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The Green Room: There's a new boar hunter in town



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Tue, 26 Feb 2013|

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Niners and Alex Smith or close to a deal to trade him what are you hearing yeah. That's a wouldn't trade them they were testing the market they want to see what he's worth. They wanted to at least two it was my understanding they're gonna get at least have I think that's what it or three that could turn into -- -- we know -- conditional picks were. They want to see if they could move him for something that would make this team better that we're gonna just get them up in their minds. I think they keep -- competitive division would add to what they wanna say let's see what we've got let's see what his value is. I think now we're finding out the value is gonna be good up in the movement they've been -- against the Yankees but with the prices Kansas City Chiefs and quick answer who would be the backup next season gets a -- historical I think they're very confident roll out get told -- get another veteran that Josh Johnson maybe he was in camp last last year. Let's see -- out they'll Matt Moore might -- cut these guys Matt Cassel who they chased Russell sort of court and -- very good. But as a back up but it's a -- in the idiot that let it roll about what the pick but that's what the pretty good at that role about the extent you got.

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    veteran that Josh Johnson maybe he was in camp last last year. Let's see out they'll Matt Moore might cut these guys Matt Cassel who they chased Russell sort of court and very good. But as a back up but it's a in the idiot that let it roll about

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    sue Coleman and put my all into. Coming around him a greater play. And other Sunday you may see your former teammate Matt Cassel . Tommy about what kind of look at a player is is what are you guys gonna have to do to slow him down on Sunday. Well

  1. the opportunity give them. Did you know bring him into the next level so it doesn't matter what Practice or what they do Cassel my team is really get asked really dead heat. Devise a game plan. We make sure that we're in shape and whatever come whoever

  2. ve traveled Jack do you take your coffee. relax sleep we all saw him. Can't you. You know. Still. Yeah. Didn't let Cassel play. I'm making bitchy and guys bad in the players when it baby yeah. Can't wait to go. Yeah. That you see them. Hit

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    Tickets to a which do you believe that us. Okay we want they thing for sure it's. Keep an iffy. Legacy you gotta keep that Cassel again did the day. If you if you did that mean anything's possible and that's that's what goes to that and I don't

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    just what he at least needed at this point they're down to up but he doesn't spark this team that. Which is nice play by Cassel Beisel play right here shop brought him. What a and Jake Gardiner scores from near the Blue Line and here's your spot shadowed

  6. right places. And that's what I see happening with New York so they're coming in here and we're leaving guys Coppola Cassel this week. What about open every week. If that's the thing to look at it and that's one thing but this is it to three

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    do anything wrong I mean He just know slot morneau back sit. Keep pushing. And just kept the movement and as I looked up. Cassel Harbaugh and scores come towards me I was like hold up coach was gone home. How much thought did you guys ever your head coach

  8. the past with him so that's this league okay. we can do that you get asked about over Algeria table. And that. Hate that Cassel . That. The biggest difference the And just something that. Come on out it's not. Bring pressure it's. is a combination

  9. mistake but it won't be a mistake what out of thought process Like you that and. Do you and I think Pirates. That Matt Cassel . I recruited him do absolutely ME Israeli interest because I thought He was gonna be the next great and after And obviously

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    Mitchell called dwarf game. Vancouver gets a five on three. And gang get better used to. Two man advantage. Sammy Salle to Ryan Cassel to once every sport when nothing connect Kessler's sixth goal of the playoffs. And it just over a minute later Sharks called

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    great arm and now he's really control himself on the mound and not. Not going so fast you know every single time and he's Cassel himself down and thinking we're preaching with him you know equality in all areas in and everything is up there's Paulie

  12. been like on the board at this stage fifth round out with no. We just secondary again and I knew that Alex Rios and Matt Cassel another probable. Place at the top in the plane those teams to get better. Final pick for Oakland over analyze a sixth

  13. Doesn't like high school on a Friday night Cassel hosting coach Brandon books and the appointment is at. First ..... s Geoff Pope and play the guys who have been brought to the Cassel climbing back and it. Still in the first Gary Williams would

  14. did a great job managing the game. Making good decisions protecting the ball and then on the other side you've seen Chiefs Cassel turn a ball over a couple times. A there again for three turnovers but. It was tough it was a tough day for the Chiefs. I

  15. weather in him a leg you go ahead in the passing oriented. Williams or a pretty Jamaal Charles what do I. But other quarterback Cassel and coach a lot of the original story that I go to I don't remember Leslie knew what I was excellent so. A problem scored

  16. thing our path of good afternoon on the back and played man and I think offensive play golf balls with the best. And reading Cassel pretty well taking it during sex movie and a great around on the sought all the love a little bit like. And how did it feel

  17. horrible right now without but Brodie Croyle at quarterback Matt Cassel . Part of this scenario where he can go to Saint Louis and win so there you again doing nothing Matt Cassel but Brodie Croyle is always to end the. just yeah

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    let go. I don't think so I think that we've gotten good pressure on quarterback and we hit Griese number times. We hit Cassel media has some balls that were open a year and we just we get to sex you know we hit the guys. And we do have a chance to get

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    so we're all focused on analysis is. Did not distracting him into the. With him in your personal development. injured. Cassel more enemies were decent years. That's MIT so. Agitated truth I guess give much thought my personal development we're

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    against the team flight pattern. after it and force the issue doesn't seem like he was more to read react mode against. Matt Cassel back. It's Drew Brees and maybe an invitation to disaster well we all work hand in hand alone. Oh yeah and after