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Mon, 8 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

And we continue here on Yahoo! Sports talk live and join the one of the greatest to ever Wear the silver and black. Tim Brown joining us on the program -- going to be played at the Gene Upshaw fifth annual golf classic coming up. What's important to know about Gene Upshaw. Well I mean what Gene Upshaw did for the NFL is -- man it's hard to put in words really I mean his time. As a player win a championship with Oakland Raiders and I've known mostly for his time with the NFL players association. In my seventeen years sixteen of those used was fit right by his side. Trying to figure out what's going on with NFL so I think we look at his legacy there. It's just incredible and even. In -- that at this particular point. He's still given back and still happening and you know determine. Has been able to raise almost a million dollars and donate to cancer programs cancer research to manage to -- brain injury research so he's still doing. What he did for 63 years on this -- Are you going to play the golf classic your very competitive guy even today of the former NFL wide receivers. Cool is the best golfer among all you guys to see one another awful lot. Well you know I I have to put you know mr. Jerry Rice up there you know we we've been battling head in his head to head here for the last three weeks. It's a different tournaments in I have to admit he's got the best of he almost every time so. But you know still as sharp as probably the best wire receive a golfer I know at this particular point this is the guy can hit the ball. Quite a quite a long ways so -- put this in those guys that the -- I should be fun tournament when you're out there let's talk about the Raiders currently the direction they're going. What's your reaction of the way Reggie McKenzie is turning things around -- the direction he has the Raiders going now well. You know I think last year was I get to know. Get to know your team type vehicle for Reggie and for coach Alan you know I think what the situation they came into. The lack of movement that they could make they just had to get through the years trying to you know put together as. Good decisions -- -- because it's so I think at this particular point now that they've had. An entire offseason to be a make moves and do things that they are capable of doing. You know -- offense should expect more. -- from the team this year and you know. It's just like we don't -- came in the first couple years we struggled. We had the learn to trust the system and and two. Play you know we John wanted to play not the way you know the Raiders have always played so I think it's the same way here I think was done. Coach -- is able to get this get this team. Going in the direction that he wants to did -- so what a football -- is facilitate. Learning how to win games and you know we have a young team that can take you a long time and he'll -- I was so they're by doing this season. Especially the great offense you know you have to look at what's happening is as if this is a new franchise you have new ownership your new administration we have a lot of new players. I was very difficult to bring in all those components and expect that in the year two that you're going to be playing for a championship. Are gonna bring up the delicate topic I know it's one that is it it's a real tough topic for raider fans and it has to do the hall of fame he did not make the hall of fame after the most recent voting. And we look forward and and has -- he would talk to about this is no way anyone's had what you're lacking -- a hall of Famer Ron. Well -- mean the only possible thing that they can say is. In my opinion anyway is because you know not when is Super Bowl -- Lack. Playoffs you know -- and play in forty playoff games throughout my career. But you know we look at Cris Carter I don't think he hit the hole so hold some hope. I don't know what that could be you look at a guy like Andre Reed who played in many. Super Bowls in many playoff games that he's that in so I have local men and you know. I've been telling people they like the great thing about what is happening. It is from dog is due -- they make that announcement people are talking about Jim Brown of the very positive ways so. From that standpoint I'll take it and just keep moving on but. If I was super disappointed the first time when I didn't make it a little disappointed the next time I did make it. And it's not that I'm not disappointed when I don't make it now but I can say you know I'm not gonna let people control me that mad if I possibly can. And along as I can keep the people around me -- the control in. And not upset about this then I'll be able to to get through it but it is what it is my numbers are never gonna change and have to look at for them get better. And that's not gonna happen so I don't know what we can do in that situation. The raider fans everywhere is a good things about Tim brown and they'd take a look at the the hall of fame in your attachments that two or Raiders. And Al Davis to the Raiders gets -- gets slighted when it comes the hall of fame voting. You never know I'm in a you know we'll look at some of the players who have not been less days you know cliff branch of -- guy. You know -- stories you know we look at some of the guys who have not -- who probably should be in the hall of fame at this point. You never know and so I never thought I would get caught up in that out of you know my numbers -- what I've done for the NFL was was big enough a great enough. Then -- would you know I would be able to supersede that kind of stuff but I don't know if that's a part of and I hope that is not. But at the same time you know I'm not in the hall of fame a lot of people are disappointed by that I am simply disappointed about it. But at the same time there's nothing you can do about it I'm not gonna be a campaign a -- of -- campaign to get in. So if they don't see fit to put me in it it's it just won't happen. Earlier this summer NBC SN pro football talk they put out -- mountain Rushmore for the Raiders if I had asked you before names -- the Raiders on their mount Rushmore. Pulling Tim Brown shoes. Well besides Al Davis I think you certainly have to start with as a player you have to style would miss -- And you know I think you know what he's done with a great organization. Even at this time. Phil has been incredible. You know Gene -- -- -- man they were such you know forces in the league at that particular point pretty -- built a reputation. Of the Raiders you know so. Is taught to do four with the Raiders man I mean you go back and think about is those teams in the seventies and eighties. I mean you could do for -- of office support got the -- is pretty is pretty quickly but. I'll go with those four guys I go mr. Davis miss out though Gene Upshaw and myself. I like that for you gotta teach the young fans all the great history of the silver and black. All right you still stay close the National Football League you watch games in a weekly basis what wide receivers to you enjoy watching every Sunday. -- -- That's tough you know I had the opportunity to play -- though they were Miles Austin down in Dallas and he's a guy I really enjoy playing unfortunately he hasn't played much of let's go for years because he's. He's been injured quite a bit what hamstrings and things of that nature but I love to see guys run routes and I'd love to see guys once they get the ball in the hands. They do something with it you know and then I just catching passes for fifteen to 1000040 yards down the field. But so I used to love watching Maclin. Added Philadelphia play and -- was stayed in contact with him his first year two in the league. Trying to help them out as much as I possibly could but. Anybody who you -- used to running routes and catching balls and not just fallen down but trying to make something happen. I love watching those guys I'm not really a big you know jump on -- -- somebody's skating catch a ball type. I got those guys and excite me that much even though obviously they're doing great things for that takes. Well we certainly want to have a great time of the Gene Upshaw golf classic coming up this weekend best of luck next year at the hall of fame voting yes the fans on Twitter if you should be in. Basically yes Tim Brown thanks for joining us on the show.

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