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11.11: Michael Johnson speaks out on steroid issue



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  2. Ahmad Brooks0:19
  3. the Packers3:58
  4. Brockton5:42
  5. India4:46
  6. physical ability1:17
  7. pre season0:26, 8:17
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  9. ball club5:48
Sun, 25 Aug 2013|

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Thought. You know so many guys. Justin Smith. Was. Have purpose that works out that he was. He was yours Justin Smith. Was great. Eric -- don't play well. Ahmad Brooks in the horrible when. And in this our defense and -- just talk about the then a fine job all pre season. To give up finally gave up. And touchdown on the short field. -- But you Ruger. Right now -- back. -- Yeah he's he's had a nice commander of the offense and knowing the very short time he's been here. He's shown that. -- -- -- Real quick and for him in some situations where you know he hadn't practiced. Some of the things he did -- tonight it. Showed that he was taken mental reps and the ones he he wasn't in that was real encouraging he's. He pays attention and real real good physical ability and they're very relaxed he's. He's been real well. Was there for column. There's a fine job but the line protected very well. With the with the first group was very hurt and we got up blocks and coverage team that was that was -- got some. Coverage. Tackles inside the twenty on the kickoff and it was a good. Well. -- -- You know it's in everybody's. Under the the no chance to challenge its there's a pest so to speak and you could give. Say that about every required it's it's out there playing this game you know job. He's plays that -- this is up to me is no justice improvement weekly. And tonight. You know just consistently good the whole night -- real accurate witnessed Rose into the -- Is good. And get better so. Values plus plus and it. There's good whose deep where it was supposed to be deep. Make tackles. Showed up on. And special teams did there's a fine job that would it's just. Continues to get better. You know that. Especially after you know just. Pointed out. -- one strike two strengths. We've practiced restrict level so. We did score a touchdown and a big catch. So. Because he's -- got to do a better job. I can. Emotionally hijacked. After two -- something great so. You know again. Just always told it's best not to talk about contracts and you know publicly. So. And be with all players and others. Never heard me go before the Packers are now. The Michael and Kim Johnson. Michael -- Johnson. -- -- much -- -- -- he was definitely doing something with his elbow and Kim I'm not not where. His status right now. -- I'll look at the ball and moving moving the ball was that impressive to you how. But he was. Well I mean. He we saw a lot of catching the ball. Prior to July 23. India. And the injury was out for three weeks but. -- -- one relief pitchers -- their practices you know. But. Yeah I think he's -- he's a bigger physical player I don't think that and the big stage bothers him and doesn't doesn't. To make him nervous and he. He's a competitor. Notice that. But. We had to say too much more by a rookie player. Receiver kids keep getting better. -- side -- people we're. There's there's quite a bit of competition still there yeah. Yeah yeah. Well I mean just there's -- Very competitive rope between you Brockton in. That position and it's it's. Good for our ball club of both those guys have stepped up and doubles and players and -- Improving players. That's it's good for us. Don't consider this -- Especially I was jumping up and read up about it me. He's we adjusted every day in -- in RO. We'll play and they were they relievers. That group of guys. Talk them there was. Some groups special like. Tomorrow it's -- and definitely. -- Islanders series when he. Very and so he's. Young 85 yard drive. There's there's a lot of things are clicking for an courtesy. Lot of people talk about that. Chemistry between those two how's that. Progressing. But that that's you know the series before the first series. You know we we have doubled twelve -- work with him again in zone. Second series and with it. Arm grab -- so. Probably got there. Good rhythm was able had a opportunity to make plays. On. Words in the first losers there. -- -- and really open. First. Set. So. When he when he is when he was able. -- Have a good chance plated. Sharp. But. -- it's. It looked like yeah you look he's looked like it in practice as well. And a lot of fellas and talk about how he's he seems faster. It's disagree with that. It's. Getting through 34 pass first -- yesterday. Why did you manage. College what did you do -- you but what worked its way. These first three games. Just feel like part what's best for our team that prior to what's like -- for their name and we've. Think pretty much we've always kind of done it that way they play with that play each pre season game there's no. No emphasis on any other any game other. The third game is no magic third game you know. -- -- The -- we do that me and subject to change about that subject to change but you'll play next week. Double -- so that.

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