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5.14: 49ers GM Trent Baalke on Mike Person



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Sun, 2 Sep 2012|

Matt and & Mindi break down the 49ers' 53-man roster, highlight the lack of depth at OLB, analyze the practice squad, and talk about the keys against the Packers.


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They need not Matt may have done here the 49ers training facility on Saturday that first time that we see the final roster for the 2012 season 53 players -- practice squad members. On the field saved for four of them has been Parys Haralson tagged again. Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham this for missing practices today we know the reasons for three of them -- we don't now. Yes so outside linebacker you look at it the 49ers decided lease for the initial roster only to keep three outside linebackers the same as last year. That they'd want it to keep more than that but. -- they just didn't find that right fit in so with Harrelson status sort of up in the year. You wonder that final 53 man roster is gonna be a final 53 man roster they might not look. Somewhere else to get some depth at outside line. And I think that was what was most surprising to me talk about Scott Halsey will be the third quarterback in Josh Johnson being released that. They can -- said he would like for outside linebackers on this squad if it would work has last year they only had three in all three were. Fairly healthy throughout the entire season but now this pre season all -- Smith missing time as he comes back from hit -- Parys Haralson out of practice we don't know if it's personal injury related. Kym Johnson is on the practice squad that he's been injured. And maybe demarcus dobbs you can use there is -- fourth caddie he is -- battling some injuries as well so we don't know what his strength level being green -- I thought that was most interesting deciding to stay with three outside linebackers. As you mentioned they could change that. But and when you're facing Green Bay -- you think you need to be so helpful straight right game one. But I think they feel like they are went with with Ahmad Brooks is healthy very investigated the exhibition season. And there's a reason they didn't play all the Smith against the Broncos are against the Chargers these last two exhibition games as a reason. The reason is because he's a very important man -- man defense so they wanted him 100% healthy. And really when you look at the 49ers. You don't need it. And it -- another outside linebacker unless there's an injury -- last year they would have Parys Haralson. Played the first couple downs and then put in all the Smith for pass rush situations now. They're guy on all downs is going to be old Smith and we don't know if he can do that he can be as effective as Parys Haralson was last year on first and second down. But I don't think they plan on doing a whole lot of of rotating at the outside linebacker spots but there is a matter of -- Two names that stick out for me on this new roster as well. Undrafted free agent Ricky Garrett Celek at tight end making the 53 man roster. Of course is older brother mean Brent Celek another very good player and the NFL and our -- bass as a safety backup safety a lot of people weren't sure. At who that would be and that Colin Jones being treated -- those are probably two biggest additions to this team that are mostly different from last season. Yeah I mean it Celek is a guy who's probably going to be the fourth tight in it once demarcus dobbs gets healthy. And he's able to play I don't see Celek suiting up for games make -- is a situation to where. Yeah he's gonna have to contribute on special teams that's what the 49ers got out of the third safety last year. Reggie Smith to. Coincidentally. Is out there on the open market after being cut by the Carolina Panthers so. You know I wouldn't be surprised to see a little bit of fluctuation on the 49ers roster here in the first few days after these cuts are made. In the two spots that I would look at would be those two spots you mentioned after the three spots we've already mentioned outside linebacker safety and tied him. Practice squad that as well not really surprises -- Michael Thomas makes it on their Mike will blitz a linebacker cam Johnson. I mean just overall thoughts of the depth at practice I can provide knowing that any team can claim them any time if they put them on their 53 man roster a little bit. Surprised that they're so heavy defense of line you know this is the 49ers defense -- line plays the 34 so and they only have. The three starting off defense alignment. So they kept seven defensive linemen including Ian Williams who probably will suit up again this year he was inactive all his rookie season. And then they kept two guys on the practice squad defense line Tony Jerod Eddie and also Mathieu massive -- so. Little bit surprised at that I know they had another difficult decision to make it wide receiver they -- six wide receivers on the active roster. And they had. What they felt like it was a real good crew undrafted guys Bryant's hands Chris it was in -- bomber. Being an up and go with Nathan Palmer. And then as we reporters he has in the area dot com Chris Lewis who signs with the San Diego