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9.8: SEA/OAK Postgame- Coco Crisp


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Thu, 9 Sep 2010|

"Just one of those things where you are not trying to hit a home run and it just goes for you..."


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Talk about that home run pitch it seemed like it was low in the zone you went on found in that think had a good approach you know as lieutenant. Hit the ball away just one of those reaction things and has changed so. -- there to slip into to. Who went this fast was it. Like 85 miles from Marcus Johnson isn't buying 88 you know the present is reacted -- one of those things we try you know homer and dissent. Elsewhere bottom of the sixth this team doubles steals twice in the last time you've been a part of something like that. Was that's pretty impressive on the opinion -- they really get a Steelers beat them myself and him. You know we can -- spent anybody in the league that. With the with the with stolen bases. But I mean have an apartment collapsing and -- over there would those days he's not as they steelers' offense. You get to watch your pitcher from a very good angle and right behind me and tonight you saw what you went through in the first two innings and you know what's baseball players you know from hitting once it's hard to get their composure back when maybe your first two at answered his case for companies didn't go so well. That's incredible what he did tonight coming back from those first two terrible innings. Right I mean it's his style the way that anybody would hope especially in the and one and a prominent. Pitches in the game right now.

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