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12.12: SEA/SF Postgame Live -- Mike Singletary

Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

Bears great Mike Singletary discussed his former jersey number along with the stance teams are taking with aging veterans while he was a guest on 670 The Score's "Mully and Hanley Show" Thursday.

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  1. 9.7: 49ers Central- Q&A with Mike Singletary , Part 2

    take it to the next level and get it done. As far as the status of the return game a problem area for the for last season singletary says he will need all of the game time during the week even the fourth best in the situation the field with a talented team

  2. 8.4: Mike Singletary , RAW

    Coach Singletary gives his press conference after 49ers morning practice on Wednesday.

  3. 10.13: Mike Singletary on Chronicle Live Part 1

    at home against Atlanta but still there off to a terrific three into start we're gonna bring in their head coach Mike Singletary will join me now are chronicled conversation From a they 49ers for down in in Santa Clara coach first of all thank

  4. 8.19: 49ers Training Camp- Mike Singletary , RAW (Part 2)

    Coach Singletary doesn't care whether Nate Davis wears gloves on the field. He just wants Davis to be effective.

  1. Bears great Singletary says former number shouldn't be retired


    Thu, 12 Sep 2013

    Bears great Mike Singletary discussed his former jersey number along with the stance teams are taking with aging veterans while he was a guest on 670 The Score's "Mully and Hanley Show" Thursday.

  2. you on Twitter. And Fred pitino he got sick at. YS TL Yahoo! Sports talk like wanted to know. What type of coach Mike Singletary was for you was he the best fit for you at that time in your career as a head coach I think he was at that time because

  3. coordinators. Nolan gets fired. In part because he couldn't surround Smith with any workable parts of them Frank Gore. Mike Singletary comes in he can't he has even less knowledge of the offense that. Then Mike Nolan does he turns on Alex Smith it

  4. Harbaugh. Back in 2010. When Mike Singletary was still the coach of the 49ers ..... position they look really good. And Mike Singletary . To talk a little bit about ..... s not a sexy Vernon Davis is Mike Singletary Alex Smith to Jim Harbaugh

  5. 49ers TE Davis credits Singletary for sparking maturation process


    Fri, 25 Jan 2013

    With Vernon Davis now receiving praise from Greg Roman for his team-first attitude, maybe Mike Singletary knew what he was doing when he boldly insisted he wanted winners.

  6. was. He's enjoying his free time what is so on but on the field. He's trying to prove that he did seeing with Mike Singletary is physical style of play. I'm hard nosed football fluke you know I love and they blew the road again you know

  7. we do everything Bo Ryan and you bring in bed it's 233. Pound beast is no stranger to the physical style of play Mike Singletary preaches. One thing you can play with a has thrown in. Yeah that did you know they go out on the field and give

  8. Report: Singletary to interview for Bears head-coaching vacancy


    Tue, 8 Jan 2013

    Mike Singletary compiled an 18-22 record in parts of three seasons as 49ers coach, before he was fired with one game remaining in the 2010 season.

  9. Miami's territory I'm sorry that first off I have to say that tenth straight win so let me in December that means Mike Singletary that means Jim Tom Friday means Jim Harbaugh. And the constant through all those Frank Gore Frank Gore. Yet another

  10. in and calling out. A fullback dive the Michael Robinson and got stopped short that would have been a big upset and when singletary is very first game after Mike Nolan had been fired. And then last year I think about four hours lost only three games the

  11. Harbaugh thirteen fourteen. Victories last year. Yes board now eighteen. The previous two coaches Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary each at eighteen victory. All right it's incredible. I read talk a lot about his team maybe it more than them

  12. and has started and asked what was it like having coach singletary and other sideline. From its been awhile now so I ..... minute you can be gone. And we all know that was singletary was you know doing doing during his his time with

  13. The 49ers had the lead until the final seconds when Brett Favre worked his magic the coach of that 49ers team was Mike Singletary . Who's now linebackers coach for the Vikings. What's in those days nor does the way there they wanted to break

  14. Matt and Feldy: On Jacobs' rehab, etc


    Fri, 21 Sep 2012

    Also be facing Darryl coach Mike Singletary Joseph Staley said you know what ..... Larry Brown went over so I that singletary game. Seattle think anybody's mind will be on Mike Singletary . And and his team here with the

  15. camp fresh Tom Cable used to start to camp with a series of walk throughs. On the other side of the coin you have Mike Singletary that he was a badge of honor to run the nutcracker drill but now. A very straight forward move by Alan. And obviously

  16. 1.26: Lo Down -- 49ers season review


    Thu, 26 Jan 2012

    playoffs. We look at their schedule look at the Rams look at Seattle looking at Arizona. And watching this team last year with singletary . And not having a coach that was really. Committed to the x.s and those are just more of a rah rah guy. But a guy who

  17. 1.19: Chronicle Live -- Carmen Policy


    Fri, 20 Jan 2012

    ve not been here but last time you and I together it was you know after a tough year last year in the firing of Mike Singletary were wondering what they bring Harbaugh. And that. I and I often asked you this when you know when we're together

  18. Davs reminisces about his relationship with Mike Singletary and is thankful the two crossed paths.

  19. 1.12: Chronicle Live -- Paul Mercurio


    Thu, 12 Jan 2012

    player shoots a gentlemen's club come on people Francisco its punch like that as they would I'm. It's like Mike Singletary I miss Angelina is critical stressed that now when I wanna see a crazy man screaming drop his I happen on a New York

  20. 12.4: STL/SF postgame -- Frank Gore


    Sun, 4 Dec 2011

    figure that. Hitter in the game look. I want everything about it because. You know the Dolphins becomes goes you know saint singletary agree that it can do it. In out of B you know it doesn't roll you know run bug in the some room to get this win to get