Chargers practice again I think showing unfortunately why they have six receivers on our roster you see he's been dealing with ankle last year. It Michael Crabtree missed time says seems like the delicate wide receivers. As a position you need more depth there. Yeah I mean think of the aquarium with a six wide receivers are actually seven if you include the practice like you have three guys are clearly their best wide receivers that's Crabtree -- mania. Yet to other guys where their top return and Ted Ginn obviously when the best in the league last year -- if he can do it it'll -- Kyle Williams and the you have two guys. Palmer and BJ Jenkins were developmental players players who aren't expected to can contribute much this year. But guys who they're looking for in the future if -- -- -- Moss doesn't come back. -- she's coming up on the of his contract as is the remaining in with a two year deal so. If those of those last two guys on the roster Jenkins -- they expect big things that's the number one note draft pick that first job they can also Palmer those that are top. Undrafted free agent targets so that every one of those guys kinda has in each of the 49ers. Rosters. As the receivers now one thing we saw the 49ers be very good out there in the first season under Jim Harbaugh I think about this practice squad players they take the offensive linemen on the road and work them out. With the team a lot of practice squad members don't travel with the team during the regular season that's an expensive 49ers decided to take on and develop those players that they need them to step in. They're they don't feel as out of place and they feel part of that team. Yeah I think when you look at the opposite climbing -- Wiggins. In Al that are are that you -- -- guys -- -- at Joseph looney who remain on the 53 man roster. They wanted to bring back Mike person but he was claimed by the Indianapolis Colts certainly adjusting to set that aside. The other guy -- -- was claimed was Connor had -- the tight end. But back to the offensive line is -- -- netter in wigand's I would expect fully -- those guys will be going -- the same process that. Person -- Derrick hall. Daniel Kilgore went through last year with offensive line coaches to -- you know Mike's -- Those guys -- -- get the workouts in before the game is I don't think -- will be suited up and ready to play. For quite some time or there's an injury that they'll bump him up to the active roster generally teams activate seven offensive lineman. For games and you figure that Daniel Kilgore and Leonard Davis will be the other two. In addition to the five starters and the team has Sunday and Monday off and then it is straight to work for the Green Bay Packers what a week wine opener. But I think this is going to be most interesting to watch in Green Bay just because. That we saw how 49ers ended on a great note their offense and everything really picking up and strike it can they start. Fast they need to start quick -- there there are two elements. We knew we talked about it forty -- getting ready to play Green Bay and I'm really curious to see. What they do and that's. When they go to those extra defensive backs who are the extra defensive backs and he would assume that obviously the starters are Rogers. And Colbert Rogers and and Terrell brown and called her would be the third guy. Parrish Cox has to figure in somehow but do they bring in the third safety I mean that in the past whenever they went with with sixty offensive backs. They would have received an extra safety and cornerback pox I think is gonna get on the field now whenever they go with six defensive backs and they might be in that. That situation quite a bit against a team that throws the ball around a lot of it a lot like the -- Packers. The other thing is the running back situation you will Brandon Jacobs is nursing a knee injury he's making tremendous strides. By the way I mean just watching him hobbling around on crutches about ten days ago and now light walking even jogging a little bit. -- before the game Thursday night but Michael James what kind of -- to see him. Now -- and to keep Anthony Dixon and I think if they need to get Brandon Jacobs -- working they'll be able to do that because of -- -- healthy Frank Gore along with. I -- liner and then -- Anthony Dixon and I haven't seen three that they had last season well again I think Dixon. Pass to be in uniform and it James. Just because Dixon plays all the special teams guy he's a coverage guy he runs down on -- he runs down runs down on -- still. James I don't see where he fits in quite yet. The with a lot of injuries I think you don't I think you'll be in uniform for this game against the Packers but exactly what his rule V. I think is really. Undefined and I think that's just the way Greg -- and Jim Harbaugh love -- they want the Packers to either not prepare. For for La Michael James and be surprised with how the forehand -- to use him or over over people there. And maybe the forty niners really don't have anything in their game -- into either way they want to keep Mike McCarthy that -- keep Dom Capers they wanna keep that. Entire Green Bay Packers coaching staff. In the dark and ready for everything that the game within the -- absolutely.

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