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YSTL: Is Marcel Reece being used properly?



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Tue, 29 Oct 2013|

Marcel Reece discusses play-calling, the speed of his teammates, his role in the offense and his mindset.


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Welcome back Marcel and what's -- out of your football team because you're up 21 of three at halftime and you're barely hang out in the 121 to a chance Sunday. You know the main thing is -- won the game but as an offense we got to get together for our -- going on I knew the answer I'd fix it right away. But I think it's it's about execution right now I think you -- continue to execute never didn't complacent and keep our foot -- on people in and finishing. Yeah of course talked about the lack of a killer instinct that it just I need to play calling change -- talk if you've had some good leads may -- trying to milk the clock a little bit avoided turnovers the play calling. And your opinion change first set to sign -- I mean -- that question a lot but it's it's not the play calling you know that that was the old greater excuse -- now with only. The play call around point we we stay aggressive as far as -- play calling goes. I think it's just between that between the lines it's all ball players and us execute you know surely if falls on falls on our shoulder and who's the fastest raider if we lined up Jacoby. -- Taiwan Taiwan. Dare end and the quarterback. Whom I miss it here you know as a quarterback the fastest guy. Now he's not the fastest you know to beat Taiwan Jones is that it's. Simply put light in his -- and then he's planning in a bottle and you know he can just go and they -- to fly. You know not many people have seen them in the open field -- guys that practice. He can go. He's the best modern pro football blowing a -- really high school and Manny you're the fastest fullback focal point of already Frazier offensive coordinator Greg Olsen twice you know what people are saying out there. Marcel Marceau is on the nickname you've been given. Because you've got kind of muted in the offense other other plays called for you in the progression where it's not going to you why -- they getting the ball. More to pro football's most interest in -- there's if there's plays called for me. I truly believe in and bought into the play calling Greg -- I'm still excited about the offense I love what it's mostly things that he hasn't been. You know sometimes just doesn't just doesn't get to know and -- not a playmaker resident here. And as competitors you walk the ball wanna continue to. I've just got to hang in there just like a lot of guys. Just. We'll be ready when my number gets called you know I'm just waiting for. And I'm excited to see come this a long season you know a lot of things can happen in nine games and you know we just trying to make up for us right now. Dana College a number of your -- under the offset fullbacks Friday got a couple of carries himself an element that -- -- there no other as a as a competitor you wanna get the rhythm in and be able to really contribute to make some plays happen. And I'm exploit some for your teammates what time for yourself so I'm just continues hanging in there and and -- win for -- to come. Are your body feel coming off a good feel good good little fresher Philadelphia oh yeah absolutely never really realized how much about it means until you start didn't know that. And fifth sixth seventh seven years in the league you get them by we can and come off and ready for a second puts like a second win.

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  3. Marcel Reece talks about what he did during the bye week, and looks ahead to Sunday's matchup with the Steelers.

  4. Do we go at bell Marcel Reese and the Raiders he's out there and Alameda. Let's get it going Marcel because they don't Tuesdays are using an off day for guys and also Tuesday's mean. Tuesday so what's on the menu for you this week. No I haven't I have entered live by here tonight in early tomorrow

  5. I Raiders coming off a loss 44 to seven in Kansas City in this game the numbers tell the story not as good. Penalties again they have too many penalty yards obviously big big turn it over too many times they certainly beloved Terrelle Pryor receptive. Right time opera weekly visit salaries of the

  6. I felt obviously tough loss for this football team what went wrong for you guys today. I think it was just execution down the line. We were playing well but that's what the six minute got a playoff system and is not. And we just got to continue to execute on offense our defense played tremendous

  7. today Rashad Jennings was limited. Darren McFadden was limited he was limited. Tony Pashos was back limited today. Marcel Reece was limited in a middle Watson and Stefan was Bruschi did not practice today so. another big week. We're playing

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  9. we just don't know if their back is going to be able to play and that crew so. AFC west clash now if they can't Marcel Reece is going to be your guy and that should be a major cause for concern because he started four games at back last season

  10. there was some good news on the injury front. Fullback Marcel Reece was a limited participant in Wednesday's padded practice ..... and ever shot Jennings will be the starting guy but. Marcel Reece gives a solid insurance policy. To run the football

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  13. generate enough points slowly grinding it out. As they would it if Darren was actually in the game. Allen said then Marcel Reece is suffering from a knee sprained right now he doesn't know the severity. The injury but how much he got hurt the

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    A day after suffering injuries, it remains uncertain whether Darren McFadden or Marcel Reece will be available on Sunday against San Diego.

  15. total they only lost by ten. This loss has to sit at the feet at quarterback Matt Flynn. Would Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece going down you know he didn't have starting backfield there speak to say that meeting he was putting and fear. Positioning

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  19. Talk about play you know prior to pitch to McFadden you are those kind of plays you need especially its defense like this. Now really I don't think you really need them we don't really consider trick plays just routine plays for us you know got we got a huge playbook and losses are executing the

  20. You guys have to do what you have seen on film that prevents the biggest challenge in their ability to stop the run the last to get the things that Ravens in. The Giants held them to eighty total combined. There the whole thing about they're they're really strong up front. And then behind the the