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10.10: Falcons on Niners D- Pretty Good


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Tue, 5 Mar 2013|

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Not a token. Stroke and my team is back -- zone and -- -- you know I'm gonna come out of these professionals and it's. You know defense has it wasn't a great time. We do different what what to do more of that because of the -- -- -- Dogs on on really boost my confidence. That helps but nothing you know out of a touchback. Hudson was there on the bus so that's one -- -- you know -- that you feel like you're definitely more aggressive offensively at the moment. You know from from -- Source of rubble of the place that. It's it's a -- situation right now. You come back from an ankle. Probably tens of a running it will be maybe lopsided -- -- -- going out so. It's frustrating taught me that extra push through it and you know what's close and if it is the loss of problems with the rule. Wasn't hitting on the plan was to play Wednesday it. And they -- back going through what it is today on the court and -- I want to go through contact would doubt -- coach pat you hate to see that things on the stars again. And him because Munich restaurant it was shootaround. Out of your round sitting -- good luck to consider playing him now what's -- it relates Wednesdays exit Tuesday and spent trying to conversation. Decided that -- there aren't enough enough to -- a given ago you know thankfully it worked him. It's -- situation. It was just council would mean -- seamer either until my stuff out of -- choice. Cool things that need to mix it up. To the point and now he does -- -- -- don't mean wheels walking you know like this. -- -- -- -- Frustrated we'll let you know when an elevated -- -- that morning that I have been filed for. Michael Turner's come through so arm to come from that point where -- but apparently it's not serious. Some time now I'm just better but he's being had a little bit absences and write articles and some people have had a -- -- -- -- It is human. It's put -- -- second bombers must -- it a few of them don't. Really tough especially. In an area that we had a -- road -- and and I thought Butler -- in the injury in the ankle and -- started to really do. We've lost we to a three weeks. I don't put that on the back so I was excited -- you know random Communists and become more consistently. And this happens -- Part of it profit as a positive it -- frustrations it from me. Everybody does not I could lead to a little bit.

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  6. they're pretty successful and I think we looked over. In the beginning. Today in NBA today in the morning we looked over to turner turnover differential. And he won the past two weeks so. The press on the do it the turnover differential so another particular

  7. been very them. It's it's credit the players. Home plate. You know every week there's real. Real. I. A lot of it. Turner was going through a lot of different scenarios. That's just happened to the program team. There Okay. Yeah they're two

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  20. Stanford and open. I'm not a lot his background has been his last three years Stamford in prior to that a lot of time with Norv Turner . Who is what who is the offensive coordinator Cleveland he's doing a lot of that stuff so again that's carry over for Richardson