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Harbaugh: If you turn it over four times, you've got work to do



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Fri, 9 Aug 2013|

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Those. Bigger slugger played offensively. -- very solid. Pass rush was accurate. Notables. Like world records and there. Was. So play. Him. It's almost -- series. We just felt like he would. Then got enough reps. Well yeah. -- Yes. This thing you know -- game snaps. Yeah thought he'd even be made -- tackles. Really played. It's figure this could -- figure that one play. 34. Pass completions -- -- You know -- could've been better but overall really really sound good communication in the huddle. Tackled well. I figure that -- highlight you played well who's in there. Dollar safeties. Denies. Her career. -- atlases and tackling ability. Mike Thomas as well had a real solid I should just go make plays and Robinson scholars -- he's. We're actually very very well so you gauge. There -- better. -- -- work to do areas you know that's. Turn the ball over four times. Offensively your work to do and you know that we did. Very hard to win a game to doing that goes from here. Turn over your own. Your own into the field and scooped and scored for a touchdown that. Earlier. In the defense. Played outstanding -- religious the last two drives of the game where. Northridge could point to where. Could've been better so. An average -- we're involved. Pull it out. He's. I don't know he says you guys are you guys. And -- problems that. Ran for new line of scrimmage there. Figured things -- said. But this. Guy anyway way. You know some good some it's so good to -- We're really close there. As the game wears his -- Cole was. Good temperatures down to two. An action. Yeah. And similar. Who did a great job on the open field tackler kickoff. Tough catch and from the boundary on offense. There -- a lot of energy you look but here. These. Days ago and that when nearly saved. That he was. For records and best. That fast period. Okay. There encouraging. Ruger. -- good pregame. Makes you feel low scores and. Missed a one. -- -- -- -- Coach let -- ago it. -- -- had a incredible part in. It tackle on the kickoff. It's into the. You're pain. You know work to do. One of those nights ball both ways mean no at first I was scoring defense touchdown. -- -- It is couple -- times and was running good. Some a lot of lot of room for improvement but. I thought that was a good first start for this. What's the plan now. We're -- right. When he's expected to join his team. You call that competition. That. Partisan when that'll be. Looking forward there are. Getting back to be in the player that there. He thinks you can be in. We think he can be and that would be. You know be a great story for -- he'll do that and every degree for us if we can get there or where we're Wear them and and this turn out to be a good story. What is it's. Visions. You know just just -- I thought they did a good job. Have an opinion you. -- nice job on the return. -- confidence in him and he's he's back there and the return position. Shows an acceleration. You he put himself room so all this is. Really it's you know it's it all really has when guys get reps and get on the field and get playing. And there's a good turn him. No matter what happens. If it's good in and Judah and get better if it's you know it's and you know where the improvement needs to be made. And you know -- We keep your brother friend that I now than. Down the line and in the fall so. No good you play.

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