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49ers-Jaguars matchup No. 1: NaVorro Bowman vs. Maurice Jones-Drew



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Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

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Guess the one great pass defense in the end -- really -- wasn't for these DB and yourself to really keep heading in his receivers off kilter. The us was we just let a lot of man and we know we felt I would mess over the world with those guys we know that we can -- anybody. Kind of leads and let a lot of man -- put it on us to win the battles. That's typical of -- because that's field was slick and wet is on tape that really can affect your strike out there yet definitely I was home I just saw some about breaks that's what golf minutes on a couple of them right down to make sadly -- was definitely definitely but. Both guys gathered at the real world that's a great job swarming the ball that we did miss tackles and a great team -- -- never -- -- that ball was coming into the end -- -- woods I am they ran a lot of you know. Instead it goes to slow those we called it in its only like a lot of they were outside again -- come away. Game let's put on the defense secondary we have Maurice Jones-Drew but not a lot of pressure on Henne was -- by design. I guess so I think I've really I don't know I don't I don't really see all of it is like us it was playing so let's man up -- -- learn a lot. So does -- out of regular bought into this weekend it's not a slow those guys that we don't have a powerful offense. Thank you -- -- Jones who runs the ball really ought to have a good offensive line -- say about his defense and the first half just giving up ten points especially if it's U Auburn game. Relentless that's really bought in this week coming down here. I'm a long trip that's really focused -- don't they only really. You know put -- put it puts it mentally and you know we Disney day was on definitely come down on us impresses most about this defense in the first half this season. That's a relentless in Gaza will in the work I. I think good end of the day when you have guys that really put in the effort day in and day out to be great it definitely -- have buy into the team and you defense. Are you going to do during the bye week seriously it's been down Mikey assist. And an extra -- and.

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  1. Bowman: 'Defense feels like we have to score once a game'

    have about we come and and and a strong point isn't my. A lot of pressure Henne was gone really just to contain Maurice Jones - Drew let the take care or. Guru okay we've still I would better than room you know so as far as oppressive we don

  2. Brown: 'We know we can run with anyone in the league'

    in its only like a lot of they were outside again come away. Game let's put on the defense secondary we have Maurice Jones - Drew but not a lot of pressure on Henne was by design. I guess so I think I've really I don't know I don't I don

  3. Reid: We played physical, got back to basics

    just coming out. That when Justin Blackmon came and you really changed dynamic of this jags offense have really Maurice Jones - Drew . Certainly seem like this team pressed her hand it was that what this defense is playing for. Yeah well we knew

  4. Smith: Motivation not a factor as 49ers trail in standings

    Taking out those lines hands. Two step three step drops pretty much at the longest in. You know still target Maurice Jones - Drew mixed is much the in these two on the Shoes she's the other games on Fulton you hit you just thinking more they

  1. 49ers-Jaguars matchup No. 1: Bowman vs. Jones-Drew


    Sat, 26 Oct 2013

    Navorro Bowman, the 49ers leading tackler, will be busy on Sunday trying to slow down Jaguars running back Maurice Jones - Drew .

  2. that did the wars and a tape all week in. Respective team a the they see on the tape you know this good football team Rees Jones - Drew is a top flight back. If that's the line has gotten hits and every quarterback they play. They play with great effort

  3. think the first time he was out there at twenty targets you know that shows you number one target on this football team. But Jones - Drew is not a slows. His eighth year when the top backs in this football league doesn't fumble much. You know small got 570s

  4. don't be that guy or not on our watch not I think you're Chad okay up and down had an interception today they Maurice Jones - Drew went to Dallas now. Here locally in the Bears in the he's a pretty good running it was a very good running back

  5. Woodson drives Raiders defense


    Tue, 17 Sep 2013

    team, needed a pick-me-up. The veteran free safety knew words wouldn't work. Actions would speak louder. Maurice Jones - Drew ran left toward the pylon, and Woodson was presented with an opportunity. He could pursue him toward the goal

  6. Jaguars-Raiders matchup No. 2: Sims vs. Jones-Drew


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    Pat Sims is the Raiders' best interior run stopper. Maurice Jones - Drew run between the tackles. It's a classic matchup of team strengths.

