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11.29: JAX/SF Postgame- Justin Smith



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Sun, 29 Nov 2009|

Justin Smith had 1.5 sacks and recovered a fumble in San Francisco's week 12 win vs Jacksonville.


Machine Generated Transcript

Now go to the locker room and -- box any box. Defensive end Justin Smith this defense today with the band but not great attitude definitely recovering a forced fumble by Manny sacked six sacks on David Gerrard. What was the pressure thought coming into this game to get -- -- they have Maurice Jones-Drew and Mike Sims-Walker as well. Well I mean now when our offense a good job scoreboards -- give up on them. You've -- makes them one dimensional we can use a screen play action pass occasionally get in the end zone and -- hold the ball moving her so. The offense really helps -- they've taken after him. -- I asked Tara brown mentioned that earlier when you go with the media different -- cause of what do you think that Bennett. Bet that was for this defense the most. Well you can -- -- they've come over more predictable there on the whole whole offense to choose from so. Defensively. When I ask you can make some more aggressive calls they don't play everything in the playbook in you know we're doesn't give out from day. The money I'm characteristic of the Jaguars today a lot of penalties for them at least penalized team in the league did not like his defense is able to get and there's -- elevate get them off their rhythm. Now they're just kind of miscues today and things like those -- that happens and you know luckily for us we will. Imagine them. There are some key points so in this game we saw David guards -- to driving the end of the second quarter as well start the third quarter that same thing Manny Lawson stack. He really seemed to turn things around would you agree that. Most huge I mean we retired -- move the ball there informant offense. Gerrard was doing a -- -- job moving down the field making throws -- with the slaves and many can -- huge play stripped the ball how -- that play by him. You can -- last week against Green Bay this week one problem area for the 49ers are stopping the opponent on third down was that a conscious decision today -- -- really focus on matters away became played out. Yeah I mean all they've they've made a big emphasis of all we can you don't -- having success you gotta convert on third down and likewise you gotta stop on third down and we really pay attention what they're doing a lot of time on tape we know we're we'll do -- this week. Ask all the players this because five and 65 games to be played what does this win mean in the context of the seasons. We've got to move on to the next how -- he can't look too far down the road yet secure your next opponent so. Get to work tomorrow and then get ready for them. And I sacked for yourself let's talk Garth Q yeah it doesn't make that I.