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2.16: Triumph to tragedy -- Cal's Mike Tepper



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Fri, 17 Feb 2012|

Tepper tells the story he has told hundreds of times before, the story that almost took his life.


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In the daytime the intersection of the white and telegraph streets in Berkeley seems like a typical spot for students and collecting vendors. But Mike Timlin. It was a spot that Hawkins nightmares forever my neighbors are -- walking up the straight truth and. When -- pizza there and you want to hit the score in this cartons of fly it up pretty quick and we kind of step back a little bit in the past two vehicles are hitting on my -- -- aggressively one of them would lose touch restart and try to grab her. She jumped back for the K I don't know very particular about what's going on here. The popular short walk from the car but it apparently it was a terrible call reversed. -- -- -- Posted gas before in the heart soar out of claiming her weight on your world of vehicles drive from thirty feet underneath the car. -- -- I was sliding across the ground. I remember -- -- people crowded on some mental. I hear he's great in the streets and grab and I ripped out of the model car and some wayward shots I look back. And my neighbors you help us you'd like to refer to look back -- car for the car is ten feet away coming happy. Again but I just kind of closed my eyes knowing how long and you know. How even the whole life my career I've kind of thing I do ourselves plus a lot of -- sister and girlfriend for the best from your time. -- -- leg horribly broken temper. Was -- wouldn't play football or walk again it was the lowest of low score it's a precious. ESP and even thoughts of suicide was response were. The closest thing to living hell that I could arrived I don't think any portion of my wife won't forget about war and that's not bad not terrible. No way I didn't know what to do I was so confused so. Mine -- awful I was I was lost completely. Not myself. Yet I dream of playing football in the NFL kept them alive and determined to get there. USA doesn't. Kill you makes you stronger and that is definitely have to watch I look back home I mean your strong play good. Following his recovery to. He had just seasons with the Bears another injury kept him off the field in 2009. Of but a sixty year of eligibility gentlemen one more chance to prove himself. After graduation never faced another round of step back until an opportunity with the Colts allowed him to take hold of this destiny I -- Right now in the situation. You know I know I can hope. This team I don't help -- become a better player a father. Pulled me aside. Michael everything you do what can you give a 100% you give your all so it doesn't work out you know that I feel the day you get everything you. How there -- journey has not been easy form -- his unrelenting drive and optimistic outlook however he knows his story. Still you win.

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