  7. Raiders-Jaguars matchup No. 2: Sims vs. Jones-Drew


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    m., at the Oakland Coliseum. NT Pat Sims vs. RB Maurice Jones - Drew Tale of the tape Sims (90): 6-foot-2, 310 pounds, fifth season, Auburn Jones - Drew (32): 5-foot-7, 210 pounds, eighth season

  8. m thankful for. I started doing this. After my rookie just coming on as a rookie. I was trying to Miami. And when Rees Jones - Drew we had the same agent financially. And we got along so I'm home with them I worked so Frank Gore to Matt Forte. And he

  9. comes into play. Big time it's Jacksonville especially is guess subjects have which Alex is very well. You telling Rees Jones - Drew appearing. values should be kind of a nice little situation there. For him as well you know and a strong back that he can

  10. ve ever seen in in Long Beach poly and that I had some pretty good players from my team and at that time ahead Maurice Jones - Drew is this the junior who really had done nothing up to that point of note. But busted out that came in and just surprised

  11. ten point fourth quarter deficit to debate they Jaguars 2661. Victory in overtime the loss of Blaine Gabbert at Maurice Jones - Drew are major losses for the jags. There replacements Chad Henne and Rashad Jennings. Got next to nothing done. As

  12. Gutierrez on McClain's limited role


    Thu, 18 Oct 2012

    There was to be had now coming in this week though the Jacksonville Jaguars have a more run first attack with. Maurice Jones - Drew out there the Raiders figure to stay in their base defense and when they're in their base defense you figures

  13. Our other guys are told all the tests positive for steroids. Are starting third baseman blew his knee out in the first Jones - Drew spring training. Some dude chasing a ball between now and utilizing him almost golf. I can honestly tell you that there

  14. 1.16: 49ers practice -- Donte Whitner


    Mon, 16 Jan 2012

    know fresh off the football field. I know he prized double minutes long pavlik really bring it to guys that what Maurice Jones - Drew does them in Jacksonville. You know there's only physical football teams going at it we believe were physical

  15. and continue to play they're devastated when you and I scored championship. Well some things haven't changed Maurice Jones - Drew less. It looked belt high school back in 1991. You have to go for the last time they actually lost the game to

  16. us to our first match to keep an eye on this coming weekend. John Anderson against Jaguars get back running back Maurice Jones - Drew . Would John Henderson going back to Jackson he's got a pretty not only just the chip on actually got a pretty

  17. 12.10 Tonight on SportsNet Central


    Fri, 10 Dec 2010

    and the Miami eagle. Rock in the lower always at that time no one does it matter being Comcast and area. Also Maurice Jones - Drew . The pocket Hercules these particular bit and that they let me tell you notice Tory Jackson the other. Russian

  18. 11.29: JAX/SF Postgame- Takeo Spikes


    Sun, 29 Nov 2009

    and I think you know give a lot of critical grim mask and put a great game planning. It was a goal simply to stop Maurice Jones - Drew first and foremost is that is this defense a strength to stop run between tackles did you have stopped doing them

  19. 11.29: JAX/SF Postgame- Justin Smith


    Sun, 29 Nov 2009

    by Manny sacked six sacks on David Gerrard. What was the pressure thought coming into this game to get they have Maurice Jones - Drew and Mike Sims-Walker as well. Well I mean now when our offense a good job scoreboards give up on them. You

  20. 11.27: High School Lites


    Fri, 27 Nov 2009

    nineteen we'll play the and a tea terra nova in the final. A few more yeah happening tonight out of high school life at 1031 Jones - Drew . Will be were taken out of forty niners we told us earlier in the week he will be watching has all the modern day without