside lane blockers well as personal can't just what was the idea didn't

  11. That may have gotten any thought coming here from Minneapolis and a great Mall of America field I saw it called the catcher that the it will answered we don't. And I never called candlestick. 3COM and whatever silly

  12. we won two weeks really was better and I'm sure we better week to week three. Three years ago the 49ers went to the metrodome with a two and oh record. The 49ers had the lead until the final seconds when Brett Favre worked his magic the coach

  13. play out today so. To go off first regained snow. Luckily happy to be the NFC north so like they just don't go to the metrodome to attitudes well and he has. Well a marvelous not really thinking about Super Bowl but that really is that the only

  14. that I was I was expecting things on me is I was very. Very shocked especially you know it's this is like any other day the dome I don't know word but in the last night I called the big leagues them. The Giants on the other hand were not able to stop

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    that I was I was expecting things on the I was very. I'm very shocked especially you know it's this is like any other day the dome I don't know word but in the last night I called the big leagues them. The popular story is that AJ Griffin who's just

  16. as a consequence what. This don't know worry about alone in that put me out there and what their plan flu bug in him on the dome like I say if they decide not to put me out there in his tone that you know. Eluded to earlier this season started how important

  17. have seen the film in person. School and then seeing some games on TV I ideally. And it's it's pretty some of the metrodome . We'll also about it. It's not to two different. I'm more exodus is kind of game experience you know in his

  18. Once again we have players. San Diego where. Moderator for him. No matter who had the ball. How different playing in the dome with the crowd noise No. I mean I don't always wonderful because you sound very down on. I think we've got a good job

  19. Arkansas and desperately. You could count them or that He does that He came that you would find what works for you. one hosting the dome up like you're running Beckham has sort of played the daylight there they threw more comfortable their run no one of the

  20. shut their minds down their bodies are a little bit. And most prepared to to work on us when it's time to work again and the dome structure we're gonna see games like this on a nightly basis it's going to be no different for Austin. For probably twelve