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Kaepernick hitting his stride in last two wins

Wed, 30 Oct 2013|

The 49ers have released wide receiver Marlon Moore, clearing a roster spot that could be used for Mario Manningham.

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  1. YSTL: Was it a good idea for the 49ers to stand pat at deadline?

    Guys that are coming back a couple of wide receivers Mario Manningham . May come back very soon the torn ACL Michael Crabtree with the Achilles tendon all the classic coming out of rehab Eric a very

  2. Three and Out: Leniency for Smith; finishing first half strong

    amazing that we want all these games and we're as good as we are without those six players those six players include Mario Manningham . Michael Crabtree potentially all the Smith and others of the 49ers feel like they should be a better team in the

  3. Matt and Mindi: 49ers expect stronger roster at end of season

    Kabul and obviously one of those guys that. The Crabtree will be. Either the one or two behind Bolden and it also Mario Manningham so the 49ers are thinking that not only their battles on the defense of lightning parity. This could be a stronger

  4. Three and Out: Trade for wide receiver unlikely, James expendable?

    veteran player it does seem highly unlikely. On Friday I asked balky weathered the fact. Dad Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham will be returning to the team at some point we'll have any impact on the trade and he says it past him. After

  1. 49ers release WR Marlon Moore


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    The 49ers have released wide receiver Marlon Moore, clearing a roster spot that could be used for Mario Manningham .

  2. will be back on the forty hours roster to finish out this season. Well speaking about coming back to this roster you got Manningham already back at practice. Crabtree is gonna come back is it kind of scary. For the opposition Matt this team's 15 and

  3. 49ers Mailbag: How will offense change with Manningham , Crabtree?


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    Stadium, but the conditions did not prevent the delivery of another 49ers Mailbag. How can we expect the offense to evolve once Manningham and Crabtree come back? Will it turn back to more passing oriented as we saw earlier this season or stick with the run and

  4. 49ers Mailbag: How will Manningham , Crabtree change offense?


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    Colin Kaepernick has never really distributed the ball to a second wide receiver. So how will he handle two new weapons at his disposal?

  5. Hosted an apples and Manningham back it now than it. What's it sure that it takes Sunday so. Yeah. And a threat because it him. Good good that to it in terms

  6. 49ers plan roster moves before Nov. 10 game


    Fri, 25 Oct 2013

    Sept. 26 against the St. Louis Rams. He is a potential candidate to land on injured reserve when the 49ers add Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree from the reserve/physically unable to perform list in the coming weeks.

  7. 49ers deadline deal for wide receiver appears unlikely


    Fri, 25 Oct 2013

    With Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree returning, it's unlikely the 49ers will deal for a wide receiver. But it's not out of the question.

  8. rugby field outside London. Zorn expects wide receiver Mario Manningham to play in Sunday's game. He remains on the reserve ..... predict with the entire office erupting. Into cheers. Manningham is returning from a knee injury expect him to be ready

  9. Amaro looks good. is a guy that's got really really good understanding of football. He's he's got a guy that we would price used the word savvy to describe. Really like how he runs routes. You know how he understands leverage. As the play develops and he's looking good working hard and guys looking

  10. Manningham gives 49ers' offense reason to celebrate


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    This week, they got one on the practice field. And it provided everyone with a reason to celebrate. Wide receiver Mario Manningham , who began practice last week while remaining on the reserve/physically unable to perform list, caught a touchdown

  11. that it's possible some of the injured guys could be activated to the team such as Eric Wright. Carradine. And Mario Manningham however don't hold your breath and the reason is because of where he has had the bye week after this week. So the

  12. Wembley Stadium Jim Harbaugh did intimate that he could activate one of three players Eric Wright take Kerry dean or Mario Manningham for this Sunday's game. Which player do you think is most likely it's an not the yeah that's gonna happen I

  13. Is Manningham ready to play?


    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    Mario Manningham has the most to offer the 49ers but the club is expected to wait until after the bye week to activate him to the 53-man roster.

  14. job. The Raptors and very excited. The very proud of what Michael's store and these guys. Michael Crabtree. Mario Manningham . Quick and I'll take care dean. There. The go through grueling rehab and you know that's. Been going on for

  15. 49ers got back playmaker on the outside on Tuesday Mario Manningham practiced for the first time this season since tearing ligaments in his left knee. Manningham is in good spirits after his first practice. It

  16. Just your first tracks in the season it seems they can't get me today this year's fastest after finding out there just you more confidence run routes. Sonnen keep my quickness and use your separation from the defenders. And I saw was Q you know around. I'm here for. Under any restrictions or

  17. football injury list to join the team Tuesday for their first practice. Of this season. Those players are wide receiver Mario Manningham quarterback Eric Wright and rookie defensive tackles quite dial and take care what Harbaugh can't anticipate. Is

  18. Manningham 'trying to stay right upstairs,' Dorsey update


    Tue, 15 Oct 2013

    Joining his team on the field Tuesday, Mario Manningham finally saw the light at the end of his long recovery tunnel, and he's not looking back.

  19. another team that's also keep in mind that they will have two veteran wide receivers. Joining them later in the year Mario Manningham is expected to begin practice this week later on Michael Crabtree will join the team. A one of the seven inactive

  20. better. Would you look at the wide receiver position Mario Manningham will be coming back to practice he's a veteran guy ..... at the end of the year would be Crabtree Baldwin and Manningham . It was no secret that the 49ers offense struggled