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4.13: OAK/CWS postgame -- Cliff Pennington



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Wed, 13 Apr 2011|

Pennington discusses his big hit in the comeback win over the White Sox.


Machine Generated Transcript

Hit came from cliff Pennington -- skating by. By downstairs a clip we appreciate you joining us on we don't early in the season first road trip but how important is that win like today to cap off. Really what was a tough. -- as far as opponents go yeah. Yeah I mean it did you know at first road trip of the year. You know it's kind of the game with as -- that relatively good -- -- Cedric Griffin you know come out 01 -- like that you. What is no doubt that big hit you with that that throughout the night that you're facing court your batting right handed Portugal backlash you when you head into. Really strange trip that took it easy your face and adapt to the right side. What were you thinking obviously you're very aggressive the first pitch but facing -- left him. As that limited view hard throwing left handers -- it was get first that's well you can stay in front put the barrel on it ethnically stay on topic it was a can't. The cliff does that. Night hitting his go on. Before you hit you can tell that their bullpen is really struggling what are you guys talking about in the dugout knowing that even though you're down. You also kind of know that you have. Have those guys on the ropes because they really look like they were struck. Yeah I mean it. They got some really good aren't dominant that you know aren't going as good as they usually do but in the dugout early just try to -- up and up. I'm good at that nobody was that the fan hell you know we're gonna get these guys that struggle I think they're good pitchers they're they're -- because the rest of the year but you know we're kind of got that have good at bat then you know -- -- always a good outstanding defensive player you made several plays today in the hole with Castro nice scoop by their first baseman but how much more comfortable are you now that -- play shortstop but again the smallest -- return that took it easy with you but now back in the groove. For the way you aren't playing defense. Yeah it definitely you know district it was a little bit further here glad I got the -- -- the -- You know it it's not -- there where they'll play well. We'll indeed go to defense in -- look at the ridiculous. We. Just look better score sheets they're allowing him to leave Florida third innings of no hit baseball was an honor -- of -- but we do the bullpen was good. Good it even though there's a couple of guys at the DL. Those guys are terrific today. Yeah there I mean there are unbelievable and our starting pitchers are often. And do it you know they've been doing their thing now all you're so far the opening comment like that shut it down and -- a chance to come back in the mean you can't win ball games that your you know appeared that they're tacking on extra runs after they get a lead that they didn't do any of that today they shut it down again can't come -- -- long game for youth games got a nice bread and there go enjoy enjoy the flight home addictive or that tiger's great jobs after Baghdad. Because penny a couple hits a walk today was on base three times -- -- they hit remember. The big two run single with two outs and it was such strange inning with a does he give big but it. Think about it he's gonna run in but. Bases loaded nobody out that back to back strikeouts and really the momentum at that shifted to the lights out the other thing you hate. We get panicked and out we win this game but he -- not wait around Zola it was a crazy getting a lot going but in the end it. The piece showed a lot by coming back. And I think the biggest thing to as a hitter await you in the dugout the on deck hitter you see what the pitches dog they know that more folks aren't that just like clips that. Jumped on the first -- fast what you don't want to let him get ahead he might throw breaking ball when he wants to get here with a fastball that it was ready fort. It was not solidly hit that you take it because it was hit. The perfect location but I huge went for the eighth and a tremendous road trip five and four. It's three very upset it did and I think peaceful take that as we head home.

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