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6.7: Marshawn Lynch, Josh Johnson on Chronicle Live

Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Russell Wilson threw for three TDs, Marshawn Lynch rushed for 91 yards and the Seahawks beat the Cardinals 34-22 on Thursday night.

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  1. Marshawn Lynch , Josh Johnson offer free football camp in Oakland

    Josh Johnson member of the vandals Marshawn Lynch cal guy now the Seahawks joining us here Yahoo! Sports ..... the teenagers going from one to four. Josh Johnson Marshawn Lynch thanks for joining us Yahoo! Sports thought I'd

  2. 5.24 Ex-Cal Bear Marshawn Lynch on Chronicle Live- Part 2

    Rejoined by Marshawn Lynch in in your son has joined us just actually. When composite but ..... policy and let me know about that they'll we'll talk usual manner Marshawn Lynch thank you thank you guys.

  3. 5.24: Ex-Cal Bear Marshawn Lynch on Chronicle Live- Part 1

    product of conversation subject to great. Priest Marshawn Lynch is here how Marcia. Abraham pretty you good to have ..... and take a look at his work and talk more about what Marshawn Lynch is doing. This time continue with the march on ten

  4. 7.8: Marshawn Lynch and Josh Johnson on the NFL lockout

    Marshawn Lynch and Josh Johnson that Oakland natives are keeping busy during the lockout helping their hometown supple leather an old help them

  1. Seahawks improve to 6-1 with 34-22 win over Cardinals


    Fri, 18 Oct 2013

    Russell Wilson threw for three TDs, Marshawn Lynch rushed for 91 yards and the Seahawks beat the Cardinals 34-22 on Thursday night.

  2. Seahawks improve to 6-1 with 33-22 win over Cardinals


    Thu, 17 Oct 2013

    Russell Wilson threw for three TDs, Marshawn Lynch rushed for 91 yards and the Seahawks beat the Cardinals 33-22 on Thursday night.

  3. Frank Gore. Thirty carries sixty yards in two games. Well below what what his average what about the way conversely Marshawn Lynch who would rush for three straight 100 yard plus games against the 49ers. Just short ninety yards but he would but

  4. contain him he did that in the first half. But then as Marshawn Lynch with a three touchdowns what would it Marshawn Lynch and kept an are yards just over three tests three do

  5. second half they they played a great game. Corners defense plays that played well for most part and Russell Wilson on Marshawn Lynch in Seattle's defense really set the tone in the second half.

  6. 49ers-Seahawks matchups to watch


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    center Max Unger is very important for in a way it's a the point because the Seattle Seahawks are gonna wanna run Marshawn Lynch and he asked to do a good job so that guys like. Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis behind him can run and make plays

  7. into the game we just have to be our deal on the same page of the defense. Are you got beast mode coming up this week Marshawn Lynch just how challenging is trying to stop one of the top backs in the National Football League. Some days it's so hard

  8. you know it in plaster club owner probably is most definitely exciting you know you've been using us again there. Marshawn Lynch rushed for a hundred yards last time these facing guys is that something that Using as awareness pointed to go over

  9. Throughout number one and they have an excellent offense. They run the ball extremely well as they have you know with Marshawn Lynch now for years. They throw it well and then you have the added to. Challenges challenges of defending the plays that

  10. over and Marsalis have stopped refer to take a way to play action pass an old guy here. Pete Carroll said the reason Marshawn Lynch and that running game struggled against Carolina at Seattle made since. Adjustments from what they thought they the

  11. the top running games last season built on the legs of Marshawn Lynch is nearly 16100 yards rushing. Against Carolina last ..... and and try to stop the run you know their preteen and Marshawn Lynch is a great running back enough to hold. Organizational

  12. 49ers preparing to tame 'Beast Mode' in Seattle


    Wed, 11 Sep 2013

    Marshawn Lynch has rushed for 100+ yards in four of the six games he's played against the 49ers but is coming off a disappointing Week 1 effort.

  13. was an interest in about the first games it and run Marshawn Lynch actually by design and so Pete Carroll said stating ..... game and send him back isn't too can you talk about Marshawn Lynch the what does that kiosk. I think most laws stopping

  14. careers. It's he's sure three or four days and I I have big difference. Today now very get a little a little bit you know lynch . Bill offers experience mom mom mostly youngsters. for ten days thanks to go there OK. again will face some little bit that

  15. on the wire to me the two greatest TV series other than Yahoo! Sports live very Exactly that's a likely candidate don't lynch . Go to the Stanford course and take it it's a great course and I'll tell you this a guy's gonna be a cobb's comedy

  16. win the fight I can exploit when the fight. Mean whether unbelievably original. Eight round decision. most stubborn too. lynch on I think every. They let us In his face so. I think the road for this runs well. So there's some. Robert Guerrero have

  17. The Bill Lynch is getting ready to go this west Catholic league showdown or bottom of the first and a gets all of us want. And dawn and left

  18. Oh okay well it's harder because he is now that the go to guy. In Seattle when they're not hit the ball off to Marshawn Lynch Bolden is it is a strong second. But Michael Crabtree and Colin predict our options one and 18 the 49ers when they

  19. And you know it's a blood how lines on the newest 10 at Oakland raider fan. You know as soon influenced by. Everybody in the center with the length but they're Comcast sports net I'm here is. Our district at matrix we're gonna coincide check out the Josh Josh and my son Lindsay is. Am sleepers

  20. against the run. To close out the season obviously they Marshawn Lynch twice this season and you're at and everything season ..... out a lineup but. AME those running backs are good Marshawn Lynch is one of the best when he accidentally Stephen Jackson