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Can Raiders afford to draft a quarterback?



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Fri, 1 Mar 2013|

Rumors indicate the Raiders are interested in Geno Smith, but can their team support it?


Machine Generated Transcript

Little Raiders discussion going here chronicle -- cone and he immediately stick around force really. You think they did all of what do you think the quarterback at number three. This isn't up and enjoy luck RG three type of the draft as good. No it's not in geno Smith and rightfully by most mock drafts most experts don't have that number three but think what this team if you like what he brings as a quarterback. Ultimately it doesn't matter where you pick him. You can get a good defensive player. Probably a pretty good offensive lineman at number three but if you like. His quarterbacking ability and you know he won't be there. In the second rounder subsequently. Then it's not it's not a -- she got Carson Palmer your team's not going anywhere with Carson Palmer if you like and could take it. Why does this -- outlaws up because it spells doom for Carson Palmer. You're done with and he said you know that's the older I know we need to forge our own way that's not the way you look at it they are never gonna take him at number 3 why -- They're never gonna take their number three pick they're gonna trade down all this is -- team this is one of the worst teams in the league. They have so many holes I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen -- trade that pick down it and get multiple picks trick and nick they're gonna trade some of those picks. They're gonna get a lot of picks and in the middle and later rounds because they don't have a team now and need a team so it's nice to talk about taking geno Smith. With the third pick it's never gonna happen in a million years they're going to be busy dealing that. They have still does does this maybe make a market for geno is in the same boat we -- like this geno Smith now other teams in the state. That wanna win this and I'm Gina Smith here was look I need -- quarterback. You look at the 32 teams Jim how many teams really -- quarterback that urgently especially -- Alex Smith going to Kansas City Arizona. Arizona Jacksonville. Perhaps and you've got a young quarterback in Blaine Gabbert that they like at least a little bit not too many teams are clamoring for quarterback I liked what Lowell said. About trading back maybe take the three and you move back to eleven Indy the second rounder do you still get geno Smith. Which they need they don't have a second they don't on the fifth in this coming draft so they do need more. Why not find a way to take the guy no -- he's young. Maybe keep Carson Palmer around you get to get. You do the old fashioned way you don't draft him and how we got to start to play sixteen games and lead my team because they need too much of -- they don't need a quarterback right now. They need probably eleven other players when not dealing with a regular team here anymore it's not the 49ers one player will do nothing for them. All right let's move along here because the Raiders are making news in another area. And local wrote about this -- Mike Holmgren there's a report that he's been talking to the silver and black about a potential role -- leadership area. There's a role roll the Santa Rosa press Democrat. Mike Holmgren probably wants one more shot although his most recent resonate gives no indication. He can read all the Raiders or provide astute leadership. I've got Mike Holmgren. It was a winner as an assistant with the 49ers a winner with the Green Bay Packers won a Super Bowl took the Seattle Seahawks to a super ball. This is a winner and this organization needs a winner. You know he hasn't been a winner and a long time when he was at CF Mike I'm sorry about what it was that Seattle is last year he was four and twelve. Winner and didn't read overdo it to Cleveland and he was I guess you'd have to say a bus and they sent him on his -- there. He had he had a head coach Sherman who was supposed to develop he didn't develop the head coach they got rid of him to. There was a lot of question about his work ethic there I read articles said he worked banker's hours. That. That's not good not good but ES PNC his work ethic was quarter -- abhorrent. I don't think this is what the Raiders need they need somebody who actually is gonna work fifteen hours a day all right well we got a hand raised over here. Maybe they bring him in any Jerry West esque role as an -- somebody who can help Reggie McKenzie Reggie and go to the say. They might what do you think about player X and then Mike can weigh in there. I think the more knowledgeable football minds you have.

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