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Matt & Mindi: Nobody knows how Justin Smith will hold up

Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

Matt Stafford's one-yard touchdown with 12 seconds remaining lifted the Lions to a 31-30 comeback victory over the Cowboys Sunday.

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  1. Matt and Feldy: On Jacobs' rehab, etc

    two. Really good quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford and now they're playing Adrian Peterson who's ..... the ball around like the saw from Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford . Forty hours will be in their base defense a lot

  2. Fangio: 'I'm still upset about that last drive'

    check what was different. You Matthew Stafford in there Rodgers but. What I think ..... his first two weeks. at the end Stafford his last four games he's there ..... seen. Brees Manning Rodgers in Stafford on the last four games and I don

  3. Whitner: 'Each week is going to get tougher and tougher'

    that can carry over to facing Matthew Stafford and outlines how much we'll ..... play him. Now I don't think Matthew Stafford so each and every week it doesn ..... put corporately and Rodgers and Matthew Stafford they wanna. gets the last scrimmage

  4. 49ers shift focus to dangerous duo

    prolific passing partners Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson ..... of the end zone and Stafford 20300. Yards passing ..... corporately Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford they wanna scare me ..... we were last year. Stafford threw for 355. Yards

  1. NFC East: Stafford , Lions down Cowboys late


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    Matt Stafford 's one-yard touchdown with 12 seconds remaining lifted the Lions to a 31-30 comeback victory over the Cowboys Sunday.

  2. You think you. It's. Being your craving I haven't. not I don't play you need to prove they have played over Matt Stafford indie champs have a new image introductions this year. it's on it's to grab your LeBron doing so. Iron. Letting

  3. Week 4 Bears Grades: Defensive line


    Mon, 30 Sep 2013

    In the first full game without Henry Melton, it was apparent that the defensive line struggled to put pressure on Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford .

  4. Bears look to buck trend, turn Lions over


    Sat, 28 Sep 2013

    The Bears will need to prove Sunday that they're able to turn over teams with winning records, and Matthew Stafford and the Lions should prove to be a tall order for the defense.

  5. weekend and any given we can in the NFL and they're they've struggled also played two excellent quarterbacks really Matt Stafford and here Rodgers you know Selig the team that they've played some explosive offensive team that think they got caught

  6. thing that I learned and taken away. And that is. Tigers don't like cinnamon. What do you know tiger likes. And they like Stafford and I think. That's about. Arizona cardinal defensive tackle Darnell Dockett has a pet tiger named a little buddy you want

  7. What we sent to be a dominant player this is a kid it was a. Forward who drafted as a forward. I can make my nickname from Stafford and he's a guy that can impact the game wherever you start confront. He'll play the point on the power play and utilize

  8. Wakeup Call: Stafford staying in Detroit


    Wed, 10 Jul 2013

    Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Wednesday, July 10.

  9. Enemy Intel: Lions


    Thu, 27 Jun 2013

    After taking a step backward in 2012, can Jim Schwartz, Matthew Stafford and Reggie Bush put the Lions back on the right path?

  10. Enemy Intel: Lions


    Tue, 26 Mar 2013

    With a roster headlined by names such as Matthew Stafford , Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Suh -- and now Reggie Bush -- there's no way this team wins four games again. Right?

  11. a college football fan. Among the big name high school quarterbacks who joined the college ranks guys like T bowl Matthew Stafford Jimmy Claussen. Miss a stain is considered by many to be better than any of those guys. One national high school

  12. Vernon Davis and not a successful. On a week to week basis. With Crabtree because Crabtree as an outside receiver I think Stafford passed these dial. That suits those outside receivers pretty well in the one thing you did bring up that I want heated talk

  13. very well the every stately wishing us luck at Stanford and talked about how important it was. Or. How much you want to see Stafford . Get back on top and football. How important thought that was for. For for college football. Institutions like Stanford

  14. early in the season and 49ers are preparing to face Matthew Stafford it's on the defensive backs. On a forum for saying we're ready for Matthew Stafford we can catch all of the throws he makes because. We

  15. they're called wherever. Whoever they're river you. Victor helmet. Whether will surround. Anderson. I'd hazard to. Stafford is being mergers and there's news positive there. There they're the football field. That's the amount that.

  16. Vogelsong: 'I still have a lot to do'


    Fri, 26 Oct 2012

    through everything in this game you can do as a pitcher. He's close he started literally you know there's nothing that buses Stafford and count on that this game. And you know that goes for guard as well you know he's he did relief and and stars so they

  17. game only a 183. Which is amazing if you figure that you know in six games. They've already facing Aaron Rodgers Matthew Stafford Eli Manning and their numbers are that low so they're doing something right. Defense of when they got to put it

  18. Five games apart there's a played including game's first two weeks of the season gets Aaron Rodgers and his Matthew Stafford . Alex Smith has been the best quarterback on the field for four of those five games the one loss being to Christian

  19. defense that still. But not every quarterback can make all the throws. And also just take care of the football and a guy like Stafford . Romo. These guys there and make plays but they also made their share of mistakes and defense opportunities and he plays

  20. good sign for the 49. Harbaugh did say was very pleased with the defensive performance mean what's not to like you Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson out of the end until the final two. Minutes of the game it was Brandon Pettigrew came up with