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3.10: Mychael Urban vs Gary Radnich on Chronicle Live



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Fri, 7 Oct 2011|

The Weekend Riff pioneers return to discuss Week 5 of the NFL season and Matt's trip to Italy.


Machine Generated Transcript

21. -- everybody welcomed the weekend riff that's I think that's Michael Irvin sponsored by appeal. Turn your iPhone -- television remote control. But. No longer sponsor okay. -- -- -- I -- anybody welcomed the weekend riff that's not a Mets Michael Irvin. Welcome back master -- to this weekend -- welcome back with a punctured by the region of Tuscany in Italy which is where you they call this guy. Like I said Tuscany is the sponsor this week did you enjoy here career gotten Italy. When when my mom. Mom's got a lot of family back there my grandmother came over to the states which was twenties. So there. Big basketball country. Obviously you do you filed a blog from from your. Dad you know precedent -- it. Obviously right to access. You know it's going to be tough to follow one round those deals with. Right to the NFL do it all out of the Comcast. Survivor pool because of the Eagles last week. I got on a plane they were up 233 against the niners got off the plated lost. The magic Alex. Basically if -- weren't anything. Like this weekend 49ers to baton. -- the games that separate you can start doing. The opposite of my feelings -- true feeling because. I continually lose weight and I go with a what I really think so. I'm when I'm gonna say that the critical you don't -- -- -- say that the niners you're gonna win the -- take -- Tampa today. Because I think the niners. I like Josh Freeman I tell you what I like Josh Freeman. But I just I liked what I saw out of the 49ers offensive line finally started jail passed by the way. Couple weeks ago you were -- Jim Harbaugh. He's getting it done first personality why force. Took three. They weren't singletary had a great person they were one on one corner. Exactly -- premature. A little bit I don't know is it premature to I mean -- the crowd any crowd. Did it anyway Oakland at the Texans this is. This is a big game for India. This is why by the way before it's gonna win because -- -- -- incorporate Vernon Davis India is there are holes on the Raiders. Seriously now. 71. I but it takes the I hate to do this but I'm gonna do it. I've taken the Texans. Because. That's a tough place to win and. The. Schedule lightens up for the Raiders if that's three pretty winnable games so they'll lose this game then when -- -- -- I'll tell you -- the Raiders are gonna win because the Raiders weakness in my opinion is their secondary but that's not going to be a problem because Andre Johnson. Is going to be a scratch this week the raiders' weaknesses their run defense. I think to the Texans seminary in Boston. And he's been hamstrings and it's tightened up on this. All right you've taken the Raiders I would but Jets past is your Jets fan I've taken the pats of course I'm taking the Jets. Games in New England. Can we just -- wind took it to Raiders and pats should. How do you get torn up by Wes Welker the way you did when you know exactly what they're trying to do with a Wes Welker you know that you're gonna throw to Wes Welker. On the outside of glared and -- and and the whole NBA knows the Lakers are going to Kobe Bryant crunch time. You gonna compare Wes Welker had I think -- -- hit the edges now. What's walking -- -- -- takes about Wes Welker is better than Steve large. Was. -- that. Team China while two white receivers geez. Walker were really receivers -- football OK but what is whiteness tentative. Just put him in the category. Eagles Buffalo let me tell you my Eagles this week trip sponsored by David Duke. My Eagles are. I think they're gonna win this week they're going to be off -- Oh -- by Michael Vick said that they had a funeral for the term dream team. You know that's basically throw invention of about it. You know it came up bad lie in the back up quarterback come up with a victory in game. And Mike said it put all this kind of pressure that's come on you're grown man say. They're going to be a rough time for daily sports fan -- -- You were thinking sweep Phillies against the Cardinals were not there. Hopefully. That's not a fake sharks' season opener. You yet. Walker to. Tell me who they opened. Did He leads the team. Now I don't know where you get traded to -- your favorite player had you not know recapturing some young lawyers or even though my favorite shark is now. And forever -- who were now. Brent Burns Brent Burns as my new guy he's got reptiles he's got snakes. Sixer Kyle. They play at Phoenix Coyotes name one player on this team. Phoenix and Wayne Gretzky. Then I of course come back because the NBA season. Votes. I think that -- and I did I didn't but I heard there and pressure here -- there. There's no big in Italy it does the fact that all the stars are going to be playing overseas in fact they negotiate not so fast my friend Lee Corso would say. Here's my prediction and I -- just the opposite story. Things have changed. Next week at this time we do risk. Lock out BO program and I'm predicting. Why this is big you expect I just I just they close enough and well. It's gonna get cheered keeping them but you. Think that loyal viewers -- the -- deserve a bit more they can read about all my talk Juan. -- we call a little later in the business is actually more more. There. We got a new insider yeah it's like Kevin Kurz and he's gonna write about the San Jose Sharks. So when you do that without a signal the end of the show thank you so much for joining Danny Heatley is not on the.

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