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Chargers-Raiders matchup No. 3: Mike McCoy vs. Dennis Allen



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Fri, 4 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Scott -- -- Raiders insider for CSN California and this is the first in a series of three key matchups to watch. Heading into Sunday's game between the Raiders and the San Diego Chargers and this one deals with two guys who never actually stepped foot on the playing field. And that's Raiders head coach Dennis Allen. And San Diego Chargers head coach Mike -- right now these two guys know each other very well dating back to the 2011 season with the when both guys were coordinators under John Fox for the Denver Broncos. Not only are they. Colleagues and former coworkers there are also good friends so they had several conversations and they know how each other like to think now. If you listen to -- used to these two guys in the press. They don't say very much in this week more than any other it's probably pretty good. For them to keep it close to the best because Mike McCoy is RD inside Dennis -- head and vice Versa so each. Guy can only maximize the talent that they have on the field. So that obviously puts Mike McCoy in a much better spot than Dennis Allen is right now especially so many injuries to key players but it Dennis Allen. Can't. Anticipate exactly what Mike McCoy is going to do encounter with a solid defensive game plan the Raiders might come out of this one with a victory.

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  1. Chargers-Raiders matchup No. 3: Allen vs. McCoy


    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

    Dennis Allen and Mike McCoy know each other well, adding a new level of intrigue to the Chargers-Raiders division rivalry this Sunday.