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12.6: SF/SEA Postgame- Manny Lawson



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  3. Manny Lawson3:07
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Sat, 8 Sep 2012|

Matt and Mindi are at Lambeau Field, where they discuss the weapons surrounding Alex Smith, Charles Woodson's impact for the Packers, and how the 49ers' defense will deal with Aaron Rodgers.


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-- -- upcoming bike here at Lambeau Field as the 49ers 2012 season getting ready to start this is it still and Gary can feel an excitement. Maybe because a big huge storm just rolled through -- you -- expecting we're having to get get weather here Green Bay but a lot of people on the play out. First time travelers on the road for the 49ers. Because they they don't want to miss this one yeah this is a destination type of -- city look there's even a city and a hundred 4000 people here -- -- it's a destination stadium and you're right absolutely right in the chill in the -- is that the normal -- that you associate -- Lambeau Field. I don't Mayweather will be any factor on Sunday. It's it's a game that matches. Two NFC teams that are aspiring to the Super Bowl and teams that start the season at least what -- very legitimate. Chance of course obviously everyone driving attention to Aaron Rodgers and Alex. History NFL draft back in 2005 we know Aaron Rodgers can do. -- in the passing game. This is Alex -- time that the forty champions really wanna see what he can do. Hey you know with Randy Moss and Mario Manningham and an all the changes they've made a second year in the system we've heard great -- call him some bombs like. At times of the ways picked up this offense with an offseason to work out with his teammates and the coaches. And that's what I'm most looking forward to. Yeah I mean what it is to get a deal to take that next step from a guy who. Beauty is in the same system. For the second year in a row if it happened to once before -- Jimmy -- got fired three games in that system frankly wasn't very good so now he's. We're gonna see any has been the best weapons that he's ever had around him the offensive line is mostly intact from last season ballots who's stepping in -- right guard. He should be an upgrade. Over Adam Snyder. The running game behind him should be stronger than ever -- Frank Gore and then a bunch of guys behind him Brandon Jacobs we don't expect him to play. On Sunday the wide receivers or are better than they've ever been like you said it's going to be adjusting to see how they fit in Crabtree. Manningham Maas and probably Kyle Williams is -- -- I don't think Ted -- is going to be playing. Along with. Vernon Davis end Delanie Walker so it'll be video of the grand unveiling. On Sunday for the -- guys gets back. Is that -- -- interested in watching as well as we know the Packers overall defense 2011 at the bottom of the league but they led the league. In interceptions and Charles Woodson it's amazing to -- coming here he's been in this league thirteen fourteen years. Making the switch to safety he had seven interceptions. Last year how do you think that is gonna change -- packers' defense. Well I think that Charles Woodson is their best guy in the in the on the back end of Clay Matthews is their best pass rusher. They like to do a lot of blitzes so. Charles Woodson satanic god he's kind of be the Patrick Willis if you will of the 49ers. Are the Packers. Patrick Willis is a guy that. Whatever the the defense needs at him well wherever their weakness that. After Manny Lawson left it was let's put Patrick on the tight ends before that you start to see him pass rush a little bit more because that's where the -- needed it. Charles Woodson will be blitzing off the office slot. I think he's going to be locked in Vernon Davis for a lot of this game because. The Packers don't have anybody to cover Vernon Davis and they're not gonna -- Vijay talked -- and AJ -- this isn't. That athletic fit to be able to cover Vernon Davis so I think what city is Vernon Davis he's match up -- Now it's flipped the ball to the other side of the 49ers on defense I had a chance to ask Patrick Willis as he mentioned last year. They can you put him in position to cover tight ends more I mean we saw that every game the Detroit Lions game against Brandon Pettigrew Fred Davis against the Redskins went on and on. And he said yes he'd prefer to be in the box but he's been focused seen. Not more so back on his coverage skills -- with all the quarterbacks are gonna face this season starting with -- -- that's going to be important. But the one thing for the Packers I expect to see more of his more of their no huddle offense that they do so well I think that will impact the 49ers defense. Well they feel the prayers data continue at that very well and I know it's just an exhibition game against the Broncos so. And they're gonna be it's going to be a high tempo and the Packers are gonna run the ball very much -- Cedric -- with the team now but don't expect them to. Don't expect Aaron Rodgers to be handing the ball like he's going to be tossing around the other going to be putting multi receivers out there. And they got some good ones in so they're going to try to. To really press the issue make it a fast break type of game in the inaction. In the 49ers are getting counter I think a lot with the five defensive backs with Chris Colbert coming in and also six defensive backs with -- Cox. Getting some significant time so. That'll be a huge issue in the way the foreigners have to contend with that is unleash dismiss. -- on the -- Stan Smith all the Smith I think the weak link of the packers' offensive line as Marshall Newhouse at left tackle he's gonna have his hands full with this. I just and Smith working out the week after the 2011 season ended in the NFC championship game and this is why it's going to be very fast paced game. Okay do you like to make any predictions. Yeah I'd prefer not -- -- Yeah is lighting here -- here's what I I thought you know what I've I've predicted the prayers to win the Super Bowl. Game but when I look at it I figured this would be one of their losses the more I look at it. -- its top -- what -- that was the last and the way I haven't won here Lambeau Field since nineteen. Ninety's and the last time they beat the Packers was in 99 and so it's been a while yes and those are some pretty good teams -- that they came in here and lost a lot of times in the playoffs. But I think the 49ers match up well against some I don't know that they match up well here. But I I think the foreigners can make some plays on the packers' defense and they can they can expose. Some of these the schemes that that Dom Capers a -- as coordinators -- have to dial up as the Packers aren't a team that's just gonna light up. And do a four man rush in and put pressure on the quarterback so. Alex Mitchell might get sacked a couple times but he should also have some abilities to make some plays so. You know I've I've I'm almost kind of wavering on this because I have picked -- the forty adds a lot I guess that I've had -- Early on this is going to be one against the prayers loose now I I think he's going to be a really good game. And same way I can make a prediction on this -- either and the team kind of taking the approach you (%expletive) is only one game at a sixteen but I will say. If they lose this game I don't think they lose that much. If they win this game I think this team gains so much and taking that next step to becoming that cons consistent elite team that they want to be yeah I mean just to be a marquee -- week one and last year. You know the prayers got that marquee win week. 48 in Philadelphia. This is they would be a game that everybody takes notice of.

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