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Bowman: 'It's really surreal'



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Sun, 20 Jan 2013|

49ers linebacker Navorro Bowman talks about his team's slow start and comeback effort.


Machine Generated Transcript

Absolutely David defense made had a rough first half a great second half they shut out the Falcons Matt Bryant is unbelievable Navarro I just ask you first and foremost just what is going through your mind right now what that celebration like -- there. He knows who is the room you know we are hard workers you know we don't put the work and I we come from so far you know we don't in the bottom. -- you out here and of course have been things about overcome you know adversity with the car was going up early this means a -- shows the kind of is we're excited about. -- -- -- digestive Matt Bryant and his receivers he hadn't seen it all well with the big adjustment at half time to come and shut them out in the second half. No really loses -- hyped up those big game you know not communicating trying to -- even when -- you -- -- settle down you know again you don't think -- You know just play defense and asking that they do. Corners you know got together for us and it worked well. -- got contributions from players first that I mean all the Smith sisters fumble recovery Isaac Sopoaga disperse activism even. Which is your favorite what stands out mostly the interception by Cris Carter and he can go on in the second half. -- -- -- on the phone program and our backs against the ropes at a time and you know my -- it was a great withdraw from the moment you automatically. And you know and I think that dismayed at this thing going up you know put our foot on the gas and to tell everybody everything all around them when we got normal game -- definitely try to go get them. And free you know pat had quite a challenge out there today I mean I saw pat elevate his game is you as well I mean as a unit that's -- you. How would you rate how you played this game when the team needed -- most. We win we want you know I thought I thought it -- today you know no matter. Played guys made against this no no matter how many mistakes you may have -- you get the W today we live for tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can hear it. As Marty brought New Orleans to repair the Super Bowl also in your hands eloquently celebrated -- -- wounded in New Orleans is all business.

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