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3.9: Cal Pro Day -- Mike Mohamed



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Tue, 15 Nov 2011|

Sean Cattouse and the Bears recal a few memories from Big Games past, both positive and negative.


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Big game -- extend to become big time memories for those who participate in the cal Stanford football battle. But for -- could soon as he'd like to forget this big game memory. Andrew Luck running through the -- on route 2858 yard run was the signature moment of Stanford's 48 to fourteen win in 2010. Big game. As much as this moment has -- be played over the past year it's who says people haven't let him forget. Obviously a lot of lot of jokes. You know basis it was funny games you know obviously I guess it happens whether. Who knows this and I'm just more -- of myself above one about it and trying to attack it just looked like. There was a moment from the 2009. Game that's remembered it -- A lot more fun this. Mike Mohamed. Put the dagger in them in a seven this around I think it was an arm -- -- and that's what. And of the game that's when my favorite memories period. In my in my five years here just the excitement that we had after the interception was just. Is remarkable. While it is true Stanford won last year's big game -- actually taken to all the last three. Where the seniors on the -- football team being able to say that they want this series for their college careers is a big idea. Going that is to say it and relax it's a good it's the school industry which this one. It's been in big big thing for me to come out wins with actually you know win this game. But more so do different teams come up behind him -- a twenty point underdog Saturday a fact that makes the bears' bad luck for Stanford -- Just a little bit -- We don't like it yeah it just comes with Dominique I just not -- like there. We have much to lose nowhere this year played a game -- -- best against a good football team. And he although we're underdogs it's it's nice to be hungry and humble. With the Bears on John Henry Smith Comcast sports net. Thank you John Kerry the big game over the past seven seasons carnal bunt as the Bears last year but talents come out. On top and bottom of the last seven games in the history of this matchup Stanford is one of his six times. Cal is 146 games and there's been eleven time.

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